Mike Hard / Press

“God Bullies were an American noise-rock band from Kalamazoo, Michigan. The band has released material with Alternative Tentacles and Sympathy The Record Industry, but the bulk of their releases were with Amphetamine Reptile Records. God Bullies' creepy anthems like "Let's Go To Hell", "Ordinary Man" and "Cemetery", paired with front man Mike Hard's theatrical delivery and over-the-top stage antics, earned the band a large cult following. God Bullies toured extensively throughout the US and Europe with artists including Hole, The Melvins, Helmet, Tar, Surgery, Cows and Helios Creed. In 1995, Mike Hard went on to form Thrall. The majority of Thrall's releases were with Alternative Tentacles Mike Hard is now performing live throughout the mid-west, East and Texas as the "Mike Hard Show," a solo band which includes former Godbullie, Adam Berg, former Ghepetto Files guitarist Andy Furda, and bassist Pat O'Harris. Hard has plans to release a solo record in 2014.”