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“RUGBY rockers Morningstar are back in town for a live gig after performing nationwide in a series of concerts. For just under a year now Morningstar have been rocking as a five-piece across the country.  The band still features the original line-up of Beth Tysall (lead singer), Steve Franklin (singer and lead guitar), Chris Franklin (bass guitar), Mike Ingram (backing vocals and guitar) and Phil Larrassey (drums). Over the last few months Chris has been a feature artist in the worldwide publication Bass Guitar Magazine, Steve is receiving private tuition from Megadeth’s lead guitarist Chris Broderick and Phil has also received one-on-one coaching from the experts  The band has also appeared in Chalice of Femme Metal e-mag. Morningstar also got down to the final 20 bands in the European Surface Festival competition. The organisers were so impressed with their performance that they were invited to be the support band for the Midlands leg of the Surface Festival UK tour”

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“Rugby based Morningstar have a Hard and sleazy Rock sound with a Punk edge – it’s a dark and twisted noise that sits somewhere between Black Stone Cherry and early Cooper Temple Clause. With an almost operatic quality thanks to Beth’s powerful vocal over a tight Rhythm section from Drummer Phil and Bassist Chris, and great Guitar playing from both Steve and Mike who also provide the lead and backing Vocals – the rawness and energy with which the band performs really comes across in their music and this saw the band tearing through an impressive set’s worth of material in a performance that proved amongst the strongest of the night. Leon, Area Manager for Midlands Surface Festival.”

"Morningstar, are a band from Rugby in Warwickshire, England. They formed about nine months ago and are still pretty hot off the press, if you will. The band uses dual vocals - both shared between Beth Tysall and Steve Franklin (who also plays the guitar). The band's line-up is completed by bassist Chris Franklin, guitarist (and also backing vocalist) Mike Ingram and Phil Larassey on drums. Although the band's Victorian style get up may lead you to think their music will be insane and complex, it's quite the opposite. Morningstar have so far released three tracks (hopefully there'll be an album or an EP along the way). All three tracks comfortably sit in the groove rock genre, with catchy riffs, soaring clean vocals and just that upbeat joy that you can almost bounce to. For those that prefer their music light on the ears but at the same time full of volume check out Morningstar. You can listen to all three tracks here, I personally recommend you start with the track Miller's Court"

“MORNINGSTAR (EP) (Self Released) Morningstar hail from Rugby here in the UK and was formed around 9-10 months ago, so they are fairly new kids on the block. Anyway, I have been sent their EP to review and I like it. Three tracks of Melodic Hard Rock with some hard rockin' riffs. There are two vocalists on board, Steve Franklin and Beth Tysall, and all three tracks comfortably sit in the groove rock genre, with catchy riffs, soaring clean vocals and just that upbeat joy that you can almost bounce to. Beth has a fantastically strong voice that can be soft enough to melt your heart and strong enough to break a chunk of ice. Steve has a powerful and clear voice, which ranges from the bark of Hetfield through to the sizzling highs of Vince Neil. My fave track has to be the melodic 'Bystander', a track that would sit quite comfortably on rock radio. Indeed, all three tracks scream radio airplay. Steve seems to be the main vocalist here, certainly on 'Bystander' and 'Wrongside'. This is good”