Morgengrau / Press

“10/10 - "Prepare to be amazed.”

“10/10 - "One of the best death metal albums I've so far heard in 2013, as a matter of fact one of the best albums so far beyond the years of 2000.”

"[Morgengrau have] put together a lot of mid-tempo, forceful riffs that lumber forward with plenty of intensity but they aren’t afraid to whip things up into a frenzy and hit listeners with much faster arrangements."

"A remarkable debut that will remind of the delights of death metal in the early '90s."

"Old school as fuck... the Americans make a big impression with their self-produced debut."

"A backbone of rapid-fire drumming drives the breakneck rhythm and momentum onward while riffs both fuse and interrupt pleasantly while welcoming enthused fist pumping and headbanging as well as floaty interludes of heavy reflection."

"Old-school death / thrash metal played by pestiferous souls, released from the realm of the unknown, a place where demons shake his head violently as if to free himself from the inner turmoil they possess."

Christian Montagna - Son of Flies Zine

“Catchy, rock-hard riffs (Antithetical), deepest growls (Grave of Lies), pounding, driving double bass (Chemosh Enlighten), soulful guitar solos (Extrinsic Pathway) - all are evidence of an uncommon vitality, strength, and aggressiveness which should leave no Headbanger unaffected.”

"Morgengrau combines huge guitar and bass tones with brutal drums... riffs while furious are still melodic, displaying the band's excellent musicianship."

"Very melodic and catchy... as well as oppressive heaviness and pummeling blast beats."

"Lead guitars are elegant and yet obscure, and rhythm guitar is rigid with enough swing to give it a groove of its own."

"Dominating the release are Last One on Earth-era Asphyx-style riffs, with an undercurrent of heavy rhythms and dark tones, while a variety of time signatures ranging from slow grooves to inhuman, thrash-y speed, provide the unpredictability needed to modernize the record."

"Morgengrau have locked their jaws deep in the old school..."

"Their approach is authentic – they clearly understand [DM] well and know how to string riffs and grooves together in a pleasing combination."

Richard The Infernal Overlord - Destructive Music

"All in all, a strong debut, worthy of any who like their DM doused heavily with a Dutch persuasion."