Minus Touch / Press

“I was completely blown away by Minus Touch, They've got it going on. These guys ( and gal ) are all solid players and the chemistry between them can easily be seen watching them perform. The " in the pocket " rhythm section, screaming in your face guitars, and the powerful, yet soulful vocals of Mike M. make for a truly unique combination of hard rock/heavy metal sounds out on the Raleigh scene today. ”

Phil - Jazzed Up Hooligans

"...Mellow yet blunt and honest... beautiful lyrical composition...I can't believe I had never heard them before!"

"The Mask is a great piece of work. The lyrics are written with a level of honesty that speaks through the music, touching the listener while avoiding whining like most artists of today. The entire band seems to be very aware of what they want to be and how to be it. This is a band to watch."

For The Love Of Music

"Bitter ending is in your face and has powerful riffs, the singer sounds like Tad Doyle's and Eddie Veder's baby (which I am 100% sure they have together)!"

Grunge Forum

“Familiar and Original like an old friend!”

F. Duppe - Regarding Garage Sessions

“Let me be the first to say that this is fucking incredible!”

J. Powell - Regarding Bitter Ending

“If you enjoy Hard Rock, you'll like to know this band!”

Carol Bijl - True Metal Press

“It is always good to find that Golden bands like this still exist in the world. Thank you for sharing this with me!”

Anna - Minus Touch Fan

"Every time I hear The Mask it brings me to tears. You guys are great!"

Melissa - Minus Touch Fan

“I heard your piece "The Mask" and I think you guys are great!”

Dan - Minus Touch Fan

“Mind blowing!”

Johnathon - Minus Touch Fan