Morrison's Prophecy / Press

"...a deeply magnetic industrial styled euro dance skin to the proceedings that loosely flirts around the edges of the more pop orientated aspects of SPK and Einsturzende Neubauten to manifest itself as were like an alluring post apocalyptic face off between colour box and front 242."

Mark Barton - Facebook

“What Kevin has done with Morrison’s Prophecy though is show that if you take genres and change them to fit into what you want to achieve, you can end up with a sound which is unique, focused, and unlike anything else out there. I like this album and think that there’s some serious potential for it, definitely one for the fans of the darker side of things out there.”

"Dangerously trippy."

"Image is not everything- Sometimes you see a band with a cool image and awesome graphics, and then you're disappointed when you finally hear them. This is SOOOOO NOT the case with Morrison's Prophecy! Awesome tunes! Get the album! Hot stuff, Kev".

Sen Flashwit - Facebook