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Jamie “Miss Jamie” spent most of her childhood on a goat ranch in small town Texas and was very active in musical theatre and choir growing up. She'd enjoyed her career as an actor and “grownup” singer until her daughter was born in 2012 when her whole world changed forever. Now Jamie brings a little bit of country to the big city of Chicago with her interactive sing-a-long children’s show, Miss Jamie’s Farm. She just released her first children's CD and can be seen performing at all of the Mariano’s Fresh Market locations across the state of Illinois, often with her little daughter as her faithful farm hand.

Miss Jamie's show takes kids on a musical tour of the farm, with the help of puppet friends Sweet Jen the Hen, The Great and Powerful Chickie of the Farm, Willie the Out of Work Horse, Prissy the Pig, Benny the Barista (Lamb), Courtney the Cow, Freddie the Slow Fox, and Jamie's own little farmhand, Taylor Gibson Martin. The puppet characters all play against stereotype and teach kids that you can't judge a book by it's cover while keeping them laughing all the while.

Sing a long favorites include:

We're On Our Way to Miss Jamie's Farm
Let's All Shake Our Shaker Eggs
Happy Chickens Lay Yummy Eggs (original tune)
Baa Baa Black Sheep
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Old MacDonald's Farm
Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
Scoot Off My Fruit (Original)
You are My Sunshine
If You're Happy And You Know It, Farm-Style
5 Little Ducks
Hokey Pokey on the Farm
Happy Birthday from Miss Jamie's Farm (an original personalized birthday tune)

There's also lots of good education about eggs, milk, fruits and veggies, and the animals found on the farm. The show is an opportunity to teach kids about how they can make healthy choices in their meals and snacks and will hopefully influence their future purchasing behavior - going organic and free range to support animal, soil, and small farm health. Mostly, though, the kids just love to watch the puppets talk as they shake their shaker eggs and sing along to their favorite songs.

Unlike some other kids shows, the parents in the audience won't get bored with Miss Jamie from the Farm. There are funny 'grown up' anecdotes, like Ronald being the wealthy and unhealthy grandson of Old MacDonald - always loaning the family money to keep in their good graces. The puppet voices are for the kids, but the characters are for the parents: Prissy the Pig takes great pride in her cute appearance and suggests that since pigs don't really roll in the mud because they're dirty, but actually just to cool off, she'd like to ditch the 'dirty' reputation and would prefer instead that pigs be known in the future as the 'hot' farm animal. Benny the Baaaaarista knows everyone's favorite coffee drink, Courtney the Cow is a workout and diet fanatic, Freddy the Fox is slow, and Sweet Jen the Hen never gabs or gossips. And then there's Willie the Out of Work horse who just eats grass all day now that horses aren't needed to pull farm equipment and have been replaced by tractors.

You can find Miss Jamie from the Farm performing her one-of-a-kind show at Farmers Markets, indoor play spaces, grocery stores like Mariano's Fresh Market, libraries, schools, camps, and more. And she's also available for your private party.

Come play with Miss Jamie and her fun-loving farm friends!

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