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“Mike Boyd is a trained percussionist and his short film showcases his style and versatility. We hope you enjoy it and will let your musician friends know about Mike Boyd. He's on a quest, chasing the dream of rock musicianship. I love his style and respect his mastery of the drums!”

Bob Carmichael / ChimeraLighting.com

“Boyd said he got his start at Northglenn High School in the marching band under the tutelage of Dave Marvin, who has been teaching there for 35 years. Marvin commended Boyd's work ethic. "It takes hours and hours a day to perfect the craft," Marvin said. "You have to play with all sorts of musicians and all styles, and that's what Mike's done." He added: "Everybody wants to be a rock star, but when you see someone who really has the extra performance ability, it's something special. We see a lot of kids come through who want to be what Mike can be, so it's really fun to see him succeed." Savage Henry bandmate John Jeffers said Boyd is technically precise, which he attributed to the marching band experience. "As far as Mike's chances at the local level, he just blows everybody away," Jeffers said. "We call him the 'Energizer' drummer."”

“Caramel Carmela - Till Death Do Us Party - Gen-Y is showing the world that life can be one big party, and the post-hardcore act Caramel Carmela has the album for its youthful revolution. "Till Death Do Us Party" is a vigorous statement of vocal superiority and is adamant in extending the life of a thought-shelved local genre of throat- addled comp-rock. The pleasure is in its variety, phasing around keen aggression and addictive hooks. Rules? Responsibility? Taxes? They're all for the birds. Until death we intend to party.”

Rooster Magazine / The Rooster.com - Caramel Carmela - Till Death Do Us Party

“Savage Henry - Step Lively - This is a dangerous album to take in your car. It's so poppy and up-tempo, it encourages what the British would call "spirited driving". It should come with a warning label and a disclaimer the band will not be held responsible for speeding tickets received while listening to it.”

Myk-EI - WWW.PCFPD.COM - Savage Henry - Step Lively

“Few local recordings are as skillfully played and cleanly produced as Savage Henry's…”

Michael Roberts - Westword - Savage Henry - Step Lively