MosAiK USA / Press

“You are AMAZING! I love your musik! you deserve more fans! You helped my bro's band a lot!”


“Thank u very much we really enjoy playing with u guys, u guys kick ass and we are very proud to do gigs with u guys.”

“Fan Post | Eject - Fanclub Sun, 30 Oct 2011 13:51:00 GMT MosAiK USA | Spokane, WA. your band is kicking it seriously..you sending fire out!!”

Fan Post, Eject-Fanclub, Blogster

“MOSAIK USA's set is a smoking , blazing tributre to creativity, diversity,ingenuity and great music! Nice job!!! ”

“Catchy Rockin Stuff, Cheers”

12 gauge shot glass

“Great stuff!!!Keep up the excellent work!! ”

Pace Ride

“ Everything on here is a "Must Have". I'm on my second time through the whole play list and enjoying myself silly :-) Put on a headset and jump into the universe with these masterpieces from MosAiK USA..you're going to love this ride. ”

Delaney Simpson

“Everyone of your trax are awesome! I am glad that I had a chance to revisit your page and your creations. sending you love through the connection of RN :)/Jaki Song ”

Jaki Song

“Fan Post | Eject - Fanclub from Eject - Mon, 28 Mar 2011 13:48:00 GMT MosAiK USA: Interesting and Moving, Awesome and Different, Soul Moving and Inspiring, All at the same time, You have it going on! ..”

Fan Post, Eject-Fanclub, Blogster

“MOSAIK USA's energy is just totally uplifting. I feel like a balloon set free on a windy day! Now, that is exhilarating! ”

Rick Frost

“That is some serious Chunk in yer Funk you got going there. "Scars of Pain" is hot baby!! and i ain't talking levels!! What an awesome band to come across by accident..you guys are doing some great tunes!! ”

Mike White - MikeWhitePresents

“Love the songs guys! You have a sound all your own...Great Stuff!”

Beyond The Cage

“You got something serious. My fav two were "Scribbled Memories" & "Shades Of Darkness"!! I think you paint a picture with your music. Tight stuff! ”

Dave - Myspace Fan


Reverbnation Fan - Brigitte Bosch

“ Terrific songs....great sound! I send my support your way. Pat Branch in NYC ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ”

Pt Branch, Songwriter/Bassist

“you cross generations to achieve a NOW SOUND with great success! love this! ”


“only one word : GREAT ;)”

White Shadow

“..in a word..'fantastic'..totally enthralled with your sounds..right across the spectrum..outstanding!..bmc*”

UK - BeatMistressCait

“You got music for everyone and we love it !!”

Fl. - Crimson City Romance

“We are digging it ! Peace from Sunny Detroit City :-) ~Tommy D.”

Tommy D. - Spirits of Another Day

“The Other Me/Sweet!song why cant I write like that! Dunno so I'll listen to you!”

Shelby - Promize

“You certainly are number one! Amazing vocals that are truly incomparable! One of a kind and a real, natural talent.”

Reverbnation Artist - Joshua W. Scott

“Really wanna see you guys live and how you put together this amazingly original sound!!! Great to see original true artistry in this area truely a diamond in the rough!!!”

Reverbnation Artist - Adam Android and the Artificial Intellegence

“Hot tracks you deserv the spotlight!”

Blue Boi Productions

“Look forward to seeing you guys!”

Ron Greene

“I am Diggin your sound, Sphinx and myself have been wanting to add more of an industrial sound to our music, and listening to your stuff just got me motivated to make that happen....thanks for inspiring me my friends......by the way, of course you can use our song as a theme song, every song I write comes from a personal experience in my life, yeah it wasn't a pleasant moment, but it makes for a good song, Hahaha......Anywayssss, stay in touch, you guys rock.......JT”


“Hey i checked out your page and i must say..pretty tight tracks u got there!!Get back to me and hopefully in the future we can collab or sumthing! keep up the good work!! Also, if you can provide any assistance to me by providing any information regarding management/booking it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Let me know what you think... again thanks! AND PLEASE... TELL A FRIEND 2 TELL A FRIEND! God Bless”



So Naive

“Hi Dawna im Shelby its nice to meet you.I went to your sight and liked what I heard my new friend.Dont be a stranger k”

Shelby - Promize

“You are an inspiration to me! Please sign my mailing list so we can keep in touch Mike Thom”

Graveyard Whiskey

“I want to thank you for being our new friend...Have a great day and keep up the great work”

Blackfish Pink

"Thanks so much for your Voice with ours - you guys are awesome. We've added you to our Recommended Artists here in Seattle.. Best to you! ~T.P.N. "

The People Now

“ Listening to your new songs from your CD today, really cooL n dreamy work !! ”

Satchwood - Alternative / Progressive Rock / Alternative Rock, Reverbnation - Satchwood

“Listening to run for your life.... WOW... Totally love it. Great intro. Great Build. Great Music. Extremely honored that you fanned us. :) ~ Saxony Raine (female vocalist) 10 MILES OF BLUE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the drums switching back and forth through the speakers, I am dancing around the room. Smiling. I'll be listening often. ”

10 Miles Of Blue

“Hola Dawna, you are like a very warm and dynamic one-woman welcoming committee to the NW / CDA area for me, thanks much for writing-- You also sound like a much warmer, happier and vibrant person than your song samples reflect -- I love Run for Your Life, I want to hear more stuff like it! I didn't hear any vocals, if you want to collaborate with some vocal layers, let me know; Studio work is great, bring it on!”

Anton Grace

“Thank you for putting Great music up for all to hear !!! Keep rocking, Peace & Love ”

JD Greer

“I aint gon lie fam your musik hottttt, keep doing what you doing, keep pushing yourself cause I have a feeling that you will make it. As you can see I’m already your number one fan, most rappez rather hate on you when you doing good instead of encouraging you but im not like dat.”

Mo Kash

“Absolutely unique and imaginative - and certainly lives up to the billing of "genre busting". I fanned you; whacked the "Facebook I Like" widget' and put you on my Recommended Artist List. I will be recommending you in interpersonal correspondence as well and I'll be back often to show support. Thanks for a great listening experience! Peace, Rick Frost”

Artist Rick Frost - Rick Frost

“We just got word, that MosAiK USA is working on their second EP. "Tons of Bricks". I hear they will be singing on this new combination of hard rock and techno. With their first CD "Tiles" being a hit, this second one should be even better!”

Rod Seving - 98.7 FM LA-Orange County

“MosAiK USA is taking the world by storm. Not just here in the United State, all over. I heard that they are even liked in Malaysia, where is Malaysia, go get my atlas. Point made, MosAiK USA is rising fast and look for more great music from this group.”

102.1 The Edge, NYC

“Many composers also perform their works as musicians, such as MosAiK USA. They not only write it, perform it and play it live, they also have other people come in to their studio to jam with. Not many bands do that today. This Band has it going for them.”

Author Banks - Music Arrangers and Music Composition 1012

“Richard was with the group Razik, not sure anyone remembers them. They were a metal rock band, that made a small name for themselves. Richard now is with MosAiK USA and he rocks the city!”

Clevelands Rock Station, 100.7, The Buzz

“ ... "He is not limited to Lead Electric Guitar for MosAik. Richard has played in the bands Razik and Blood Red"..."Just amazing talent"...”

94.5 - The Buzz - Houston's New Rock Alternative - 94.5 - The Buzz - Houston's New Rock Alternative

“hi guys !!!! we are white shadow from paris !!! just stoppin' by to send you some good vibes :) we love your stuff !! Good Cheers from Paris!!!!”

White Shadow

“An up and coming band from America is taking over the Alternative scene here. The name is MosAiK USA and we want to give our best to them and wish them a long and successful career. We hope to hear more from them in the future.”


“MosAiK USA is eating up the airwaves. If you haven't heard them before, we suggest you listen. This group is going to take over!”

93.3 KTCL, Denver Colorado

“I&SON I&SON - Pop / Alternative / Experimental 11/18/2010 4:51 AM Hi again friends =) I&SON wish you luck and millions of fans of your great music. We´ll stay keep in touch with you. A&P. ”

Andy & Phil - I&SON

“Whooaaaaaaaaaa youve got some amazing talents, im blown away!!!”


“Michelle Daggett goes to school, raises kids and plays music, when does she find time for a life?”

98.7 FM LA-Orange County

“ Yeaaaa man... you play a stab sound we've listend Mosaik track, maybe one day we can play toghether, who knows :) We'r from Rome (South Sicily ha hah). Stay Rock Rockazzi ”


“i love your songs. great style. ”

Micheal Yancy

“we´d like to thank you for your kind support and want to let you know that we appreciate it very much. We hope you will like our music and will stay with us forever:) We certainly will stay keep in touch with your excellent music and wish you millions of fans. Andy & Phil, I&SON ”

Andy & Phil - I&SON

“ "Great Music, Great Show"”

掲示板過去の記事 - 掲示板過去の記事

“MosAiK USA ... They sound amazing. Be ready for some great new music.”

Spencer Andrews - Spencer Andrews Artist Roster, Shows, Schedules

“Hey! Thanks for the mention, and support! Love the Tunes!”

Fill The Silence, Reverbnation

“Hey! MosAik, thanks for coming out to the show on Saturday we really appreciate it! Until next time. -Tyrel -Nate -Colton -David -Carver ”

Fill The Silence, myspace

“Thats Good!”


“Wow, love the two newest ones....:D”

Pebbles - Pebbles from myspace

“hey guyz ur music iz great!? :)”


“Thumbs Up!!”

Xenno - Xenno from myspace

“Cool, guys! I love your music! Keep it up! ;-) ”

Richard - Richard from myspace

“Good music! Good luck!”

Aheha - Aheha from myspace

“I like your music, guys! xoxoxoxox”

Elena - Elena from myspace

“Your music is very good!!!!”

Laymit - Laymit from myspace

“Heyy Juzt wanted to tell u that i loved the songz!!! :) they are better than great!!! ;) and thank you(: ”


“never heard music like this before raw interesting and very random ...like it~Vikki smith-shaw”

Vikki smith-shaw - My Space