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“Gotta to be more than coincidence that with Dave Bowie's passing, Mike McDevitt's "Backburner" was created right afterwards... Gotta be...”

Will of Wilmington - Will of Wilmington - Fan View

"You've got a great sound...!"

Jam XR Radio Sao Paulo, Brazil

"Your music is fantastic!"

Greater Grace Church of Hatboro, PA

"Wow...just listened to Delaware Bay...amazing talent! We were born to hear this guy...what an incredible singer/songwriter and performer!"

Juice, NYC, 2016

"Delaware Bay is a pleasant melding of genres with rich musical and vocal harmonies....Mike is well known for his melodies and this album does not disappoint. This generous helping of 17 songs run the gamut of stories of love and loss, to personal triumph and love rediscovered. ..Delaware Bay is truly one of the best albums to come out in the last 20 -25 years...truly an amazing album. Buy it. Play it. Love it!"

Jerry Attrick, NYC, 04/2016

“From production, to back-ups, to musicians, to songwriting, this (Delaware Bay) is an amazing album.”

Will of Wilmington

"Delaware Bay" is Mike McDevitt's most recent album and is a pleasant melding of multiple genres with rich musical and vocal harmonies. Mike is well known for his melodies and "Delaware Bay" does not disappoint. A generous helping of 17 songs run the gamut of stories from love and loss, to personal triumph and love rediscovered. In fact, there is not a weak moment on this album as every songs soars; it truly rates as one of the best albums in recent years."

Jerry Attrick, 2016, New York City

" I have to say I'm loving your music ! I just been listening to some of your songs & I must say all of them are awesome!"

James Baldwin, Singer/Songwriter from Birmingham, UK

“All I Wanna Do is off the chain...”

MC YO WASSUP of Tucson, AZ

" Thank you, Mike McDevitt!!!....Melody, soul, storytelling on a very rare scale....just a wonderful vocal presence...these amazing songs, some recorded live, are truly special....I have seen your live performances and I have only one thing to say... see this man live...WOW...!

Audience member Joe from a recent show at Gracie's Cafe in Elkton, MD

“Outstanding songs & vocals, you are a very talented & gifted artist, keep up the wonderful work.”

Robert Steven Hunt from Reading UK

“Excellent songwriting........ From one songwriter to another.... great work.”

Ike Crossman from Carl Junction, MO

“Really enjoyed your tracks..FairyTale & All I Wanna Do...great tunes and vocals and guitar work...great sound and well done tunes..”

Mikie Campro from Dallas, TX

“Love your music and your style!”

Goldfire Band from Woodburn, OR

“Outstanding!!! Listened, Fanned and Friended!”

Echo Raynes from Seattle, WA

“:-)Wow... Awesome Passion and vibe. I love the concept and the vibe, Well crafted music...”

Irina from London, UK

“Love your work! ;)”

Glo Smith from Asland, KY

"Just stopped by to listen to some of your music. Cool sound and especially like the songwriting."

Marlan from Fayetteville, AR

“I have to say your muse is amazing!... I believe you need more FB likes..so, why don't you people like this man...great songwriting..wow!”


"4 Stars for Storyteller"


"I really enjoyed listening to your music and it's wonderful coming back to it now. Your music sounds fantastic!... You're doing a wonderful job by yourself. Keep up the great work!"

Rowan of The Mad Pride from Wollonging, New South Wales, Australia

"Mike McDevitt's songs are wonderfully detailed sonic pictures of life. His song lyrics are intelligent and provocative and celebrate life. His guitar technique is among the best playing today. His timing and vocal phrasing are spot on. You got to hear it... Through his album Storyteller, Mike has definitely passed the audition"

Mr. P on Mike McDevitt's music

"Mike's Storyteller is brilliant! He continues his love of a good melody wrapped around a great personal story. Such presence and awareness are very rare indeed...His songs are fearless, hauntingly beautiful, accessible and reflective of personal moments in every life."

Brian May on Mike McDevitt's music

"Like your music. You sound great! I'm a fan and I will keep listening!"

Zerena Lupo from Yorktown Heights, NY

"All I Wanna Do is awesome! It gets me tappin my feet!"

Eddie Gomez from Venice CA

"Great music!"

Chained Lizard from Victoria, Australia

"It's a special place...In writing and performing my music, I get to connect with something that’s bigger than me... Bigger than all of us... It’s like magic."

Mike McDevitt on his music and performing

"...much love for your music...very refreshing tunes!"

-el-munir from Accra, Ghana

"Simply wonderful stuff! Mike McDevitt's music has the honest worldliness of Dylan, the personal urgency of Springsteen, the melodic appeal of McCartney and the unabashed idealism of Lennon. There's nothing like it out there right now. It stands alone"

Ken Klingberg on Mike McDevitt and his music

"We love it!"

The Hursts from Van Nuys, CA on Mike McDevitt's song "All I Wanna Do"

"Keep up the great work!"

Spacewalk from Stockholm, Sweden

"The whole world needs to hear Mike McDevitt's music.Some of the best music written and performed over the last 20 years..Wow!..there are few songwriters out there today who combine great storytelling skills with exceptional and inspiring musicianship as he does...just wonderful!"

A fan's comment at a recent outing on Mike McDevitt's songwriting

"Mike's song Storyteller is a perfect driving tune for cruising down the road....it grabs you and doesn't let go. It's also a great album..."

Charles Irwin on Mike McDevitt's music

"This is fantastic! Storyteller is a quintessential Mike McDevitt album - full of honest emotional songs about love, social justice, and self discovery...he really can wrap a memorable story around great tunes. He is fearless."

Ken Klingberg on Mike McDevitt's Storyteller

“Mike McDevitt sings about us in celebrating our humanity, our daily struggle to keep going, to be better people and our love for each other. ”

Vinnie on Mike McDevitt on Reverb

“You won't forget Mike McDevitt's songs. His stories are about you and me and our struggles and our ability to keep going somehow, to find meaning in each other and in our lives.”

Patrick on Mike McDevitt's music

“Mike's songs are sometimes tender, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes in your face but never dull. And they are always real. They grab you, shake you to the core and then live with you.”

Amber on Mike McDevitt's songs

“...As anyone who has ever heard him sing his songs knows, it's Mike's heartfelt performances, the lyrics, and the tunes that carry the moment. And carry the moment they most surely do. Simply unforgettable! Buy the album...take this music with you everywhere you go!”

DE Rock Robster on Mike McDevitt on Reverb

“...From the introduction to the finale of Storyteller, Mike’s method of ‘storytelling’ faithfully carries on an oral tradition that has taken place in numerous ancient and modern cultures and civilizations for millennia. Through a series of vivid narratives woven throughout the entire album/CD, Mike’s lyrics allude to a life ‘blown around’ by circumstances that can only be experienced firsthand....”

Brian May from his commentary on Storyteller

"Enjoying Storyteller as I type this. I really dig it a lot..it almost has an early Lou Reed feel, which to me is pure magic.

Tracy Quinn O'Brien, of Denver,Colorado, on the Mike McDevitt song Storyteller

“Mike McDevitt, where have you been? The world must hear your 'Storyteller.' You effortlessly write and sing great songs that are not only fun to listen to but reach people in unexpected ways. The music industry needs to hear you. All of you A&R people out there: give this guy a call! Do it now...This is great musical storytelling. These are great music performances. This is just great...! Amazing!”

Jammin Jeff from New Music

"You have to hear this album!..Storyteller is the kind of musical statement that comes along only once in a great while. Mike McDevitt has put together an anthem of modern times, touching deep in the contemporary soul with restless questions and uncertain answers but all with a ample dose of hope wrapped around infectious rhythms and seriously hummable melodies...do yourself a huge favor and take this one home...."

Freddy On Mike McDevitt's Storyteller

“Drive - excellent song Mike.”

Burn All The Liars from Seattle, WA

"I just took a listen to your song 'All I Wanna Do.' Great sound! I loved it. An awesome job - keep them coming."

Tony Robinson from Goonimindi, Queensland (NSW), Australia

"Nice music, cool guitar playing..... Liked you on your page as well."

Mario of Mario and Friends from Oakland, CA

"Mike McDevitt's Storyteller album is a rare glimpse into the soul of a true artist. McDevitt uses minimal production and only needed instrumentation to create a sonic wonderland of sights and sounds. Here, my friends, is what music is supposed to be. Perfect musical timing and spot-on vocals delivering clear and emotional stories about life and love, loneliness and hope, loss and renewal - all wrapped in a melodic masterwork. This is rock (country, R&B, country-rock) at its best; there's not a weak song here. Truly remarkable effort!"

Cheeky Simon, Music Now, on Mike McDevitt's Storyteller

"Storyteller is a great song!"

Ben Aaron from Minneapolis, MN

“This listener is rapt indeed and looking forward to Mike’s next album/CD. You don’t have to be among the disenfranchised of society to be an avid fan. I highly recommend Mike’s album/CD to anyone who wants to take note of upbeat melodies with something extra in the lyrics. I also encourage any and all to give Mike’s album/CD a listen and share the gift of music with your friends and family.”

Brian May from his commentary on Storyteller

“I love your music. May I wish you the very best of good luck.”

Peter O'Sullivan from London, UK

" Forget that you may never have heard of Mike McDevitt. Listen to his Storyteller...Rarely does a singer/songwriter come along who so totally gets it, who intimately knows life's ups and downs and can put his listener right in the driver's seat with him...Listen to Mike's music and you'll be coming back again and again..."

Jo Mac On Mike McDevitt and his music

“We really appreciate your friendship and encouragement. Your music sounds wonderful! Great style!!”

Laramie Cooley & Kilkenny's Secret from Albuquerque, NM

"Amazing work! Really a pleasure to listen to.. do you have a CD? it's obvious you have a unique gift w/ your sound..."

A Kennedy Experiment from Denver, Colorado

"'Calling All Angels' is a brilliant song painting a tragic picture of our very troubled times but with an intrinsic hope that we can make it better if we want to...it's just an amazing song!" (Note: Check out "Calling All Angels" in Mike McDevitt's Store and at online outlets worldwide).

Singer/songwriter About Mike McDevitt's song "Calling All Angels"