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"This band has all the skill and heart it takes to bring the music wherever it takes them. Monocle is a band that stands out and will be a band to keep a close eye on. The debut Monocle album is very looked forward to by this music loving community." - Danny Shafer

Danny Shafer - Our friend and a musical pillar of Boulder, CO: Danny Shafer on Monocle Band

"...this affecting batch of heartrending songs, tunes that genuinely possess the kind of pastoral charm that so many others seem to be striving for these days but rarely achieve. This is one local act that is truly worth keeping an eye on."

"...neither newgrass nor traditional bluegrass, but an amalgam of both classic and modern influences. “Silly Joy” is one of the disc’s highlights — a splendidly written and performed number that is one of the shining examples of Whittington’s vocal strength.

“Colorado Daily love. Little Q&A with Ashley Dean on 2/29/12 ”

“With the inflection of bluegrass and folk and the influences of the serene mountain scenery of their Boulder home, Monocle blends Whittington’s silky voice with rich harmonies and a neo-acoustic soul sound. ”