Mike Dorn / Press

“We has so many compliments on your performance. Thanks for being so professional. See you at our next event.”

Britani - Gig Salad

“Detroit's Very Own MIKE DORN " Trying To Survive."”

Lynn Koon - WRIF Rock Radio

“Mike Dorn is a songwriter who's got something for everyone: romance, wit, poignancy, and spot-on criticism of this crazy world in which we live. I've had the good pleasure of both playing with him AND booking him. He's on time for his gigs, takes the business seriously, and has a good time with his original tunes and his esoteric covers. Check him out EVERY time he's around for a performance, because you never know what nuggets he's going to perform. Rock on Mike!”

“The infamous Holly Hill houseboat saga has made it onto the music scene now that a folk singer from Orlando has written a song about the colorful episode. Mike Dorn, whose website bills him as a folk singer who also does "quirky rock" and "brainy comedy," posted a video of himself on YouTube performing the zany tune, a takeoff on Gordon Lightfoot's "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald."...Dorn wrote his ditty about the houseboat in February, but Police Chief Mark Barker recently discovered it and said it was "very funny."”

“Very Creative Guy!”

Kelly Brown - 89 X Rock Radio Detroit

“Listening to your music is like a trip to Coney Island.”

Becca Parnell - Reverbnation Artist

“Fantastic! Songs like Holy Moley and I Wanna Be Happy instantly won my heart. Detailing the decomposing of democracy in nice devilish dockets. Not since Tom Waits 'Bone Machine' have I been so moved.”

Steven West - Reverbnation

“Michigan Folk Legend!”

Crazy Mark - Crazy Mark TV

“As electrifying as a butter knife in a toaster!”

Diedrich Knickerbocker - Tenpins