Mo Beasley Live / Press

“Sexy New Documentary About Urban Erotika: The Revolutionary Erotic Reading Series (VIDEO) "Mo is an erotic reading series pioneer. His series UrbanErotika is legendary. Now, Mo has partnered with well-known filmmaker Nicole Franklin to create a documentary about his 10+ year journey. The film is called ”UrbanErotika: An Odyssey of Eros on Film.””

“What’s So Intriguing About Black Panties?: Part II (FULL) Interview with Poet Mo Beasley "I fell in love with love in the most unlikely context. When I was learning the craft, and art, of stage managing for live theater my mentor taught me love as a verb that “clears the path” for artist to create"”

“A Summer LoveStorm Producer and Artist Mo Beasley takes us into his world and in his head to discuss his production UrbanErotika and the “N” word. NAME: Mo Beasley (MB) COMPANY: The LoveStorm Entertainment Group, LLC CRÈME: WHAT WAS THE INSPIRATION FOR UrbanErotika? MB: Audre Lorde’s essay Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power, The Brooklyn Tea Party’s Erotic Nights open mic series, Prince’s Get Off video and most of his sexual material, reading Anais Nin, Ntozake Shange, D.H. Lawrence and a host of other erotic scribes inspired and informed UrbanErotika. Audre Lorde’s essay articulates thoughts I share about erotica vs. pornography and the difference, of which most people are not aware. Prince’s elaborate live productions look more like Broadway musicals than music videos which speak to my theatre roots and sensibility.”