Midnight Lick / Press

“Midnight Lick music is being featured on The Fort 94.5fm”

“Midnight Lick from Memphis, TN kicked off the competition. They are a funk/rock band that really knows how to bring the groove (ewww, I don't know if I've ever used the phrase "bring the groove" in a sentence before). I kind of missed the first few songs they played because it was a little difficult getting into the Brickhouse; there were lots of people there that night. I enjoyed how into the music frontman Shane Swift and the rest of the band seemed to be. That's really what funk music is though, right? Just getting down and dirty with yo funky self (heavens-to-betsy I did it again!) Now, being from Memphis I kind of expected these guys to have some sort of musical virtuosity. "Fairytail Lyfe" and "Gold, Guns, and Guitars" displayed Midnight Lick's funk side, while "Swing My Way" and "Injustice" were a little more rock influenced. Overall, a really fun band to watch and listen to. ”