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“Featured Article- Misty Loggins: Singin' & Fishin'”

“Cover story- Misty Loggins "Talk Bass To Em"”

“BMI’s Bradley Collins knew he had encountered something special when he first heard Misty Loggins perform, and he became one of her earliest champions. Loggins received resounding affirmation of her singing and songwriting gifts when she signed her very first publishing deal. Misty put the pen to paper here at BMI, another proud home for this exciting talent on the rise ”

BMI - BMI News

"Misty Loggins is not just another pretty face. As a music business photographer, I've seen lots of them, but once you get past her pretty blue eyes, you'll discover a wealth of talent and personality that makes her unforgettable. She can write you a ballad that comes from deep in the heart, then grab you by the jugular with a sassy truckin' song. With an appreciation for the female vocalists before her, it is not unusual to hear a little Tammy or Reba or Trisha in her voice. Add to that, the songwriting ability and self-deprecating sense of humor of Dolly and you've got Misty Loggins from Hollywood, Hollywood, Georgia that is."

Alan L. Mayor - Photographer to the Stars of Country Music

"Audiences everywhere from the Grand Ole Opry to the Ryman Auditorium have fallen in love with our next guest. Misty Loggins is Undeniably Country!

NBC/WSMV Better Nashville, April 2010

"Misty Loggins is a powerhouse vocally and an amazing entertainer who simply captivates the crowd"

Damon Elliott - Grammy Award Winner and 7 time nominee, November 2010

"Not Tonight", written by Misty Loggins, is the 2nd most downloaded song as ranked by Digital Media Distribution System

DMDS Charts - Most Active Indies, October 24, 2010

"Director Romeo Antonio, who is directing a movie in Franklin, listens to actress Misty Loggins's tune "Red Georgia Mud" which Loggins sang for him during a break on the set of Nashvegas."

The Tennessean (Photo on the front page of the Business Section) July 29, 2010

“The Key West Songwriter’s Festival celebrated its 15th year last week and what a great event it was...Over 100 came and performed at various venues about town from April 28th through May 2nd... The highlight of the event that day, and perhaps the whole event itself, was Misty Loggins. Misty plays not only from the heart, but also with true fortitude. Not only does she write a great song, but she can make her Taylor sing, on her quiet ballads, yet growl, and snarl with emotion on her more earthy songs, like “Red Georgia Mud”. Keep an eye on this woman. She’s the real deal. ”