Midwest Hype / Press

“The explosive sounds kept kicking all the way until the very end...By the time I was done jumping & headbanging, I was a sweaty mess and heading home with a charged up soul.”

“Right off the bat they had more energy than anyone else in the night and had me dancing like a fool.”

“Successfully incorporates keys, trumpet, flute, saxophone and percussion to highlight the originality...I can’t help but visualize live crowd participation...If I had to sum this album up in one word, I’d go with Energy”

"It’s common with this album to be swallowed into an energetic rollercoaster of pure music, as an influential result of Jazz, Swing, Hip Hop, Funk and Blues with the occasional rudeboy mosh pit kicking music reminiscent of the Ska craze from the 90s"

“Midwest Hype...The Mousetrap dance floor was thick for the duration of two full sets and crowd activity was high. Through happy music that never drags and personalities that keep a smile on every face, the band makes sure that fun is had by all.”

““…their music boils down to a highly agreeable, danceable, and versatile weave of ska, rock, jazz, and hip-hop qualities and melodies played by talented musicians””

Shaun Christensen - Thre Preface

““Best Local Band About to Make It Big””

“The HYPE IS REAL Midwest Hype may be this area’s next Umphrey’s McG... Midwest Hype may be this area’s next Umphrey’s McGee. The band’s that good and, maybe, that driven. Midwest Hype blends funk, jazz and hip-hop into an exhilarating, dynamic mix of styles to create a refreshing, compl”

"Urban Garage Jazz"...this band makes toes tap with a unique array of instruments that provide the catchy tunes. Vocalist Wayne weaves through the sounds of flute, double bass, trumpet and flugelhorn to give the band a chill and positive identity.

“Best Band About to Make it Big”