Mind Drive / Press

“Most bands have to choose between pursuing their art, and making money. Luckily, Mind Drive chooses to make the hard choice, writing songs about love, loss and dissatisfaction. Their song "Goodbye to Summertime", allowed to grow, evolve and mature, had moved from a fairly standard power-ballad, to a rock-anthem ode to warm weather, good friends and good times. No music factory around today could ever create a song where the band sings "Goodbye To Summertime, I miss you my old friend" and have everyone in the crowd feel the intense happiness of the great times, and overwhelming melancholy at their loss. This is the mark of a great band. Say what you will about Detroit, but there is still magic here.”

“Mind Drive - wow! As good a band as we have had in this building. Great guys who all play their instruments at a very high level. Mark your calendars - Nov 1 is the date for the return of this incredible group. I gotta figure out a way to join these guys on stage next time!”

“GREAT TIME and GREAT MUSIC last night.....everyone really enjoyed your music.....thanks to Bill and MIND DRIVE...hope we can do it again!”