“BIG THX for over 3.500.000 views - in 3. Years, now !!”


“Jamie Connolly (1 day ago) .........(BIG THX - Mikel)!!!! Hey there MidnightSummergreen crew! I just wanna say a massive thanks for Ur Fanship & support on my Reverb profile! I'm also LOVIN Ur music; awesome, down & dirty grungy guitar riffs, with cool 90s grunge vibe, really nice ominous, menacing basslines & I love the spit, venom & attitude that comes through in the vocals & also cool mix of more Hip hop/rap style, & some cool distorted production & sound samples! U remind me a lot of a mix of Offspring, Nirvana & Limp Bizkit! I espesh enjoyed "Salty Blood Lips" & "Creatures of Death" & "Smells Like a Supermodel," awesome tunes! I've now Fanned U back on Reverb & Liked/shared Ur pages on Reverb, FB & Twitter & also Following U on Twitter; I'd be really grateful if U cud do same & also give my stuff another listen & comment back on my page when U get a chance, Peace & best wishes Jamie. C”

“Heading into a track called “Smell Like A Supermodel” it’s the first of the last three tracks on the mix but far from letting the energy on the album die down. This mystic track from a band called Midnight Summer Green has a wicked mix on it with incredible background vocals happening against a hypnotic beat and guitar rhythm. This track lives in the dark alleys of your mind, reminding us just how cool those places can be even if they are a bit scary sometimes. As far as atmosphere in a track is concerned – they’ve nailed it here. Listening to “Smell Like A Supermodel” is literally like stepping right into the perspective of the world of MSG.”