Mont Lyons / Press

"Mont Lyons pounds out a gritty, shadowy rock'n'roll. Tension rumbles in their songs, but doesn't quite boil: Instead of finishing with a pounding, all-cymbals rush, a high, keening note eerily faded off into the distance. The vocals work within this framework, pushing the boundaries of the tension without ever really spilling over into all-out attack mode. That's the type of sound that Mont Lyons cultivates: low-to-the-ground, punchy tunes with a deep sense of tension. The keys offer a dreamy counterpoint to some of the tension, but we all know that dreams can be more tense than reality itself. "

“Our first big find of SXSW is Mont Lyons, an Oklahoma-based band with a heavy Rhodes sound and in the pocket groove. As is par for the course down here, we stumbled upon them just looking for a place to sit down. We were drawn to our feet in no time and the young band’s self-deprecating charm—“look us up!” started the baby-faced lead singer and keyboardist, “or don’t!”—was no match for their impressive performances, prompting our heartfelt reply that we would indeed commit these boys to memory.”