WoolEye / Press

“WoolEye: Having powerfully inspired jams with thought provoking lyrics.”

“WoolEye, will perform for the University of Wyoming Summer Programs concert series Wednesday, July 23, from 11:45 a.m.-1 p.m. at Simpson Family Plaza.”

“The Barkley Ballroom hosts a free show with WoolEye on Thursday, June 5. WoolEye is an eclectic group of veteran Fort Collins-based musicians, with influences in jazz, rock, jam, funk”

“CD: Sit Outside and Dream Artist: WoolEye Ever since Hendrix rocked 20 arms on the cover of Axis: Bold As Love, Hindu imagery has been psychedelic rock’s colorful totem. But don’t let the Tridevi on the cover of WoolEye’s latest effort fool you; the trippiness comes in bits and pieces. While the far-off space guitar is present in a handful of tracks, Sit Outside and Dream is dominated by a boppy jazz rock sound, heard across the synth landscapes and hooky keyboard. What lifts WoolEye above the archetypal fusion four-piece is a willingness to dabble in genres far outside their range without compromising their jazz-based approach. Most of the time, it works. Try the neon bluegrass sound of “Cherokee Bill” – though the lyrics feel uninspired, there’s something surprisingly fun about the rocking electric piano and guitar bridges. The Technicolor techno-pop of “New York Spinnit” is aural deliciousness. T”