Mickey Strange / Press

“You are the Plutotarian of Detroit!”

“SERIOUS ABOUT THIS Mickey Strange is absolutely the #1 Goth Artist out there! An old friend from high school contacted me on facebook. He said you've got to hear this new artist. He sent me a Mickey Strange Link!”

“Mickey Strange my friends told me to listen to your song SABRINA UNREAL LUVVVVV IT”

“Hello, I’m not a fan of your music genre but your track The Beautiful Monsters caught my attention while I was browsing Discover page. How do I buy this tune on here?! Peace.”

“Hey Mickey I am at work on the night shift and playing Sabrina for some co-workers. They say You Rock Man!”

“MICKEY STRANGE Why are some rap people Rich! It's not even musical? You should be as wealthy as an ARAB SHEIK!Your music is GOTH at it's FINEST!”

“I have to let you know this. I listen to your music on the way to work, on the way home from work and just riding around.THE BEST!”

“Mickey every single person I show Sabrina to, goes crazy over it! You're sitting on a hit song my man.”

“Are you going to shoot video for The Beautiful Monsters? THis tune is amazing!”

“Brilliant art work Mickey Strange don't tell me you're the artist of your incredible graphics too?”


“Wow - you are amazing - I've already shared your page on my twitter and I can't stop listening!”

“After listening to Sabrina everyday for 2 weeks straight I am still filled with the same exhilaration that I had the first time I heard it! Such a good song Mickey, Congratulations.”

“Whats goin on Mickey Strange I play your Sabrina song all day every day. Every person I have shown that song to goes CRAZY over it man! You got a hit song dude!”

“wow i'm so happy I found your music on n1m recently. this tune sabrina is so awesome, so i can play it over and over in my playlist. it's soooo rare to find good and ineresting music nowdayzzz,”

“Hi love your music need the album asap”

“Salome just added to my favs on n1m and followed u, you're awesome!”

“My good friend who lives next door to me, was playing music real loud while cleaning his car out. I heard him playing the song SABRINA! I flipped! I asked him how he knew of Mickey Strange. He said that he had been following Mickey for quite a while. He said that Mickey Strange is the best Goth Artist on the frigging NET.”

“MICKEY, this one is a mindblower. I just love your singing and the beat is pounding my speakers right now. LUVVVVV ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT”

“Mickey- I was playing Sabrina for two of my friends at the park while walking my dog and some man came up to us and said, "Is that the new Mickey Strange song you're playing there?" We couldn't believe it!”

“Mickey Strange I was playing SABRINA on my portable player outside at a softball game my kid was in. Another parent walked up to me and said they know of that song by Mickey Strange and said they thought is was awesome! You are getting around Mickey!”

“Mickey this Sabrina the DJ witch is a Monster Jam man!”

“Hey again Mickey Strange Sabrina is a JAM Man! All my people love this one Mickey!”

“Mickey Strange I am so impressed with your new song, Sabrina. I have been playing it everyday since you sent it!”

“I showed so many people today the Sabrina song and everyone loved it! Got you a HIT there Mickey”

“listened to your song Sabrina 50x today! I love it Mickey Strange”

“can't stop listening to your new song SABRINA”

“my older sister heard Sabrina and went cray man, she loves it”

“Sabrina that DJ's a witch did you write this song Mickey Strange about me? I am a DJ in a small karaoke place. hahahahah I love this tune Mickey”

“YAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MICKEY IS BACK words are beyond words - love em'”

“Mickey Strange, I showed some friends of mine today your song Sabrina and they couldn't believe how crisp and clear your recording is. One of them runs a recording studio too.They said your music is going to be Big Big Big.”

“played Sabrina for 3 different people today and they all said awesome song”

“An old friend told me to check out this Mickey Strange guy. I thought about it and took the time to check your songs out. shit man, fuckin fantastic I heard the one called Sabrina and I was floored how good it was. singers voice is amazing song lyrics are not of this earth whoever i'm writing this to, please put me on the mailing fan list. Say man, you're an awesome singer!  you are on the top of my playlist If meet you on a meet and greet, do you charge for an autograph? Some artists do, so I thought I would ask. I am in total amazement! Count on me to be a lifetime fan! I agree with all those comments. I played SABRINA for 3 co-workers today and they said it was 100% Excellent!”


“Mickey my fellow workers heard the new song today and flipped. They were singing it on our lunch break today man.”

“Mickey Strange comes back with a vengeance. MASTERPIECE MICKEY”


“hello hello mickey it's Cathy i played SABRINA for so many people today and they ALL LOVE IT!”

“After I played SABRINA for a guy I know today, he said that he wasn't that familiar with Mickey Strange, but he said he certainly is Now! He is a fan now!”

“Hi ya there Mickey once again, I think your new song, "Sabrina," is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow It sounds unbelievable Mickey.”

“Mickey once again, Sabrina is a Fantastic Song Dude! I played it for my girl and she loved it too. I told her to listen. I pulled out the lyrics and read them to her. I told her, damn, he wrote this fuckin' song about you.It didn't go over well. She locked me out of our apartment.She still loves the song though man.”

“My friend and also co-worker said to me today, "Mick Strange has"SABRINA" proves it!”


“Omg! Great! Thank you so much! I must hear it again and again and again... Had you seen the youtube video from the Band Ally the fiddle?”

“Mick, I showed a musician friend of mine your song, Sabrina. He thought it was The Best! He teaches vocals for the High School choir. He said your voice was Unbelievable and the Quality of your song to be an A+!”

“Mickey Strange this song is Awesome!”


“I am blown away! This song is beyond words and speaking of words they are spot on Music is spot on Mickey's voice is big spot on”

“Dude, Words and Music are Phenomenal Thanks Mickey Strange Sabrina is a phenom song man!”

“You're like the Prince of the Goth World Mickey”

“Mickey. i'll admit, i just stumbled upon your music by referall from my friend's post on facebook... The Beautiful Monsters...amazing song! i look forward to listening to the rest of your music.”

“Just wanted to let you know I think "Salome" is one of the greatest tunes I have ever heard...”

“Mickey Strange my 2 sisters told me yesterday that they were followers or fans of yours. I had no idea they liked alternative style music either. Shocked”

“Mickey I have to let you know that I played your songs for over 6 different people and they all stated that your music / songs were addictive. You are the future of music!”

“Me and a couple friends are checking out Mickey Strange songs right now. Incredible songs and Incredible sounding voice! Clear as it gets!”

“Mickey my fam and friends luv your songs! Happy Holidays!”

“Salome ! You know..I could listen to this tune all day! This one is so good! It's deLIGHTFUL.”

“Hey I must tell you that I am so impressed with your music. Are you going to upload new tunes before the end of 2015?”

“Hi! First, I really love your music! Sometimes I think music should come with a warning: can take over body & mind. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!”

“Thank you Mickey, because magic may not be real.. but your songs are truly magical!”

“Mickey Strange KING OF GOTH””

“Heard 'The Beautiful Monsters' and liked it a lot. Kelly www.jam-radio.com/philadelphia”

“Hi Mickey! I just stopped to show my support for your music. Thanks for creating great music that we (fans) want to play over and over. I wish you a Happy Halloween, in any way you celebrate (or not celebrate it)”

“Mickey Strange King of Monsters”


“Mickey Strange KING OF GOTH”

“Your voice is so interesting and I luv it!”

“Always love waking in the morning and listening to my fav Mickey Strange songs.”

“My little brother asked me today if I ever heard of Mickey Strange and said I better check him out. This is wild Mickey”

“All my girls listen to your music with me. On the way to work and going home. Love all your songs.”

“all my bff's luvvvv your voice and those excellent songs 2!”

“When I have some stress in my life I just kick back and listen to your music and it all goes away, thanks for that ;)”

“Amazing ....honored to meet you ....wishing you love ...joy & happiness ...love & respect”

“wow..stunning work here bro..such punchy, rich and heavy grooves here..loving those backing vox on "taboo" and the big rockin beat and kickass good hook on "beautiful monsters"...this is vast, grandiose and rockin good pop dude...I love it!!”

“I deliver supplies to medical companies. I stopped at one today and was jamming Mickey Strange and two guys there helping me take all the supplies off the truck asked me where to find you on the net. They said you were Goth Excellent”

“Mickster I have more people going nuts over your music man!”

“Even my older brother likes your vocal work and your cool muzik! He used to love Bau Haus but now likes you better You may be strange but you are cool strange to us even my girlfriends are huge fans of your muzik.”

“Mickster more fans for you played your songs and they love them along with your kickass voice man.”

“While I'm thankful for your music here on numberonemusic I want to pay for the album on itunes you deserve my money. Im gonna search for it right now. cheers!”

“You are so cool Mickey Strange love your voice and your songs!”

“I played my little brother (he's 24) your muzik and he went crazyBig Big Fan Mickey Strange”

“Your muz is great!”

“Mickey Strange is as great as Bowie and Morrison. His songs are as good as you can get. His songs, Salomé, Voodoo you do, and Taboo can compete with any. And oh so true.”

“Love this Mickey Forget Batman, The man from Zero is my hero! Love this!”

“Mickey Strange's vocals are like liquid fire, a persona like no other!”

“Mickey your music just makes my day! Love the tech goth feel vocals are filled with suspense and I love it!”

“Mickey Strange songs went over huge at this party last night.”

“Crank it up! love every song. happy blessed day!! If I got the money I would buy it.”

“Posting to Celebrate Over 1 Million Views! And to let you know your website link is on this page. Looking forward to the '2 million views' milestone! Positive thoughts to you and have a fabulous week!”

“i played your songs for a bunch of friends last night n they thought your songs were fantastic!”

“luv hearing your songs i wake up to them Mickey Strange”

“No denying it Your songs are excellent Mickey!”

“Mickey it’s all about your tunes man. They are off the charts excellent!”

“Mick My brother plays your songs all the time. I thought I was the one who liked your music the most, but he won't stop playing your songs and he's only 19 years old man.”

“Mick I heard your Beautiful Monsters today and you are like awesome man. The lyric and singing are incredible man!”

“My husband came in and saw me kissing on your picture. He flipped his mind He told me ta just go with u then. LOL!”

“i b hit'n dem mickey strange songs nda b frien says i b to loud so i done the whip ass on him he aint nevah gonna bitchh at me agin luvs ya mickey baby”

“Mickey! Love your voice and songs”

“You are the best Deep Dude luv ya!”

“You are like magic to my eyes and ears. Thank you!”

“All my friends talk about you and how much they like your music. Your words are so deep!”

“All your songs are top notch hits your voice is excellent!”

“love your songs Mick I listen to em everyday!”

“Just love your voice and your super cool music Mickey Strange”

“Hi Mickey, I have no words to describe the magic of your music :)”

“Strong tunes and salome is an excellent one, best wishes.”

“Awesome! This is great music for everyday listening!”

“ima hearin you now boy luvvv that deep voice i luvs that wink of her lash its a beauty peace”

“Hi I just have to say that you create a very good music and it appeals to a lot of people. I'll be listening to you, I've just added your n1m page to my faves.”

“I'm listening to taboo over and over, amazing work!”

“Your songs are most excellent Mickey Strange!”

“I have hundreds of songs on my list, and my finger goes straight to your icon, and I never get tired of it!”

“Always been #1 to me Mick HOT! Serious Mickey that's what me and my bff's call you little hottie”

“Listening to...Salome Very Original Sound!”

“Ima sitin here watchn tv baby n the movie is Dracula. Woweee Kinda like n you but dis bitch ass don’t sing. Now ima real want n yer white ass ta nite. im com n baby”

“Hi I want to say thank your for all your tracks especially The Beautiful Monsters. They've really helped me the last couple of weeks buckle down and finish off most of my projects. Keep it up!”

“hey...best music ever it has its own playlist, I would like to buy your album when I get my cash this month!”

“Kenny went to a new strip mall today to sing and make a few bucks. He was doing VooDoo. Some man came up and asked him if he was Mickey Strange. Kenny let him know that he wasn't, but he liked Mickey's songs so much he lip syncs to them. The guy thought that was too cool. He told Kenny that he too was a follower of Mickey and handed Kenny 50 bucks! Kenny was flabbergasted! Kenny came home to tell us. He said it was a SIGN for him to keep doing the VooDoo! Kenny has a good VooDoo Day!”

“I jus luvs hearin yer voice sings to me Mickey hunny yer stil my babe”

“whaz my fav white boy up to? i been thnkn bout you tonite when i listen to yer deep ass sing i gets da shakes all ovr my body I luv dat salome n yer slo one last 2 weeks beauty my luv #1 baby”

“We listen to Mickey Strange at work. That slow song Last two weeks is beautiful. Mickey's voice sounds so good on it.”

“Don't forget us little people when you hit it big!”

“Your songs Rock brotha Thats why your gettin attention Keep up the Mickey Strange Sounds Awesome Man”

“I been knowin u r #1 luv ya mickey baby i got somethin for yall but i saw that video of you n u r jus a little skinny thang I wood crush yer ass luv ya baby!”

“I'm just a huge fan nothing more Love your songs Mickey”

“YEHHHHHH MICKEY! Your music is fantastic, and it's about time others recognize that.”

“I b hearin yer deep voic n i got ta tell ya that it b a turnin me on babay cakes ima gonna dip yer ass in some home fried choc grl”

“Now there u go makin the #1 n not evn telln yer fav big blak mama you go boy my fav white boy fa sho”

“Always # 1 with me and my friends Mickey Strange! Love your muz”

“U ROCK MICKSTER! luv the voice and the look!”

“Congratulations Mickey Strange! You are featured on about.me.”

“love hearing your songs daily too!”

“When I rank music and songs you're always at the top Mick!”

“Mickey, you have an infectious case of fanaticism. We can appreciate it.”

“You're songs are so addictive! I can't stop listening to them!”

“Hi! I wish to add more of your tunes to my favorites soon! All the best and much success!!”

“Hey I've shared your SALOME on N1M charts. You're making your way up!”

“Hi! your music is absolutely awesome and reflects my mood for today. i will follow your updates here and spread the word as much as i can..all the best!!”

“TABOO Love this tune, it's pure magic!!”

“Helloooo there..is there any way to Download "SALOME"? please let me know, I'd really appreciate this much!”

“SALOME is playin' within my favourites for the last week I discovered you then! Thank you for these tunez and your music. A fan ever since I heard them for the first time.”

“Very modern The Beautiful Monsters I like it.”

“Kenny went to a karaoke contest tonight. It was judged on performance too. He did Voodoo and Won. The crowd loved him and again he got the whole crowd singing the chorus part too. He came home to show Mom and Dad his trophy.”

“Hi! I just listened to your music again, glad i left my email on your list I like it very much! I think you are one of my favorites.”

“Hi, You don't know me but I signed up for your mail list, ever since I looked at the #1 site i've been hooked on your music. I know you must have so many e mails like this but could you please (if you have the time) mail me back and let me know how I can buy your CD I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much for your time and I hope all is well with you.”

“Now THAT's music i've been listening to this all day, seems like you can never get tired of it!”

“#1 in my book Mickey!”

“Hi! how to buy your album which includes Salome on google play?? I've been searching... but could not be found. or maybe you can upload more tunes here, I'm eager to hear more...”

“INCREDIBLE MICKEY! So HAPPY Everyone I know loves your songs!”

“I luv you’re the beautiful monsters I haven’t heard all of your music yet but I'm sure I will.”

“Hi Mickey Strange! Congratulations, Your songs in Top 100 #38 for Pop in All countries”

“Mick everyone I show your stuff to freaks out how good you sound! you stay warm too man”

“You always #1 wit me u good lookin white boy ya'll gonna always be my thang”

“Damn, your songs get me every time.”

“Kenny went into the living room and woke Dad up to tell him the good news. Dad got up and said to tell you "Big Congrats Mickey! “Then Kenny put your music on in the living room and blasted it! Dad and Mom even joined in to Voodoo and Salome ‘You’re a family favorite Mickey!”

“You are fantastic Mickey! Congratulations!”

“All systems go. Lower gantry. Ignition. Blastoff! Congrats ! David Bowie would be proud. Rewards come to the patient !”

“I am at this dudes house and starting playing Mickey Strange tunes for them. They are going wild over the tunes! Big Hit!”

“Mick doin some writing tonight and listening to your muzik you are fantastic!”

“Every single person I let know about you always tell me thanks, and how cool your songs are.”

“Lot of buzz on you over the net Mick!”

“My girls be luv n your songs! Lu n that deep voice ya'll got”

“Good dark music and lyrics! You are the Darkman from Detroit!”

“Say long time Mick Your music / songs are Kickin Man. My friends and I listen to them all the time.”

“Baby I brought the New Year in right. We are just listening to your songs all day! 1/1/2015 Luv ya”

“Hope you have a prosperous 2015 Really enjoy your songs brother!”

“I played your music at our Christmas party and they loved it! Merry Christmas”

“Mickey My Grls came to the crib last night and I showed em your picture and played your voice. They luv your fine white ass 2. They be luvn your muzik. but i told em lay off, your mine.”

“Mick I went to a Christmas Party last night and they let me play three of your songs. The people liked your songs a bunch. Merry Christmas man.”

“Fantastic Songs and Productions”

“I like the Salome also, I definitely recognized the Bowie influence.”

“I just am writing you again Mr Mickey I am listening to your songs and they are incredible. Class of your own”

“Hey there Mick I got into an argument with this wannabe Goth dude where I work. He thinks he knows everything about Goth music. I asked him if he heard of Mickey Strange. He said no and if the artist was any good then he would know of him. So I took him to the car, played your music, and this asshole lost his mind. You just got another big fan Mick cause this dude thinks you are frig'n awesome dude!”

“Mickey Mickey Mickey one of my peeps told me my fav white boy singer is a rich bitch. Is this be fa real? If so lemme tell you what I be wantin for Valentines Day! You my boy fa real I new it cuz ya'll got dat deep ass Barry White shit goin on wich your voice my white ass bratha.”

“Mickey you're awesome love your tunes love that voice of yours!”

“Kenny went to a hair salon today. He told them to cut his hair like the guy in the picture. It was a picture of you Mickey. The lady cut it pretty good. Then he proceeded to sing VooDoo. All the women liked the song and Kenny got them all singing the chorus part, "Do The Voodoo You Do."The salon loved him and didn't even charge him. They even gave him some Vidal Sassoon Hair Treatment for free.”

“Mick all these dudes are flipping over your songs man. I mean really hangin with your music. you the star Mick”


“My friends were with me and I played them some Strange. They were amazed and in AWE! Each agreed that you were a national artist that no one is familiar with yet. Your voice and your music is probably among the clearest I have in my library of artists! The dark persona and the meaning behind your words is amazing. Just wow that's all we can say Mickey Strange.”

“Mick my brother's best goth singer friend heard your songs tonight at our house and he flipped. Said you're the best Goth Artist out there!”

“Beyond excellent songs Mickey”

“Mickey your lyrics and music reminds me of what Goth was and you are what Should Be!”

“Mr. Mickey Strange I heard your music online and was compelled to write you to let you know how good I thought your songs were. Great vocals and excellent production quality. Superb”

“No matter who I tell to listen to you they always respond back with positive words!”

“I should let you know my dear Mickey. I played you for a group of friends tonight and they gave you huge thumbs up. They said your voice is so clear and so deep too!”

“For sure Mick, your sound is simply put AMAZING! Crisp and Punchy You’re in your own category man!”

“We love your music”

“I showed your video to a bunch of friends of mine last night and they LOVE YOU!”

“You have such a Signature Sound Mickey! That cool sounding voice is part of it!”

“I can tell. Mickey Strange is way beyond an artist, it's almost like you and your music is an entity in itself. (As One) You sent me a link a long time ago of a Taboo song. Would it be possible if I get that link again? Thanks Mickey”

“Listen, I can tell just by the theme of your lyrics and the voice style that you convey to the listener, that you are an extremely passionate artist. Aside from money and materialistic items, you are what a true artist is and should be. Hats off to you and your music.”

“Mick I am walking through the parking lot of Kmart and this dude in a smart car is playing a mickey strange song with his window half down. it looked as though he had it hooked up to his iPad and was playing it from an internet site. I recognized your voice and music right away man.”

“I am spellbound I See Your Eyes is a Monster song and the video is Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Cool Watched it again today Spectacular!”

“KickAss Video SuperStar where was this venue?”

“Dude I can't believe you actually wrote me back man thanks a lot the voice and your production songs are just so good sounding that I had to give you an A+ for your work. Mickey Strange is the first tracks on my ipod”

“I hear your songs everyday and think that you are so ahead of your time Mick. Blows my mind how crisp and clear your vocals/lyrics are.”

“Mick you have the coolest sounding voice or is that some efx. If it's you, just awesome sounding. Your muzik is some of the cleanest most transparent muzik I have heard on the net!”

“Thanks a lot Mickey Strange. My bff's love your songs too!”

“I am playing your songs tonight for my close friends and they said that your music and voice are the perfect Chemistry.”

“To me Mick you are the Future man!”

“I look forward to listening to your songs Lots of meaning when you sing and some of the clearest out there. usually these days you cant understand a thing they say. be good man”

“I never sought you out until today n' i luv yer style n tunes u r out cold my friends told me bout u n they r right”

“Woke up today listening to your voice and your songs. Gotta tell ya I am Super Impressed everytime I hear you!”

“We should start a fan club for ya!”

“Mickey Strange, I never ever write people on the Internet because I don't think that they are necessarily deserving or quite simply put, worth it. But today I was surfing and stumbled onto your reverbnation site. I was taken back. So, I started listening to you on just about every site you are associated with. You are a monster Mickey Strange. Your songs, your quality, and your voice including additional backup voices, were so clear and perfectly blended. I have a love for the Av ante Gard and you exemplify all these qualities hands down.I don't know who you are or where you're from, but I am a big fan-follower of yours now.”

“Mickey your songs are incredible like your voice. I just love hearing your songs over and over.”

“I played your songs at my friends house at his party. People thought you were fantastic! You rocked it Mick”

“Man they love your music Mick!”

“Just to let you know, you're my fav Mickey Strange”

“Love hearing your voice everyday singing mickey!”

“Mickey Strange-everywhere I go someone brings up your name and how cool your songs are!”

“I was sitting in a dentist's office yesterday and this dude was playing his music. I could hear it through his headphones and it was one of your songs. I said hey is that Mickey Strange and he said yeh he listens to it all the time.”

“I just luvvv hearin your songs over and over Mickey!”

“Hi Mickey Strange! Congratulations, Your song Salome made the Top 100 N1M Charts:”

“Hey man you're a really good artist and without the rankings n that in itself is amazing. Keep it up M Strange”

“Mickey even more friends have come up to me letting me know how much they love your songs.”

“I ran your songs by some new friends at work they think your an amazing singer and author. big fans of you now Mickster!”

“Mickey I am blasting your music/songs at this party and people are coming up to me asking who the hell this is! DUDE They love it man!”

“More and More of my bff's just think you're the best!”

“I listen to your music at work and on the way home everyday.Thanks for some great songs Mick Big Fan”

“When someone asks me who is my favorite Gothic group, I just reply Mickey Strange, bar-none! Seriously Mickey you are a Gothic fav of a lot of people I talk with. Have a good one!”

“As I told you in the past Mick, My friends think you're better than Bauhaus!”

“Man that is something actually meeting them. But you have taken their sound to a modern day era.Mick your muz is so sic man and your voice just blows peoples minds. I will keep in touch and keep playing your muz for people.”

“Mick you are one alright dude you are the real deal man all my pals think you are awesome my Mick!”

“Hi there Mickey Strange I told my girlfriend about you and she loves your voice and your songs.”

“New club going crazy over Mickey Strange!”

“Kenny took my nephew to the park and started singing VooDoo. Then parents and tons of kids flocked around him. They loved Kenny and all he does is lip sync to you Mickey. Some lady came up to him and said, "Say I know Mickey Strange music, and you are an imposter! “Kenny just about crapped He told the lady that Mickey Strange lets him go out and perform on a small scale. She said, "Oh, well if you talk to Mickey tell him I love his music and that he is Hot!"”

“Man they love hearin wink of a lash played it for friends last night Rippin Man you are a legend to them Mick”

“While Kenny and Joey were in jail, my Dad and I went down there to pick them up. We could hear singing going on from the front desk. Kenny and Joey taught the other prisoners VooDoo song and you could hear them all really loud singing it. Kenny and Joey came out with big grins on their faces. They looked at us and said, "Hey we met so many cool people in there. They even love VooDoo and now know the words." Dad just looked at me and said, "Grab a gun quick and put me out of my misery." Mickey, you have two devout fans for life!”

“There Is 10 more dudes at work asking about you now Mick. You are like a breath of fresh air to all these people that like real music and not the fake ass dj shit.”

“Mick your music your songs and your voice is so far beyond what is out there today! Your production quality is superb man! You are making our day when we hear your songs.”

“Friends of mine play your songs all the time they say you have a really cool sound and they think your voice is incredible”

“Mickey my girlfriend is telling so many friends about you. She's gonna have to start you a fan club. Shes got you about 300 friends now Mickey”

“Mickey Strange is my friends favorite You are beyond this world man. How did Bieber make it??????? Help us all!”

“Kenny performed again at the Mall singing to your songs. He did very well. Some man came up and dropped a twenty into Kenny's jar with a note attached. The guy left in the note that he really enjoyed Kenny's songs and that he would like to listen to them if Kenny has them on the internet. The man left an email and Kenny said to him to check out Mickey Strange on the reverb website. Kenny actually revealed to someone that it actually wasn't him. He gets pretty honest when it comes to you Mickey. (of course he praises you) on the other hand, different situation with our Dad!”

“Dad said or me to tell you thanks for letting Kenny lip-sync to your songs.He said that it gets the little bastard out of the house! lol”

“I was at a house party on campus and upstairs they were playing music for everyone on the street and in the house. One of the songs they played was Wink of Lash by you cause I recognized it Mick too crazy man”

“Kenny gt underneath Dad's car to let the brake fluid out slowly. Not enough to hurt him but to make him scared. But it all backfired. Dad has a SUV and as Kenny is under it letting out the fluid Dad got in the car and took off out of the driveway. He didn't kill Kenny but it scared the shit out of him. Kenny is still laying there just looking up and wondering how it all happened. The weird thing is Dad didn't even notice Kenny laying under the car either. The funny thing too is, Dad was blasting VooDoo song on his CD Player so loud he didn't notice a thing.Dad really loves the song now and thanks Kenny for turning him on to Mickey Strange. What a way to start the day Mickey.”

“Joey came over tonight and picked up Dad and Kenny to go to a comedy club. The comedians were pretty funny and the three of them seemed to be having a good time. Kenny excused himself and went to the bathroom. Kenny was gone for quite sometime and Joey and Dad were enjoying the comedian.Then, while the man was going into a punchline, Kenny jumps on the stage naked and starts singing VooDoo! Dad and Joey stood up, and started singing it with him. All three idiots got kicked out together! Mickey, our father used to be very intelligent and very reserved! What has happened to Dad?”

“It's so true your music and voice have a unique sound that others will want to copy”

“Chris said for me to let you know that you have been getting some very unique comments.He said that it is great to see how so many people appreciate your talents.”

“Kenny was in a little hamburger place singing and entertaining. He sang along with VooDoo and then took a break. A lot of people clapped for him and walked up to put a dollar in his VooDoo Bucket. Then, while taking a little break, a guy around Kenny's age 24, walked up to him and said, "Here you go." He handed Kenny fifty bucks. Kenny said, "Listen man, I can't take that much. I appreciate it but this ain't even my song man. It's a guy named, " and then the guy said, Mickey Strange!" Kenny looked so surprised!. The guy said, "Man I'm also a fan of Mickey, and that's why I am handing you a fifty, cause you have an appreciation for excellent music man." He told Kenny to keep it and walked out. Kenny is blown away Mickey!”

“Mickey I am tripping out tonight. My girlfriend came over and told me about a new artist and played me your song. Gotta love it Your quite the popular one!”

“Mickey mom grew up listening to Bowie and she said you have the same attributes!”

“Wonderful music you do Mickey”

“My friend is listening to my iPod with your songs and said your songs are ahead of your time big thumbs up Mickey”

“Mickey, I went to Chris' house today to pick up some legal papers and he had a friend over that used to work for U2 and also helped Bob Geldof put "Live Aid together. We played him several Mickey Strange songs and he loved them.”

“Chris played Mickey Strange songs for two men who were internet distributors. They were very impressed. He is asking them to create a prospectus plan.”

“Rare occasion, Chris stopped by my Place with a CPA friend from Casablanca days. He wanted me to play your songs from my stereo system since it is State of The Art. He loved every song you have.”

“Mickey Strange | Facebook Cool Cool Mickey My friend told me you went offline or something. I luv yer tunes Mickey!”

“Whats up mick my little bro was in my car checkin out some of my songs I have on my iPod and when he heard you he went nuts! he said your voice was solid like a rock.”

“Your the best since Bowie! Luv your tunes and your kikazz voice”

“All my bff's love you! we play you at parties and your tunes always get their attention they love your songs and your music!”

“Mickey Honey we partied last night n every frien heard your White Barry White voice n these bitches melted they jus b luvv n yer ass honey”

“My buds were with me at lunch and went crazy over your music brotha!”

“Nothing but the best in the eyes of my friends man”

“Your music is so different and everyone I play you for likes it. But not one person can put their finger on the genre or compare your unique voice to. Mott the Hoople, T Rex, David Bowie had the same dilemma if that's what you would call a dilemma.sounds more like good news for originality to me Mick.”

“My two buddies said your music is incredible today they think your voice sounds great man”

“Whats been happenin Mickster i am still playing your shit everyday man you rock Bratha”

“Still you r the best out there!”

“Mickey my bff's are over and lovin yer tunes!”

“Man we are playin Mickey Strange tunes all the way back from Indiana trip and my cousin and brother are going nuts over your muz man!”

“Mickey, I was in the car playing your music from my ipod. I had 2 friends with me and we were on the way to work. The one friend said for us to shut up so he could listen to your song.I kinda freeaked, cause he never heard of you or heard your music ever. freeeeeeaked!”

“New facebook is cool Mick”

“Out of the Midwest emerges the Supernatural, the Sexy, the Bizarre, the Artist of the Avant-garde. New York City - DJ’s have added Mickey Strange to their roster for rotation by public requests. Hello, my name is Chris Schwartz, one of the founding investors of Casablanca Records, now owned by American Music. With overwhelming complimentary reviews in the most prestigious clubs we present to you the one and only! - Mickey Strange - Feel free to download the mp3 files and video from the widget for your critique and review. Thanks so much for your time and consideration.”

“My pleasure announcing the association of KING BASIL SCOUTING CO. with a great American Talent...MICKEY STRANGE...Carlo "King Basil" Basile”

“All my facebook friends are big fans of Mickey Strange! love your songs!”

“You are too good even my mom likes your music”

“They're talking about you at work and the gym I go to Some girl was playing one of your songs. Salome”

“Say there babe, I woke up today listening to Wink of a Lash n' I love that song! Sexy voice”

“Man they really dig your music Mick I am at work today n I hear one of my co-workers talking about this Mickey Strange so I listen really hard and it was you man they were talkin bout. Too wild man they said they loved your voice n the songs were out cold”

“Your vocals stay with me on all your songs Mickey”

“Woke up to your music and going to bed listening too”

“Mick I listen to music from the best of them including Bowie himself and man your music stacks up with them all if not better than most! Excellent Productions and Crisp! Your vocals are so unique and melodies you create are untouchable. Of the future you are”

“my room-mate asked me who I was listening to last night he said it was really cool music it was you mickey strange”

“Mick you still dominate with your intense musicalities Class of your own man!”

“Can u send me some links of sites you are on? Your tunes are really good”


“All of my friends are big fans of your songs Mick”

“Mickey you are awesome! Its worth the wait, no sweat.”

“No really Mick, hail to the wonder Mickey! luvvvvv your tunes so much”

“I'm with some friends house and they loved your music Mickey”

“your music is so pleasing and that voice of yours is superb”

“We are rockin our house to your music Right now. Surprised you can't hear it, lol luv it Mickey my fav white boy!”

“I have so many friends that dig your music Mick”

“Mick everybody keeps asking me for a copy of your cd music. You are like a star that people are just getting wind of.”

“Played your music for a group of friends and they went crazy over your voice and how excellent your production work is!”

“you are the coolest music artist out there. big big fan”

“I played Mickey Strange songs for my girlfriend today. She is from L.A. She loved you Mickey Strange! She is your newest biggest fan!”

“I used to listen to Bowie, Peter Murphy, Bauhaus, the Archives, no just kidding but Mick now your my truuuu favvvv”

“Mickey Strange I had my CD with me and they were playing all kinds of music at this big going away party for some guy I don't even know. So I go to the DJ man and said play this man. He said is there profanity on it? I told him just play it. He did and he played every song I had from you on there. The fuckin crowd loved your ass bro. The DJ wanted to keep my CD but I told him to check you out online and he said that's a fer sure.”

“At work Mickey and listening to you. I even have 3 co-workers listening and now they too are Big Fans. Keep rockin”

“How’s my favorite white boy doing? I am jamming our speaks at the house in the girls here are loving your voice n your tunes. I showed them your picture n video n you be getting some more loyal fans. luvvv it mickey”

“No! Thanks to you for your awesome voice and songs. I Can't believe how good every song of yours is. Big Fan”

“Have to be honest my friends just love you Mickey”

“Mick there is nothing out there that compares with you. Man your ahead of your time man.”

“I look forward to listening to your songs Lots of meaning when you sing and some of the clearest out there. usually these days you cant understand a thing they say. be good man”

“Mickey partyin to your songs tonight n my bffs love your low voice. they are sing n yer songs coooooool”

“Mick you have no idea. I play your music for tons of people and they FRY when they hear how cool your stuff is.”

“Mickey my friends and I voted you the best music out there!”

“I love hearing your deep voice honey. Plays ya everyday”

“Mick, I am drivin from state to state and playing you muzik! Keeps me going bro”

“Mick me and about a thousand others are big fans of you man”

“Mick thanks again for all the information you have sent to us. I wanted to tell you that I was at a party last night and they were playing one of your songs. Salomé People were walking around asking who that artist was. I asked them how they got it and they said the DJ has been playing it for over a year now! The DJ told me he loved all your stuff Mick.”

“my bff's heard your music today and went crazy over your songs and especially your voice. Luv it Mickey”

“I am wearing out my speakers just playing Mickey Strange music. FYI My neighbors love you too, My speakers are loud!”

“Ya know Mick I am chillin tonite and playing your songs while I'm doing things around the house. I gotta admit, you are one talent dude and your songs are produced to the clearest you can get. Some of the shit out there is wretched dude!”

“my girls stopped by to bs with me and I am playing your music. one of them commented hey who is that it's some cool shit! thats a bigggg one comin from them cause they are music critics Mick see ya Mick”

“Mick I played your songs for some friends and they went nuts over your music. They said your music was some of the best production work out there and was clear as shit! Bro they went nuts!”

“You have such a fantastic voice Mickey Happy Easter”

“Mick I played your songs for a bunch of friends and they couldn't believe it! They are into Bauhaus and flipped out when I put your tunes on!”

“Email sent to me... All about Mickey, from a DJ in NY who just heard about you and started playing Monsters in the club. He commented that it is going over so well, and he loves your sound and unique vocals! He gets requests all the time for the Beautiful Monsters Song!”

“LUV Hearing This Mickey Come whisk me away!”

“Hi ya Mick had a dream last night that you and Jagger were at a club and looking for something under the table. I walked up d asked you what you guys were looking for and you said to Keep it down, Jagger lost his top dentures. HAHAHAHAAHAHHA funny Mickey”

“I am just awe struck that you even replied back to me”

“Mick, there's nothing out there that I like as much as your music. It is beyond simple words man.”

“Mickey you are still Rockin at our house, Deport Justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Still in luv with your songs and deep voice!”

“Mickey I know so many people who enjoy your music. You are at the top on my list of favs”

“Just seeing how Mickey Strange is doing,”

“At the house just rocking the walls with some Mickey Strange songs today Rock On Bro”

“Mick checking out your tunes right now! Soundin good!”

“I played Monsters for my friends today and they went nuts. They liked the song so much and think your voice is the wow factor!”

“I am at this totally rockin party and I had them play your songs. People are freakin over your music Mickey”

“Mickey Strange is rock n the house tonite dj played all your music and they were lovin it!”

“Listening to the Mickster right now. Your music and voice are really unique man.”

“playin your jams while at work, cant let boss hear so I wear headphones. told her it was to keep all the background noise out. lol”

“played you jams for my friends today and they are floored by your songs they said your voice is so damn unique to”

“Hey man I had a bet with a friend that your voice is for real. he said no way but I know its real and not some computer cause I heard tons of your songs & that deep ass vocal aint no computer, right?”

“Mick I don't hear much from ya anymore but I listen to your muzik all the friggnnn time bro! Do what ya do brotha”

“Happy New Year Mick, luv your songs”

“I love Monsters song n play it all the time ta ta (stay in touch now honey)”

“Mickey baby I am jammin your muzik on my new Beats headphones and it sounds just amazing! I got my boyfriend to give them to me early before Christmas jus so I could hear you better n they be workin fa sho! Rock n out Mickey Honey Mickey your my fav white boy singer! i love your mysterious voice n sound”

“your voice and your outrageous songs are still my fav!”

“rockin Mickey Strange in the ride now. long trip and got the cruise control on and looping Mickey Strange”

“I am playing your Monsters song right now while I am cleaning my messed up house. I played it 20 xxxxxx just today and I still like hearing it. you jam Mick”

“I listen to your jams all the time Monsters is my favorite, Rox Mick”

“I was listening to your Monster song and bro it is a MONSTER TUNE for sure!”

“you have a wonderful voice and I just can't stop listening to your songs are you touring anytime soon? please your add me to your email list c u”

“u r grt Mick!”

“Mick I have been playin your tunes at our work place all day and all these assholes are comin up sayin who is this, they think it / you kickass bro have a good one my man”

“good but i am more impressed with your music hang tight Mick”

“Mick i was checking out your jams last night and it was rockin our walls real hard keep jammin as you do man!”

“Mickey Monsters is a frignnnn hit luvvvvvvvvvvvvv it! Mick your Monster tune is a monster & I just love that deeeeeeeeep voice you have! Your lips aren't as big as Jagger are they? (lol)”

“You're on air in this radio show in Germany, mate!!!”

“Kenny was at the store today & some little kids went up to him & asked if he was somebody. Kenny said he was Mickey Strange & then started singing you know what! People applauded him. It is amazing that sometimes it all works out in a positive way & then sometimes he goes to jail! LOL”

“Beautiful like the monster luv ya babe n monsters is a monster jam listn to it right now with my bff's”

“Mickey i luv Monsters 2 good****** My little nephew likes it too n hes only 12”

“GR8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Song Mick”

“Mickey Strange, still the best among the rest!”

“But Mickey (Man From Zero) Alive and well! Love Beautiful Monster song. Jam it on the way to and from work too.”

“The 2 DJ's that Chris got to play "Beautiful Monsters," are saying that people are coming up to them asking who the mystery artist is!!! Chris got another email from the DJ. He said that "Beautiful Monsters" is a great production. He was complimented by another Producer from a New York recording studio. He said if this is a local artist, I would like to know WHO & where did he record with this transparent quality. TOUCHE' Mickey & Rick! Excellent Work!”

“Mickey I love Beautiful Monsters”

“played your music for my buddy in his car yesterday & he said your songs were in his words, Incredible!”

“My girls and I were lovin Beautiful Monsters, anymore like that one coming out? Luvvv ya Mickey”

“I told you some time back that you are destined to go big, and you are. Your new song Beautiful Monsters is a winner Mick!”

“They Played Beautiful Monsters tonight & the DJ called me. He said over 800 people on the floor going crazy over the song. DJ also said that requests were happening all night long for it to be played again”

“Kenny & Dad went to see a Frank Sinatra impressionist at the local club. After about ten minutes, Kenny went up to the performer & asked if he could sit in with one song. The man graciously said OK & let Kenny get up on the stage. Kenny told his DJ to play Beautiful Monster. As soon as the music started people were looking at each other. Then Kenny yelled out, " I Wanna See Some People On This Dance Floor." They came up to the dance floor. Then Kenny jumped off the stage & onto the dance Floor! They were going nuts. These are people that watch Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin, not Mickey Strange, but Kenny got em' all dancing! FYI, Kenny had his Mickey clothes on too! After he finished people were coming up to him & asked him to do another one. The Frank Sinatra Impressionist loved him & asked him to come back next Friday! My Dad sat there with his mouth open!”

“Your music, your voice - You are the Salem Cat of Witchcraft! Kudos...Mickey Strange...Kudos ”

“Mickey, I ran our Beautiful Monster song by this really critical friend of mine & he says your vocal style & musical style are unfrickin' real! This guy is so judgmental too n' I didn't know what he'd say. u rock Mick”

“its me Jen-a-Fire I really like Beautiful Monsters I played it for my boyfriend & he went gonzo over it.”

“Mick I dont know what this means but my 18 year old son came home today from high school and said he let a whole bunch of his classmates hear Beautiful Monsters and all replies were totally positive.”

“Mickey, I got an email today from the DJ who played Monsters at the club. Well, it turns out that he plays "Beautiful Monsters" when he can because of political issues with the club. Believe it or not, all songs played at this club are paid for by advertisers or record companies, just like radio! However, he exclaimed in his email that another DJ from another venue has asked him for a copy & asked who the mystery artist was! ”

Chris & Steven A. Schwartz Attorney at Law - who the mystery artist was!

“Mickey your shit is straight up on point man! Great fuckin songs & killer fuckin voice!”

“I was at this party last night and heard them play your Salome song n Beautiful Monsters I don't know who's party but they played your muz man & I knew they must be a fan for sure”

“I have played your music at a couple bars & the people always ask who that artist is and your name.”

“I played Monsters for my friend an her mom heard it and made us play it about 10 times. She went crazy over your song. Luvs your deep low voice toooooo!!!!!!!! Her ex used to play in some band that dressed up in drag called the New York Dolls she said. I never heard of them but she said they went big in the punk days.”

“Gary took Beautiful Monsters to a Friend at Universal Records. The man liked it but said the company isn't picking up anyone right now or you would be flying out there right now. Everyone he played you for likes it. I don't know what I can do to help but Gary still has a connec or 2. We shall try Mick.”

“Monsters is a friginnn Monster kick ass tune man”

“Everyday my son or I play Beautiful Monsters for someone & their response is always of someone in awe! They not only like the song, but the whole production sound too. They say you have something that is so different than all the mainstreamers out there. I will continue to let people know about you Mick.”

“lovin that beautiful monsters”

“The Mickey Strange Experience feature is now live at Celebrity English! It will run from Oct. 22-29. I will continue promoting and posting the feature at different social media outlets this week. Mickey Strange’s vibrant sound is raging through the music world! Already well known in the alternative underground music scene, Mick’s blend of Goth, Electronica, Industrial and rock is trending heavy on the Internet. This vocal powerhouse out of Detroit is getting rave reviews from his fans, media, and DJ’s!”

“Mick I am playing your muz at this party right now & these people are fuckin going crazy! Beautiful Monsters is the one they keep asking me to play! You tunes rock bro!”

“Mickey I have a friend who used to work at Warner Bros & got laid off when they did cutbacks/restructuring. I played him your songs tonight. He just sat there, mute. I thought he didn't care for you. Then I sounded off, "Hey how did you like him?" He said that you are the closest vocalist to Bowie he has heard. But Still Different! He loves your singing style, musical style & said the production sound was 100% spot on! He said if he were a part of Warner & heard this back then he would have signed you immediately. He said Solame' knocked his socks off. He loved the production!!!!!!! He said that Wink of a Lash was as close to Bowie as you can get without comparisons. And once again incredible production work. Mickey, I don't know if any of this can do you any good but I thought I would share this with you. ”

“I love these artist graphics of you, but I love our singing more! lol Mickey forever!”

“A friend heard you for the first time today when I played your muz for him & he thinks your great bro!”

“OH Fuck! you are a mutha!!!!!! What a fuckin kikass fucking song! No Fuckin shit! this is un-fuckin-real! Beautiful Monsters Tour?”

“LUV the comments Mickey, but mines the best! U R GGGGGGGRRRRRRR88888888888888888!”

“Mickey I am jammin you loud at the office & now the other girls in the office are Mickey Strange fans!”

“interesting as it is but my uncle has been listening to your music for almost 8 years. he is a follower of marc bolan / t rex and says you are just as good. keep doing what you do man”

“Mickey u r my fav! Luv yr music! MAJOR!”

"REVIEWS THE DARK MAN FROM DETROIT SHEDS SOME LIGHT IN BRAZIL! I made a download of your tracks on http://talentlive.com/mickey_strange.htm and I played it on the air in our radio show. We received several thousand phone calls requesting the special edition of the show playing only your music. Do you have interest in announcing this project in Brazil? I wait for an answer. DJ. Markus Marques"

“Mickey you are a well hidden secret! luv the tunes, luv the cool voice you have 2.”

“He is over my house right now & we are listening to VooDoo & Taboo. Superb songs and fabulous artistic productions. However, we both happened to agree that The Beautiful Monsters is a HIT! Man, we listened to it over and over. Solid & I mean solid production from beginning to end. He says that CD Baby is offering worldwide distribution, cd distribution in stores, & will create a barcode for you & hook you up with BMI or ASCAP. Its about time the artist gets 91% and distribution gets 9%.We are very impressed with your work Mickey Strange.”

“Beautuful is Beautiful luv it ROX Mickey”

“My little vampire I am listening to your Monster song an its a monster hit! You go white boy Mickey!”

“Kenny was watching a baseball game with my Dad & then when the commercial came on they both looked at each other & sang, "Do The VooDoo YouDOO! He has now fully corrupted my father! P.S. They both really like Beautiful Monsters too! Where is my Dad!”

“You are the King of the Underground! The Pied Piper of the Gothic Enterprise! Who are you & where do you come from? I, along with my friends, are now Mickey Strange fans big time! I have seen just about every site you're on & I know all of your songs! "Taboo" is just incredible. I love Salome too! You are a true Mythical Warrior Poet! King of The Underground! I don't know if you care for Bowie or not, but he would be humbled by your vocal work & the brilliance of your songs! Please stay in touch! Now Mickey Strange fans forever! Let me know if you post anymore songs! ”

“Beautiful Monsters is a HIT!”

“Monsters has hit the mark! Chris emailed me today stating that he is playing it all day long! They're all coming out of the woodwork! (from one song Mickey!!!!!!) and an excellent one to boot! Chris loved the Go White Boy Mickey comment!”

“Mickey, Fantastic news! The DJ blasted the Monsters Song at the club & people loved it. He said he is getting requests as he was emailing this info to me. A recording engineer who works with Lady Gaga & Nine Inch Nails walked up to the DJ wanting to know the artist's name & asked where he recorded it! He said it was one of the cleanest, punchiest, mixes he has heard in a long time! Kudos to all!”

"You are like the tech freak of the digital underground!!!!!!!!! I heard you on the net & listened to it the other day that I blew my speakers out in my ride. Man, you are so out there. You remind me of Iggy Pop, Morrison & Bowie yet with a tech edge. Who are you man? I haven't heard anything this cool on the internet & I'm spreadin the word bro about you. You are the shit Man! "

“Everyone is spreading the word about you!”

“They're dancing to Monsters again today! I love this Mickey!”

“Everyone is asking for a new video! They want digital quality! There is soooo much there! Persona, Voice, Lyrics, and just simply great music! EPIC! Cheers! ”

“I listen to Beautiful Monsters everyday! Real cool song Mick!”

“No one has music as good as yours out there. Amazing lyrics! your shit is the best and most original out there Fuck Radio! Fuck Justin Bieber! ”

“Said it b4 man your shit is the best on the internet! ”

“Long time Mick Hey man, your music is still awesome quality & kickass music on the web. I mean that Mick! ”

“fantastic songs! I am impressed at how professional you sound & your artistry former a&r rep RCA”

“love your muzik & that insane voice. no one has such a vocal sound like you. too cool”

“You are still the best alternative artist out there bro!”

“Hey man I talked with a friend to let him know about you AND he said he already knew & his whole crew at work listen to your shit everyday.”

“A friend of mine sent me your link last night & said check this shit out / I told him I have already thats pretty cool eh”

“checkin your muzik again now & you rock brother”

“My brother worships you Strange!”

“Just got home from work & listenin to my favorite singer! I am hooked on listening to you. I love your sound! Luv your voice! Alley Grl ”

“Your songs are rippin bro. Only time for you Mick. ”

“my cuz emailed me to check you out. I told her that I already talk with you via email! Happppppy weekend! ”

“u r the light that shines on the souls of man did I say that? pretty deep huh Mick! your grl ”

“Deep voice & quite the looker, I think are some great attributes of yours Darlin! Hon I am listening to Monster right now & I really like it! Your voice is just the best! Is it really your natural or some studio crap? Cause if it's real you are my Big Time Fave!”

“You are on the verge of making it big in this industry! I am a big fan! ”

“We are honored for your considerate replies & Kenny is in great spirits knowing that his favorite artist, Mickey Strange,is writing him back Thank You from the bottom of our hearts. ”

“Mickey I'm lovin every song you have. Saw your video too & you are hot!!!!!!!!! Love your deep throat voice,LOL ”

“I have to let you know aside from Kenny craziness, I really love listening to your music. You have such an incredible voice! ”

“Been listenin to the Man From Zero all day. Luv it!”

“Mickey, you reign in the underground lair! ”

“Hey Man I am a Mickey fan. I'm not gay at all but you have a cool sound, gr8 voice & really cool production sound. A total recipe for a rising star. Good Luck to you bro”

“your music is some of the best on the internet fantastic quality & superb vocal clarity i check your sites out a lot just to hear your cool songs”

“You're goin Platinum for sure Mick”

“You of all the musicians out there deserve this Mick cause I have been watchin you grow as an artist & your muz is some of the best out there. Big time Good Luck to you Mickey Strange ”

“Monsters is a Monster song & I love it Mickey! Yeah!”

“A new DJ @ the same club that we have taken your music to, had never heard you nor heard of you. He found your music on the computer roster & your name alone intrigued him to further investigate. He played one of your songs & called the staff DJ & asked him who this artist was. He went as far as asking if he could personally check out every song by this Mickey Strange artist & put several of the picks on tomorrow nights roster! He told the staff DJ that after listening to all your songs... he was Spellbound! ”

“Don't forget me Mick You know your my fav always! ”

“Holy Shit! You fuckin did it! I'll be your bodyguard & work super cheap. I knew you could do it! Fuck KidRock an his little gay friend Justin Fuckin Bieber! ”

“As soon as I heard you I knew that your voice & your songs were so different that you were gonna do something in the industry. This proves I was right. Good Luck Man”

“340 million Google website hits! Check him out! EPIC SINGER! Mickey Strange! MUSIC MOVING THE MASSES!”

“You are my fav x factor, the voice, american idol is such garbage ”

“Listened to your songs over the holidays. Love em' all! What a cool deep voice you've got, said the big bad wolf, LOL. ”

“My brother lives in Canada & says that you would be a smash in the clubs over there. The clubs over there have capacity crowds of 3-5,000 in a club. Keep doin what you do Mick. ”

“I wish you the best of luck man. Your music & productions are rivaling the best of them. ”

“Alright love be good and keep sending me those awesome awesome songs”

“Went to a helluva party last night for a friend who just graduated from college. Took my Mickey Strange songs & played em'. You were a total hit with everybody! They kept requesting I play your songs & not some of the big radio groups! U Go Bro! ”

“Quite Honestly, I listen to underground, grunge, techno, hip hop, & hard rock & dude you are a combo between all. You have found the answer to most musicians dreams & that is to be all wrapped in one! Congrats to you, c u in the Big Time! ”

“I went to my parents house tonight & my brother was standing in front of their hall mirror imitating you while playing your music. Kinda weird, but he is harmless. He has nothing else to do since his suspension for the alleged taly wacker incident. HAAAAAAAAAA Luv ya Mickey, ”

“I luv yer pics & yer voice is awesome! ”

“All your new pictures are really so cool Mickey! All my friends love your muz! ”

“went to some crazy ass rave kinda party tonite an they asked if we could play some of our muz an i pulled out your cd an they fuckin loved it played 3 of yours ”

“Are you in New York? I was in a club last week & heard you. I thought maybe the DJ knew of you or something? ”

“All your songs are very deep. Do you maintain your seriousness in your personal life too? ”

“Mickey I have listened to your songs all day today I just love your penetrating voice. ”

“don't forget me for your new Mickey songs in the future OK? Thanks ”

Haley - in the future OK?

“Your portraits are wonderful...you look awesome. Let me know if you will be performing in Colorado any time!! Would love to hear you play and sing. xoxo ”

“Everyone of my friends thinks your songs are awesome. Your music is so friggin different than the BS out there now. Lady Gaga, goo goo, gaga, fuck her!”

“I don't think you will have one song that will make big but more than just one of your songs will be a radio hit. just my opinion Mick. ”

“I play your songs & just am immersed into a trance when I hear them. I love your voice!”

“You are going to the top Mickey & I will buy your CD & never download for free just to help you keep going dude. ”

“I love your new photos & graphics. I listen to you all the time! ”

“We keep playing your site. Have a great holiday & take care of that voice, ya hear? ”

“you are kikazz man all your songs rule dude!”

“You are big talk on the net. Tons of people I talk to really like your music Mickey.”

“I am lovin Monsters & can't stop working out to it while on rotation. I lost 5 pounds this week because of Monsters I love you! ”

Dar - I love you!

“Your songs don't all sound the same & have brilliant concepts. Love your music Mickey Strange xoxoxoxoxoxoxo ur cute too ”

“Its all internet bro an u wont believe how many followers r checkin u out keep doin what u do bro / brilliant songs ”

“I have hit that site quite a few times myself. I think your songs -music are really something because they aren't the commercial crap you hear on radio. Also, I can hear your music at clubs,strip bars, etc. This music is awesome! Everyone of your songs has a unique sound & with all do respect, a commercial feel too! BTW you send some of the weirdest friggnnn pics that I have ever seen. Reeallll Strange, but thats why the name right? Ha Ha lol See u in the solar-sphere Mickey ”

“Hey one of my friends comes up to me today to give me this site for Mickey Strange, I laghed my ass off. U r getin quite popular dude!”

“Hey man I am so pullin for you. So glad you got this contract. You deserve a big money contract from them cause your shit is the kinda muzic that drives it home in a cool way man. I listen to your stuff almost everyday man. Take it cool Mickster! ”

“Hey Mick I talked with a friend who sent your link to a radio DJ & he about flipped. He said you were great! The only thing is his hands are tied & the program director assigns all plays otherwise he would be playing you all the time, everyday. I have been listening to your songs quite frequently & everyone of them have a uniqueness to them. Undeniably Mickey, you reign in your forest among other alternative/goth artists! Keep up the great art! ”

“I talked to my older brother who lives in upper Vermont. He took songs of yours to a big club where his friend works at. You went over with a bang. People requested you over & over. If you want me to be your manager, we will have to discuss the money first cause I'm currently unemployed.”

“Mickey baby, I be lovin that new song of yours Beautiful Monsters. The title reminds me of my ex. He was a little prick, but I slapped his bitch ass around & he done ran off. So I 'll pick me up another little bitch in the bar. I wants you but you be tooooo expensive fa sho! LOLLLLL”

“Matter of time Mick you are the real deal!”

“Everyday someone writes me how much they like your music & they love the sound of your vocals. You are an underground sensation as far as I am concerned! ”

“I showed my girlfriends your site today & they like your look and they love your music so much they blasted it from a computer at work and really got yelled at by the boss man. lol I thought it was funny. We luv your voice Mickey! One of the girls said its Rich & Deep. LOL”

“your music is like no other i have heard i think you are going big time soon Mickey Strange! my last 2 weeks is my fav slow one ”

“Mick I heard the record company news and just wanted to say congrats. People in the "D" are talkin you up dude! Man I remember seeing you at the Token and I knew then that you were gonna do something. You had this aura bout you back then and your voice had a real distinctive sound. Wish you good fortune Mick ”

“This DJ knows somebody who does some sort of A&R work & that guy thought you were the shit! He is takin it to his boss. Radio 4 u Mick! ”

“Tons of people I meet already know & listen to you I luv all your songs. That Beautiful Monsters is a Monster Song!”

“I told my sister about you & she lives in Vermont & she said she has been listening to your songs religiously for almost a year! Small world Mick! ”

“Your voice is great & your music is really cool! I am super impressed with your music Mickey!”

“Mick, me and all my friends are really pullin for ya bro. Your muz is awesome and you deserve to be out there. BTW my brother Barry has been followin you for 2 years now and thats how I found out about you. Record contract or not your muz is outstanding and I am and so is Barry, recruiting more and more fans for you. ”



“I have all your songs downloaded on my i-pod. I played them for my new girlfriend & now she's a Strange fan too! U Rule Man!”

“I talked with a friend of mine from high school about different music that we listen to today,( 5 years later) One of the artists he said he listens to quite often, Mickey Strange! How bout that shit man! ”

“I was playin my ipod at this restaurant last night & the server heard the music & asked if the song was Mickey Strange. I was shocked. I was playing Beautiful Monsters when asked. I told him why yes & he replied that he loves Mickeys music. Of all things”

“I was checking out some of your work, awesome stuff. I just finished watching I See Your Eyes Everywhere on YouTube, and I listened to the emailed tunes. Fascinating who were your musical inspirations as a kid? ”

“Mickey, I see fame in your life & I also see wealth coming into your life. I believe in you & your music. Your songs will cast a cloud of humungous proportion on the ears of those that have been deafened by mediocrity (radio) & a miracle will happen when the deaf are awakened by your voice. Your Psychic Friend, (who loves your music) I forsee many record deals for you, & not scams either. ”

“My parents came over to my apt. this evening for a litle dinner I cooked up. I was playing your tracks from my computer. My Dad asked me who this was. So, I played all your songs for them. I called them tonight & heard your music being played & it was them liistening to you at their home. Wow! I couldn't believe it! I mean they are really cool & only in their 40's, but I mean they were a little obsessed listening to you! Ha ha ha, I am totally blown away!”

“I not only like all your songs but I think they could be big hits. Do you know that I think Mickey Strange is actually ahead of his time! Your songs are not mainstream Justin Bieber crap & maybe that's why people have to catch up to you. Just a thought? Love your voice Mick ”

“I just heard your music & I think you are gr8! r u touring or going to be releasing your cd in stores? can I buy it online? u r incredible Mickey ”

“Now my brother is dressin like you in your video & has cut his hair so he looks more like you. You are Mickey Strange and this is just plain strange! ”

“I am still blown away by your music. Your voice & lyrics are like an illusion of mystery. You are in my top 5 of all time favs! Brilliant! ”

“You are so surreal & yet so down to earth.”

“OMG! You did it! I love You!!!!! Take me with you so I can get away from my rat-race I live in! Pleez ”

“I'm in class & one of my best students looks like she is hiding something during a test. I snuck up behind her & she was totally surprised to say the least. I asked her what she was doing. Well to my surprise & everyone else's, she was doodling on a picture of, "Mickey Strange." I asked her why & she said she loved the music & thought this new underground sensation named Mickey, was going to be big soon & wanted to have tons of his pictures. What is happening here Mickey? Strange, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

“Super cool interview Mickey Strange. And your intelligent too! Different from most of the illiterate singers out there today. ”

“We are getting you all over the web dude! ”

“your going to be a sensation, wait till people see & hear you. i luvvvv the new artwork ”

“Both liquid and diaphanous..don't blow away!”

“There are very few male singers that I like. You & Bowie are it for me.”

“Hey, I would really like to see u in concert. Let me know when u will be performing around Detroit or around the D. I would really like to see one of my fav people in my life perform.”

“luv ur pic! sexy”

“Hey man I caught both of my daughters listening to your music. One is 22 & the other 19. I liked the songs & asked them who they were listening to. I couldn't believe it Mickey, but I was in the audience the night you played at the State Theatre. You really can't see me in the video but I was up in the front. You did some crazy stage dive at the end & we all wanted to hear more. The sound of your music now is exceptional! Way way better than even back then & I thought that was cool. Good Luck to you Mick! ”

“Oh yes, I love your pictures Mick! ”

“My brother and I are so Happy For you Mick! He wants to know if you will need any help & I am very good with seamstress work. I wouldn't mind dressin you for your shows! LOL LUV YA, ”

“Your hot!”

“Your voice is so different that I can sometimes hear you in my sleep! What cool songs you write Mickey, love em' ”

“Do what you do cause man it will pay off 4 you. Cool songs Mick! ”

“I've had over 50 people tell me thanks for turning them on to your music. You are awesome my man! ”

“I hear your music & how fantastic it sounds & then I turn on the radio & hear Justin Beiber & I just want to fuckin PUKE! ”

“These kids never cease to amaze me. The same boy that was in my classroom blasting your music came back Friday with a CD Master addressed to me. It was all Mickey Strange songs. He said your music would loosen me up a bit. I loved the fact that he presented me with your songs as a gift, but I was insulted at the same time by the loosen me up part! ( the little bastard ) LOL!”

“Man your music rocks like no one else out there! If you had national Beiber exposure you'd be a Mega Star! ”

“I love this one Mickey playing it now as I'm eating a banana, hahahah”

“Your songs and your voice capture the metaphysical energies of the brain! How do you do it Mickey! Hooked on Mickey Strange!”

“gr8 stuff there Mick I listened to all of your songs & am extremely impressed! ”

“You are an awesome singer & I know your gonna be a big star ”

“My girlfriends have started a Mickey Strange fan club in our town. I will follow up with more inter connectivity on the internet soon. We luv your music Mickey! ”

“My dad likes your music and played it for his new group. He used to play bass guitar for a national group. “Teenage Head” Well the feelings mutual cause he really likes your voice & your music. He said you are a great writer too! Cool Mick, I'll tell him what you said. ”

“u r my idol i luv ur voice Mickey”

“You are & will leave a great legacy to this world because YOU & your talent has been chosen. with grace & good breaths-”

“Hey your royal hotness.. I hope all is well and going great and your in good health and spirits.. Love u Always your craziest fan ever.. XXXO ”

“Mick, I have listened to all of your songs & must say that you are the most innovative rock/goth artist on the scene today. You have my vote Mick so now Run For President! ”

“u r awesome man! keep on rockin those cool tunes dude!”

“Everyone I refer to your site gets back to me with a huge Thank You! They love your tunes Mickey! ”

“I sub as a high school teacher & thought I'd tell you that one of my students came into class with his music blasting so loud through his ear phones. I told him to turn it off & he asked me if he could just listen to the end of the song. I laughed & said sure. I asked what are you listening to & he told me this cool dude from outer space named Mickey Strange. LOL I almost crapped right there!”

“Hey brotha, new tunes a hit”

“Real cool muz mickey do you tour? Every song has clarity to perfection. your diction is very understandable. i think you are a Super Great Singer in the making and in time have a chance of being a household name. Good Luck to you Mickey Strange ”

“I play your songs for everyone I know & they say only the best things about your music. You have the coolest voice too! I'll stay in touch! ”

“After the assessment of your song and your information's, we are glad to inform you that Ash International Records has decided to sign one year recording contract with you and also the promotion of your songs. So we will like you to give us your terms and conditions. Also your requirements to work with us, if it is acceptable by our management then we can proceed. We look forward to hear from you ASAP. Regards, Michael Johnson Ash International Records A&R Department ”

“WOW! I am so impressed you would let me in on this! Thanks so Mickey ”

“Oh shit! Do you need a driver? I want to get outta this 9 2 5 You fuckin rock Mickey! Good Luck to ya even if you won't hire me 2 drive ya around. ”

“I've been listening to your music the past month & I must tell you that you are phenomenal. Your voice is amazing & those lyrics you come up with are not from this earth! Luv ya Mick ”

“I listen to music day in & day out & you have been my fav for over a year now! Your voice is soooo cool! Screw American Idol & X Factor crap!!!!!!!!!!! FYI I think your HOT TOO! I luv your pics ”

“Your tunes are a complete turn-on! Love Ya Mickey! ”

“Dude yer songs r the shit! U rock Bro ”

“your music means a lot, says alot & displays incredible musical artistry. ”

“Mickey where r u? Someone told me about a new song? Where can I hear it?”

“See that, your music is noted by all and age doesn't matter! :-) ttys and send the vibe. ”

“I am a true music lover an your songs are a complete turn on for all music lovers! Not one bad song ever from Mickey Strange! I send em' to your site all the time Mickey! ”

“I love this!! video I love your voice!”

“I have sent an email to my sis in North Carolina to listen to your music & she is already a fan of yours for at least a year now. ”

“Your music is just great & I really can't tell you how good it makes me feel knowing that this singer is actually taking the time to email me back. WOW thanks so much from the bottom of my heart. I wish you the best. ”

“Man I have been listening to you for the past month & i gota tell ya that you are a super talent. your in your own category man. Dive is kickass Enlightened is a mind-bender oh & VooDoo is you man! VooDoo is so kick ass I'm not gonna comment on it cause the song is that Damn Good! Keep Rockin it out Mickey Strange! ”

“Kenny is afraid you will forget him after your record deal. I told him that it would be in Mickey's best interest to forget his dumb ass. LOL Listen to this Kenny went to some karaoke place and had them play VooDoo & he sang along. The Dj came up to him to give the cd back to him and asked if he could make a copy and asked who it was. The DJ loved it Mick & my brother kept his cool and his pants on for once. ”

“I am sitting at my desk minding my own business when my Supervisor comes in & she asks who the artist is that she heard from my ipod. I replied a new artist named Mickey Strange. Well, then she asked me for a favor & that was to burn her a cd of your music. I did, & now I am in good with her. I can't thank you enough for what your music has done for me personally & what it has done for me financially! LOL ”

“Its the truth Mick. I can't stand the local radio crap. Your music is pure & vocals are intense with a cool melodic structure. You keep doin what you do Mickey. ”

“I have so many girlfriends that love your music. Is your voice really that deep? It's really sexy! Don't worry, I'm 29 years of age, Ha Ha Ha. ”

“I can't stop listening to you Mickey Strange. You are like the Pied Piper of the alternative/techno underground. You have such a unique vocal sound. Will you be doing any concerts over the holidays because we would love to come see you perform? If not, have a great holiday Mickey ”

“Mickey, I am sitting in the back of a bar just listening to music when my girl says we have to go. So I go out to her car & 4 of us girls get in.10 minutes into our crazy ride the car breaks down, you're kiddin me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So a car with 2 dudes pulls up & we get in to their car. OMG, the first thing I hear is their loudass radio & their dumbass heads goin back & forth like that commercial with the guinea pigs! LOL BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were playing your music! The first song I heard was Dive. Then it went into VooDoo & then Solame. I asked them where they got your music? They said this is a new artist thats all over the net. They went on & on about how they discovered this new sensation called Mickey Strnage. I'm still blown away Mickey! Still Trippin ”

“Hangin out with some friends tonight & playing your jam Beautiful Monsters. We can't stop playing it! Sheer genius! Your voice is a one-of-a-kind bro!”

“You are in a power class of musical categories all on your own! luv your songs & your voice! Your recordings! are so clear! ”

“I am so thankful to you. I have made a personal CD of your songs & listen to it religiously. You are so good & I am one of your biggest fans! ”

“I wanted you to know your voice is really amazing. I hear many voices of others in yours...of famous singers. There is no style...you are you...you will be known as yourself. ”

“I listen to your jams daily! U Rule Dude!”

“hey mick my computer took a dump just b4 the holidays an so i thought i lost everything. this dude has helped me retrieve my data an so im back on track. how u been doing since ive been gone? any new songs man? i listen to your music every day an people i play u 4 are blown away how much yer music sounds like better than almost all these big artists on the radio. keep doin what u do bro! if u ever need a manager assistant or somethin holla back bro ”

“Don't forget Mickey, I am with you all the way baby! I tell everyone about you and they say your songs are kickass! ”

“your going to be really big soon & I hope you won't forget me. I'm not just an email buddy. I listen to your music religiously & love your voice. ”

“Mickey Strange is the best lyrical troubadour of the techno underground!”

“Mickey I listen to you all the time & feel like I know you now. Your voice is hypnotizing! Love all your songs. There isn't one that I don't like!”

“Mickey I hope you had a good holiday. My friend gave me a call tonight & remarked how much he liked your music. He said that the response he has been getting is 100% positive.”

“Your music has not only influenced my life, but the lives of some of my friends. Two of my girlfriends say that they wake up & listen to you for inspiration & motivation. Thanks Mickey Strange! ”

“I heard from a friend of mine about Beautiful Monsters. That song is fuckin kick fuckin ass!”

“My DJ at the club I work at played one of your songs & some girl asked who it was & asked if she could purchase it! Way Cool ”

“I have heard all your songs & much respect to you man, they are great songs Mick ”

“Mickey I have played your music for my ex & she loved it. Her uncle is some big wig dude at a radio station. She thinks he'll play it. I will keep ya posted. Have a cool New Year man! ”

“Hows it goin? I google'd your name & whoaaaaaaa! I'm glad you are doing well. We are all listening to you & love your sweet songs Mickey. ”

“Mick, my old man is playin your music for his friends & they love your stuff. Even the slow song! Man have times changed when the parents like the same music as the parents! LOL & I'm 23 years old man! ”

“Mickey Baby I played your songs for my new beau and he worships you. He says your voice is so cool sounded that he thinks you should be do some major radio,touring,& TV. I know now why I like this guy. ”

“My sister lives in Maryland & is a Mick Fan! Too Nuts man! She is 26 years old & I am 28. I never knew she liked your muz either. FREAKY!!!!!!!!!!”

“My sister lives in West Virginia & became a huge fan of yours when she heard you on the net a year ago. Since then she gave a copy of your music to her friend & she loved it good enough to pass it on to her husband to listen to. He used to be the road manager for Iggy back in the 80's. No Shit Man! ”

“I recruited you about 50 more fans. My brother works at a gym & the boss lets him play whatever he wants. We put your songs to the test & just played Mickey Strange music all day & everyone in there commented how cool the music was today! This was real cool Mickey! ”

“Let me know about new songs ”

Haley - Let me know

“I c gr8 things for you soon! ”

“You Rock Mickey! Great Songs! Your downloads Rock! ”

“Mick but I really like your new music.”

“Mickey the truth is that I have scoured through the internet searching for real music that is ahead lf it's time & you're my #1. ”

“I really like the songs you have listed on your sites. That stuff is awesome. Hey I thought I'd share this with you. I was playin your music on my computer & my dad walked in. He saw your pic & only heard a short piece of your music. (Solame) He spouted off, What are you doin' listening to that satanic shit. This weirdo had no idea what the song was about until I read the lyrics to him. He just stood there with his mouth open. Then he sat down & listened to the song about 4x. THen he gets really apologetic with me. Mickey, get this He now likes the song & I made a CD for him so he could play it in his car on the way to work. A classic case of judgin the book by the cover. LOL What a Freak! ”

“Mick I listened to your songs all day at work yesterday & I have to hand it to you for originality & creativeness! Have a great holiday man. ”

“Very rare is it that I hear some really good talent on the internet & actually write them to tell them how inspiring their music is. Well, this is the time. I heard your music, your voice, & your awe inspiring productions & fell in love with the artist Mickey Strange. Hopefully this message will get to that artist so he will know how some people, such as myself, appreciate his wealth of songs & talent. ”

“Mickey Mickey Mickey waz up! I heard from a BFF that you have a new song Beautiful Monsters. I heard it & lovvvvv it. How come you didn't let me know? Even so, I still love your voice & songs.”

“Mick your talent depicts you as an undiscovered artist who reigns in the underground music world of today! Do what you do brother because your skills shine on brother! A true fan, ”

“Christmas Gift for you! I looked into my crystal ball (its the only way I can explain it) Your career will be going into light-speed mode soon. Remember me when I see you live OK? ”

“Your music is astonshing & going to rapidly change the way mainstream music currently is! You keep rockin' into the New Year Mickey Strange! ”

“Mick you are one cool dude! Thanks for the downloads & keep me on your email list. I think now my girl is gonna get jealous cause I'm actually talkin to you & she isn't. Ha Keep writing those hits man & have a cool Christmas I'm listenin to your songs as we speak & I'm tellin you that I really think your songs are Rockin' man. You keep doin what you do cause you are real good Mick. Have a great holiday Mick! ”

“Hey man you don't know me or nuthin but I had a bit of a problem with my girlfriend. Dude this is it - I come home from work every night & my girl is listening to Mickey Strange. I go pickup our little boy from school & come home & she is listening to this Mickey Strange shit! I really never listened to you because I was upset that she was always playin the same songs & I was just fuckin irritated with the whole situation. Then she shows me you picture & your a pretty good lookin motherfucker & now I'm really fucking pissed. But then I sat back & jus checked your music out & really listened to your words & what the fuck you were saying & then I get hooked on your shit. So like a fuckin soap opera or somethin now I have become a fan of your music. I'll just tell my girl that your a gay motherfucker so she won't dream about your ass OK? That's between you an me dude. Mickey Strange I am sorry for judgin you & jus wanted you to know that I think your fuckin songs ROCK! ”

“my boyfriend listens to you as much as I do. He says your songs are awesome Mickey. ”

“Since the elevator incident, I can hear Kenny in the basement practicing all day & night to "Beautiful Monsters." He loves that song so much! My Dad wants to get him outta here!”

“i usually don't write people but! mickey strange is probably one of the most exciting new artists i have come across on the internet in a long time. let him know that i love his voice and his songs are just too cool. i can't get over how all of his songs are so different yet his voice keeps that cohesiveness. i am 24 years old & let him know that my girlfriends like him just as i do. thanks ”

“There is no stopping you Mickey. Everyone I tell about your site loves your jams! ”

“Time does make a difference. your music i heard on reverbnation rocks mick. i mean it really rocks! best i have ever heard you do! merry holidays bro! ”

“Hey Mick, I told my buddy Dave to check your page out with your music. He never did because he saw you & your band at the Token a few years back & said he really didn't think the band was that good. But listen to this shit man, he calls me on the phone to tell me he finally heard your new music on revernation. He fuckin shit his pants! He goes What The Fuck!!!! This can't be the same dude! I told him that this is your new direction & that why I wanted the fucker to check you out a long time ago. This mother is fuckin shocked. You have a new fan for life. Dave is downloading every fuckin Mickey Strange piece off the internet man! fuckin hilarious have a good Christmas man! ”

“My brother who is 18 years old, is now a big Mickey fan too. Love it Mickey ”

“Someone told me last night you have a new song. I liked it a lot. Can you send me a link to it. THX”

“I hope Arista views & works with you soon. If there is an artist that we all need right now- it's you, IT'S YOU. prayers to and for and requested- xo ”

“You have the coolest voice. When I played your songs for my friends they love them. So passionate Mickey! ”

“My 2 girlfriends are 22 & 24 years old. They both love your voice & really think you're cute! ”

“Your voice is so unique & your style of singing is incomparable to any. I am a fan of your music! Love It! ”

“Mick I mailed your link fro the studio site to about 20 friends & every single one replied back with a huge thumbs up! Keep rockin bro. Man,I really like The Man From Zero Such a cool concept. Mind if I tell my girlfriend that I am the Man From Zero & I need her to adjust my #'s. LOL Man! ”

“I play your music at work & even my co-workers like all your songs.”

“Mickey I just heard your new one beautiful monsters from someone else. Can you let me know when you have a new one? THANKSSSS”

“Your songs trigger all senses of the brain & then some!”

“Man I played you for some friends at a huge party & they love your songs too. Your voice is awesome, I hope it is real & not some Kayne Bullshit! LOL! rock on brother! ”

“i am so geeked that you even email me back! i love all your songs and when the new one comes out please please please send it to me. my sister is 25 years old a little older than me and she thinks your really hot. Bye ”

“Mickey plz dont forget about me. I am your #1 fan.”

“Skeptics will hold you back from your goal. Drop the skeptics & forge on. My intuitions reveal to me that you are becoming one with yourself, & when you attain that, the world is at your door. Love your music, & so do my friends. Go with God! (he is within) ”

“Mick your muz is some of the finest out there today man!”

“I am only writing to you because your songs are so kick ass & your voice sounds fuckin great man. You have a good one bro! ”

“I have been known by friends to for-see things & understand things that are beyond our human comprehension. I see something very genuine coming into your life & it will be a power bigger than you had even expected. I am honored that you would even write back to me. I really admire your music & your vocal sensitivity. Your deep voice is so overwhelming. ”

“I like your artist Mickey Strange. His persona is the perfect image for tech pop industrial. He has not only a good look going on, but his music & his voice accentuate the look. I have sent your link to many people & have all had the same positive response. They think your awesome man. Fred Lots of luck to your artist. ”

“I listen to your songs on a regular basis & hypothetically speaking, I think you have reached your goal. (the true meaning of life) You are a very intuitive artist who has expanded all horizons of life. I compliment & commend you Mickey Strange. BRAVO! ”

“You’re still my fav listenin to ya right now”

“I love your music!”

“I don't know you or have ever heard of you until today! I was browsing the net & heard you on reverbnation & another site & was amazed how good your songs were. I have to tell you, that your quality of sound production is probably the best stuff I have heard on the net in quite some time. Your voice kicks ass man! Great music & production Mick. ”

“Mick, I play your music for my friends & they think it is kick ass! ”

“Hey Hey Mick this is John, long time I was playin you off my ipod at work & the boss man comes up & checks it out. He asked who the music man was & I told him to check you out. He comes back the next day, taps me on the shoulder & says he likes your music a lot & gave me a 15 cent per hour raise. You are the shit man ”

“Mickey I saw your live video! Man, I never saw that video ever. You are awesome man. The song is a really cool song. The fans were really getting into it man.You are real good Mick!”

“Mick your in a category of your own. Your music is beyond all the top 40 crap on radio. Have a Great Mickey Holiday Bro! ”

“I played it for my brother & his friend and they said it was a hit song Mickey.”

“I listened to your songs & find your voice & your songs to be just incredible! Where you been hiding? ”

“Thanks Man! Your songs are on the top of my list! They are the shit!!!! I listen to them & play them for tons of friends who always ask Who Is THis? They really like your music man! ”

“Mickey, your voice is so different & I just love your energy in your songs so much! My boyfriend is getting jealous because I play your music all the time! LOL! ”

“I luv hearin your low voice & your songs are just the best. ”

“No Shit!!! I'm talkin' with Mickey himself? Too cool dude! u r the shit! Your songs are fuckin great! No other way to say it! Happy Fuckin Holidays Mick! ”

“I wil help Mick the songs a friggin hit man”

“Thanks to you Mick U should be on every radio station in the whole country as far as I'm concerned. Keep doing' what you do man! ”

“They said Mickey Strange music is in a category of its own & should be all over the internet to let people know how good your songs are. He also told me that your voice is deep with Intensity. Your music is really really good Mickey! Beautiful Monsters lives!”

“I love listening to all your songs Mick your my fav ”

“Listen, I don't know who I am emailing right now but I hope this gets to the artist Mickey Strange. My brother told me to check you out on the internet. He raved about how good you were. I am a big fan of Bauhaus & Mark Bolan & Morrison. My bro knows this & still told me to check you out anyway. I was very hesitant to even listen to you man. But after I heard your songs (everyone of them) I have come to my own conclusion that you are ranked right there with my favs. Your music is so tempermental as your vocal passages. I am super impressed Mr. Mickey Strange. I really hope this letter gets to you to read because I am going to be listening to your shit from now on! ”

“Let me move in with you, I'm a good cook ”

“When I listen to your music I just go into a trance-like state and just absorb it. Your voice draws me into the music & I can't stop listening to it! ”

“Hi I am a fan. You are more creative & talented than Kid Rock, Emenem and Seger all put together!!!! Do you have a band. I would quit Glitter Trash to be in your band. Jeremy ( guitarist )”

“You should be on the radio man! With your caliber of talent & clean song production, what is wrong with music today? Too much American Crap Idol! ”

“Mickey Strange is King of the Alternative Underground Just listen to how good your music sounds & then listen to the crap on the friggin radio ”

“My emotions are running high & low & I listen to your music for total inspiration. I think you sing your songs with a passion most don't have today! And I'm only 24 years of age”

“Not only are you a great sing/writer but you have a damn good sense of humor too. I like that bro.”

“Your Panic In Detroit Rocks!!!!!!!!! I am a 100% fan! I like this version better then Bowie, & he is my idol. U Rock Man!”

“I just love all your songs Mickey Strange. ”

“I got a report on my latest email from some media company that you may be touring with Bowie? Is this true & when will tickets go on sale? ”

“Your still my knight in shining armor. I'll be waiting 4 u 2 take me away, Mickey. ”

“Hey man, good luck to you. you deserve it way more than Bieber or Gaga. They are the representation of a musically downed market. ”

Ryan - musically downed market.

“OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I go to a psychologist once a month for a little one on one therapy. Wait till you hear this... I told her that I listen to this artist named Mickey Strange for lyrical & musical therapy. She not only knew who you were, but also has every song you have done on her ipod! She said she is a Big Fan of yours! Too twilight-zone for me Mickey. I had a couple drinks tonight so don't mind my ramblin' Luvv you ”


“You are in a category of musical styles no one has heard or will ever! You are the light brother, Shine On Man! ”

“Mick, I was listening to your songs on the way to work today & felt that I had to email you to let you know that your material is really really good! Nice quality & excellent productions on every single song! Big Time Winner from my perspective! ”

“Mickey let me just say that plz keep me in mind when you accept the Grammy! Beautiful Monsters ROX BRO! hey keep in touch, WTF!”

“I am so hooked on your music Mickey Strange!”

“I play your music everyday & you know what? I love it! Luv Ya!!! ”

“Mickey Strange, my sis came over 2 days ago & I went with her for a ride to the store. This blew my mind man, she was playing your music in her car & said she loves it! Unreal Mick! ”

“A new DJ got a hold of your CD at a NY Club I have recently frequented. I got an email from the DJ the following day. He exclaimed that every single song was undeniably excellent. He was so impressed that he is going to take it to a friend of his who works at EMI. Great Club Review”

“I actually dreamed a dream about Beautiful Monsters, am I weird or what?”

“Hey there Mickey, my brother-in-law thinks your music is the best & he wants to let you know that he has been listening to Bauhaus, Bowie, Marc Bolan, The Clash, The Doors, Iggy Pop, for years & considers you among the best of the best! ”

“Your music is awesome & your productions are super clear. I like your music so much that I posted your link on my facebook! Your voice is deep as hell & I know that has to be you because all your songs have that deep vocal. ”

“I'm speaking to you on behalf of Outcast Radio, I'm getting in contact with you because we'd like you to play your music on our show. We are an online radio show, we are accessible via iTunes, Podomatic, and our website, in which you can download of stream our show. Since we've started, our download and viewing figures have gone through the roof, and because of this we need you and other unsigned bands out there, we need you to keep our show going strong and in doing so your get your song/s of your choice to be played on the show and we'll plug your site, and give shout outs for you and much more. So if you want to get involved, please don't hesitate to get in contact We look forward to hearing from you. ”


“My girlfriends & I are Mickey Strange song collectors! We have your muzic & love it! ”

“Mick your music is out cold! I see Platinum in your forecast brother! ”

“Chris himself can't stop playing Beautiful Monsters! He said he listens to it at least 4x per day!”

“Chris called me today to tell me how much he really liked the pic. He said that this look you have created is ingenious!”

“I listen to your music at least once a day! You are sooooo good! ”

“Man you are really out there! The new picture is cool as hell! I think your music & your image is really fnnnn cool. I hope you make it so we can have some good music on the radio for a friggn change.”

“i know your goin go platinum Mick u roc man ”

“Man im tellin ya i cant get Monsters outta my head. I hear it at work, drivin the car, even when havin relations with the old lady n man that is really fuckin me up?!?!?!?!? WTF!!!!!!!”

“You're music is gr8 & I know you'll go big time. plz stay in touch when u do. luv the cool outfit! u r a gr8 talent & deserve this break! Luv ya ”

“I am finding this song a lure! I keep going back listening to it over & over!”

“Cool pic Mick! Hope you are well? It sounds like you are doing awesome and I am so glad for that! Just keep sharing your art & creativity-the world needs more of your music and Spirit.”

“Always and Forever you are my Ultimate Naughty Dark Side.. Your vocals will continue and beyond.. It's all you Mic It's our time your moment to blow this MF right thru the sky. I'm making a CD and calling Mojo this week I'm going to personally bring it to him and of course promote you. If he wants a call in from you I'll keep the questions simple-artistic and you will have final say in question before hand. Or maybe I'll work it out after he plays your tunes to schedule a live call in Live with Mickey Strange.. I'll let you know how it goes. Any preferences just let me know Oh Mystical One.. ”

“Your songs are addicting! I can't stop listening to them so I made my own CD & listen to them in the car driving my 40 minute drive to & from work! Luv it! ”

“DJ emailed me last night & said Beautiful Monsters is a HIT! Going over fantastic! ”

Chris & Steven A. Schwartz Attorney at Law - Monsters is a HIT!

“who r u n where do u com from? i m blown away. u r gr8 n i luv the voice. u r so different than anybody n that's what is gonna take u to the big time man. u keep it real man i' will watch for any new stuff u post. c u later”

“Thank You for the COOL SONGS Mickey. Man I have watched you grow from little shit bars to the most professional radio ready songs. Your vocals are at their best & your songs have the most intricate lyrical assault! You are at your peak Mickey. ”

“your jams are just sic no haters here Mickey Luvvvvvvv em'”

“u rock dude! unreal songs! ”

“The downloads worked! Every song is a hit in my book! One word sums up your musical work, "Great" Hey i gotta tell ya Mick that i never hear " Last 2 Weeks" Its not so much the song, but the way you sound on the vocals makes the song. I was super impressed. Really man, almost every song on your html player is really a friggin hit! I have so many friends who will be fans soon of yours. Nuthin but respect to you man ”

“I have been texting over 600 face friends & they love all your music! Your like a star on the internet & I will be pushin your links to all my friends Mickey. Bye ”

“? 4 u! who are u man? I was a bit leary to check your music out because I thought u would b 2 weird. But curiosity got the best of me & dude u r beyond earthly words! i rank u with the best of them. i am a bauhaus fanatic & now i am listening 2 everything mickey strange has 2. you have a way different voice & your music is of a future era. u r a creator of fusion/musical art. i will be letting lots of people know all about you mickey strange. ”

“Beautiful Monsters is a HIT! BABY! I listen to it all the time. I can see it goin BIG ”

Dar - I can see it goin BIG

“you don't know me at all, but i heard of you about 2 years ago from a freak friend & i thought u would be bullshit because my friend was a real freak . so needless to say i never checked your stuff out. just last night i heard all your music on reverbnation & i gotta tell ya that i was a fuckin idiot for not checkin you out. shit man your awesome. great music,great lyrics, outstanding production work, you are on the cuttin edge mick wish u all the success cuz u deserve it! ”

“Have a great holiday my sweets! I cant stop listening to you either! Your voice is a real turn on honey! ”

“thumbs up mr. mickey strange. yer music is hot hot hot! love that deep ass voice + ur a cute one! i'm wathcin u baby!!!!!!!! ”

“My girl she lives in Nebraska & knows all about you. You get around don't you? Be sayin you is one nice lookin white boy too! Ta Da!!!!!! ”

Ms. Jamieson - nice lookin white boy too!

“I told another friend who listens to similar music as I about your site. He emailed me back & said he knew all about you over 5 months ago! Too Much! ”

“I was visiting a girlfriend of mine who resides in Maryland. When I got there I was playing your music from my Ipod in the car as we drove. She asked me if that was the Artist named Mickey Strange & I had to pull the car over before I got in an accident! I was blown away! I asked her how she even knew of you & she told me she has been listening to you for over a year now! AND LOVES YOUR SONGS! ”

“Killer Songs & killer productions on all your songs! Do you come from New York or the West Coast?”

Ronny - New York or the West Coast?

“Chris and I played your songs for an old friend of Chris who happened to be an RCA distributor! He said the songs were excellent, timely, & loved the quality especially the vocal quality! He said your music had some of the clearest quality & really emphasized that point!”

“I have told over 100 friends about your music! THey luve it! Your voice is so distinct & different! Like to meet you someday?”

“Your talents warrant being played on national radio. I'm gonna contact some radio stations for u Mickey! ”

“i found you on the net & u r too cool! your music & voice has such an in depth sound. please keep in touch when u have more songs. i like all of them. bye Mickey ”

“You are going to do it man I just feel it! Just the right time Mick! ”

Ron - You are going to do it man

“More & more of my friends & their friends are diggin' your music Mick! Keep doin' what you do RockStar! ”

“I am such a big fan of your music. Everday I give you a listen to & each day I like your songs even that much more! Your voice is so cool sounding it is almost like I am drawn back just to listen to you sing! ”

“Love your songs! i put you on a list of 200 friends and all came back with a thumbs up! and your cool sounding voice! Yeh”

“Your music really depicts moods of compostion & that is what makes you so different than the Lady Gaga shit out there! Mickey Strange is going to be noticed by more & more people becasue of his lack of compromising to the Top 40 tweens. (justin bieber, ugh!!!!!!!) ”

“My girlfriend works as a bartender at a strip club & loves your songs! She took the CD to work & asked the DJ to spin one of the songs. One of the dancers loved it so much she took the song home to work on her dance to it! I don't want you to think that I am saying your music is good stripper music or porn music, but I just wanted you to know that girls who dance for a living are really enjoying your music. FYI she loves your deep voice Mick. Talk Soon ”

“Your my rock star! ”

“How many sites are you on? I googled you the other day & look out! You were everywhere! I really like your muz Mick Good Luck to you ”

“I have so many people checking you out now & they think your style is incredible Mickey! ”

“A casual acquaintance of mine sent me a message, that commends your songs & song writing. She said that once in a great while a musical innovator comes along & that you, Mick, are that person. Whew! Cool Compliment to you Mick. ”

“This Beautiful Monsters song really got me. Now I know you are wayyyyyy better off than with a band.”

“Mickey, All of your songs have a distinct sound, yet different in more of a complex way than each other. What state of mind are you in when you write & do you keep the lights on? lol ”

“You have an amazing voice!!!!!!!”

“My real name is Cathy nice to meet ya. lol the lyrics u sent me for beautiful monsters are incredible ”

“I am absolutely speechless! This song is beyond any source of words! Mickey the Chinese will love you too! What the Hell? How, did you come up this! Listen this song is phenomenal! Lyrics & vocals sound great! Mix/Production couldn't be any more perfect! Clarity... like always, Awesome! I think this is the Holy Grail of the Mickey Strange Collection!”

“People are emailing me asking about you. They want to know more about you. They really like your tunes Mickey ”

“I am so glad I stumbled onto you. Your songs are so cool & your lyrics / vocals are unlike the mundane crap on the radio. Thank You for such cool music Mr. Mickey ”

“I told so many people about you & they are freakin' over your music man. You are just too cool Mickey. ”

“Mickey, in the black community you are like a ray of light! Just be lovin all your songs. You got rhythm white boy!”

“I did some research on some of your songs from myspace to whatever & I had no idea that you had so many great songs? Your style is really unlike no one else, yet I can hear a little, Bolan, Bowie, & Morrison in your style! ”

“Mickey. Your music, your voice, & your lyrics are so mind-deep! I love that! Your voice is really unique & there aren't many vocalists in this world that have your depth & lyrical convictions. A True Fan ”

“Hopefully things will swing your way. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you Babe! ”

“Tanya wrote: "thanks again Mickey Strange! ♥......IAM...... ttys, much insight and creative delight...continue in joy. All is what is to be. Still gonna" dance with a thousand angels, breaking every demons halo, 7 veils & the mysitc... I will still dance like Salome."- love your songs. oxo"”

Tanya - Tanya wrote:

“I listen to you and your emotions run deep thru your lyrics. You remind me of Jim Morrison. ”

“mickey i'm playin my stereo in my car while im washin it outside & my neighbor down the road comes over. i thought the guy was gonna bitch me out cause i was playin your songs so loud. he comes up and asks me waz up with the muz & i tell him its a new goth artist named mickey strange. he asked me to print him a cd for him cause he thought your songs were great. freak my shit out brotha! couldnt believe it! i gave him a cd & he thanked me bout 10 times. dude your muz is gonna hit major, just look at this example. keep em rockin dude! ”

“I listened to ya today an you are a well hidden Superstar! You go boy!”

“I told him Thanks from Mickey Strange & he said to just remind you that he just wants an autograph when he comes to see you live! ”

“I love every song of yours and that voice of yours is so deep. T rex & Mickey Strange forever! ”

“I played Mickey Strange song at my friends house party & you now have at least 20 more fans! Luv it!”

“listen bro this song is a hit!”

“Mick THis is no Shit! I turned your music over to a buddy of mine & he in turn took it to his father-in-law. He is some kind of music attorney that works with Warner Brothers he said. I am tryin for ya brotha! I also told him to check your video out. It rocks dude! Your voice & songs remind me of Bauhaus. I'll let you know what he says he may be able to do to help you out. Talk to ya soon Mick ”

“Mickey, I listen to your songs when I'm up & listen to them when I'm feeling down. You have such a vast array of metaphors that one simple listen to your songs is just not enough to really feel your passion of lyrical emotion. A toast to you, The lyrical troubadour! ”

“i partied the other night with some freakies who jus luv ur muz. they told me they ben followin u fer 2 yrs keep doin wat u do cuz u r gona break soon i can feel it ”

“Beautiful monsters should be the opening to a movie soundtack.... Wishing the best in strange land Mickey!”

“I told my brother in law to listen to you on reverbnation. He thought you have a distinct sounding voice & musical style. He really thought you were good. He delivers ink supplies to Columbia Records. I don't know what may happen but he said he's gonna drop your name there to some people. ya never know? Good Luck Mickey ”

“Man your gonna be on all the radio stations. You are unique as hell Mick! Remember me when you hit! ”

“Wuz Up Mickey, My name is Paul & I record hip hop music at Talent lIve Studio. I live in Belleville & remember Rick talking about you when I used to record in the studio with my group sometime ago. The reason I am writing you is that I was in the studio yesterday & saw your song Vampire on the hard drive. I asked Rick if you would mind if I heard a bit of it. OMG! Dude, that song is the shit! Your voice sounds better than I even remember of how you sound. Listen man, I really think you've got an awesome track & listen brother I don't throw compliments around too often either. When your done let Rick know to hit me up with a copy & I'll take it to my cuz who works at 95.5 Hit me up sometime & maybe you & I can lay a track together / Hip Hop Meets Alternative! ”

“Any new songs comin'our way? U are an excellent singer-songwriter. I see u going all the way to the top too! Good Luck Mick ”

“I was just listening to your song love it great work as always I have become a big fan I tell everyone of your music and how great of a guy you are. Mickey you are gifted. Give me a call sometime”

“I really like your voice & your songs are kickin Mick! ”

“My 2 teenage daughters have gathered up a fan base of over 200 fans for you @ their school. You are becoming so popular with their school & one of the main attractions for these girls is your See your eyes video! They love it Mickey! Bye for now, ”

“Mickey Strange, Your music is totally pure goth / techno & I love it! Who are you & where did you come from. I have searched the web for the best goth artists & underground techno artists & when I heard you I just had to introduce myself & give you big props! Man, every song you have is just #1 as far as I'm concerned! I'm 32 years old & would just freak out if I could meet you someday. If you are coming out with new songs please put me on your email list cause I don't want to miss it. ”

“Mick the Monsters song is nothing short of awesome! All my freak friends are talkin you up bro!”

“Your last three songs are very hypnotic to the ear, especially Taboo,”

“Mickey Strange... and his WORLD! A Student of Bauhaus, David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Jim Morrison - Mickey Strange has declared a full apocalyptic assault on Pop Music... This is one of the things that comes across the internet into my email box, I am like okay here is another voice that wants to be heard. I listen with my mind elsewhere while doing other things in the music in the background and here I have to say... this caught my attention. As I was quoted to saying "Mickey Strange... it is a great sound that I am still trying to figure out the style... Bowie stuck in a vacuumed nightmare bubble, in the middle of a dream... the kind you don't want to wake up"... I mean it. It was a treat to my ears and I am not even sure the name of the album as I think it is just a collection. I liked it, very simple!”

“you are the real deal i have been listening to your music for 2 nites & can't stop. i find your music overwhelming & your voice is so damn deep & cool sounding that i am attracted back to your site to listen to you over & over. any songs being released by you please contact my email so i can purchase. mickey strange you are going to be big. luv ya ”

“Chris & I sent a runner up to a Club for the DJ to play Beautiful Monsters. They loved it!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only did the DJ like it, but he passed it on to a network of DJ's!”

“Unreal!!!!!!!! I am really talking with Mickey himself? Whoa, u r 2 cool! U rock & u made my day, week, year! u rock I checked you out on revernation & I am now your Biggest Fan! I love your music, Your voice, & your Passion! You my love, are unreal! I am a diehard fan forever! I heard some more of your songs today that I didn't know about. They were awesome 2. I also saw your video! WHOA lots of people! U jam Mickey.”

“i have listened to David Bowie for years & then a friend of mine told me to check out this Mickey Strange person. i thought who the hell is Mickey Strange & what a weird ass name anyway. well let me tell ya that im so glad i checked you out cause u are amazing blushing your voice & your songs are out cold! i can't believe for how good you are that you aren't nationwide & in all the super stores cause you are a well hidden secret Mickey. I wish u nothing but the best”

“I was in the car with a group of friends & was playing your CD that I made from your site. One of my friends commented how cool the song was & what station that was so she could program it on her radio. I told them that it wasn't the radio &* that it was a new artist named Mickey Strange & now they are hunting the internet for anything about you! This really was a freak thing but look Mickey at the response you are getting by just regular everyday people like myself & my girlfriends. Keep doing what you do best//////////// ”

“I sent it to Chris! We will see what his thoughts are tomorrow. I woke Chris up & played it for him! He said that Beautiful Monsters is incredible! He loves everything & really commented on the extraordinary lyrics!”

“You are like a super performer in the making. Wish you all the best. ”

“My friends are all into goth music & we were sitting back comparing some of the best goth, techno, rock, industrial bands of today. Mickey Strange was in the top three picked & that was out of 45 of us making this comparison. Most of the comments were the cool voice & the perfect quality of your recordings compared to everyone else! ”

“I did a field test to see how you went over in some clubs & the the test revealed to us Mickey Strange being # 1 in the club environment & that test was against some real powerful goth artists we had on roster. Your style of music & vocals is unprecedented Mick! Keep Rockin' Man! ”

“Chris woke me this morning... He said he listened to Beautiful 30x yesterday & is still listening to it today. He said it is one of your best & he is trying to contact some more old friends to see if they will venture out & help with distribution for the Mickey Strange Project! This is quite something Mickey for Chris to be this impressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“I have a girlfriend who lives in Utah & she emailed me a link to this artist that she thought that I would be very impressed with. When I got the link it was a link to this artist on http://www.reverbnation.com/mickeystrange I opened the link & to my very surprise, was Mickey Strange! Rock em' out Honey ”

“Hello, I am from Germany, I love your music, is there any chance to buy a cd (demo) from you? ”

“I'll be very honest, but my girls aren't your only big fans but I really enjoy your voice & your songs too. I really love Salome' ”

“Chris & I were emailed a compliment on the Mickey Strange songs from one of the House DJ's that we dropped the CD off to. He said people love your songs Mickey!”

“A friend of mine said that you remind him so much of David Bowie & Jim Morrison because your song writing is so Daring! Those that Dare to be different are made up of many daring versatile skills. This depicts your musical abilities to a tee Mickey!”

"Great song! You are a great artist! When will you ever play out somewhere, somehow, Is it possible! You should be a star...on MTV or some medium like that!"

“Monster is a Monster Song Mickey! We are so impressed with this production piece! Your vocals are a masterpiece!”

“My brother said that he gets at least 5 different requests a night at the club for Mickey Strange songs!”

“My 2 daughters have come back from a skaters convention. They knew the DJ & asked him to play one Mickey Strange song. He played Solome & the DJ announced your name & that this is going to be the next up & coming of the Alternative World! He & all concerned luvvvvved your song. Good Report for you Mickey ”

“I am so happy for your musical future. I have been a fan of yours for quite some time & would love to see you in the charts. ”

“Mickey I would listen to your muz from time to time. Well I heard you just today with this awesome song Beautiful Monster and now I am a diehard fan!!!!!!!!!”

“Your songs are deep just like your amazing voice! Do you perform live? I love your video. You remind me of Marc Bolan & David Bowie combined! Sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

“I heard your songs on reverbnation & I had to tell you that you are one of the best industrial underground alternative artists walking the planet! Who are you & where did you come from. I am a huge fan of Bauhaus but your music is #1 in my book! I am letting people know about you!”

“Thanks so much for the email, I am dropping Salome into rotation. Please feel free to send us some promotional material so we can promote Mickey over the air and when we are out and about! Thanks Again, Ray Nights In Dixie ”

“Check this out, my brother in law & my sister listen to your music all the time and found you on the internet just like I did. Although they live in Idaho & said there is a major attraction for industrial goth where they live. Who'd a thought that one? TTYL Mick”

“Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhh I luv this one Mickey! Your voice is Hot & the whole song is awesome! I put it on full blast & got out my whips & beat my boyfriends ass while dancing my sexy dance to it! u r still my fav”

“Though I think he is going to be a popular artist. Spooky talent! Bowie stuck in a vacuumed nightmare bubble, in the middle of a dream... the kind you don't want to wake up. ”

“Hey there darlin' Glenda here, just to let cha know, you are big talk on the internet! You See, the magic potion does work ”

“I think Beautiful Monsters is just Amazing Mickey”

“My brother is a very popular dj in a club & is spinning your songs to overwhelming response from the goth crowd. Seriously, you have your own goth cult following! ”

“did you get my email? my friends gave me your email address. i am not easily impressed with most artists of today. most are very weak but when i was sent your hyperlink i was blown away. your voice abilities, style and song structures are like no other of today and by far supercede any of the crap on the radio! You are an unknown talent that should be known by the masses and i feel that you will be soon. ”

“Mickey, I heard every song you've got recently & I am blown away. Your vocals & music are insane! The productions remind me of Ziggy Stardust. You have maddd vocal skills bro. Keep churnin' out those hits Mick cause you are unfrickin' real! ”

“Monster song is a Monster bro!”

“Hello again Mickey Strange, This is Glenda the good witch. I just can't listening to your songs. Your music & your voice are hypnotizing & I love it all! Your future is to embark on a worldwide travel. You are simply put, an undiscovered talent, but not for long. Your Friend, Glenda ”

“Would make a GREAT T-SHIRT!!! Oh this would also look amazing on my FOREVER KEEPSAKE PHOTO TILES!!!! LOVE IT! ♥”

“Play your stuff all time Mickey & can't wait to hear "Beautiful Monsters" U Rock! ”

“I thought that I would tell you this, I played that friginnn song all day & am still playing it. I am hypnotized to your song Mickey.”

“My brother-in-law is the MGR of a huge club in Cali & he has put you on a nightly rotation with Taboo. He said people are excited about it & constantly ask his 2 DJ's to play it again. Keep rockin' brother Brad ”

“Thanks Mickey, I have so many friends that are avid followers of yours. They are like crazed cats in a cage, just waiting to pounce on any more Mickey Strange songs. I read from one of your emails posted that someone said that you were like the King Of The Underground & dude I fully understand why they said that. True Dat! ”

“Taboo is one of the top plays requested! Your song is jammin Mick!”

“Went to a friends last night and they were partyin. I played Beautiful Monsters once only & they replayed it at least 5 times without me sayin a word!!!! ”

Dar - 5 times

“Mickey Strange is one of the best goth artists out there! Keep me informed of any new songs. Mickey Strange is my girlfriends favorite artist too. She goes nuts over his voice.”

“Mickey Strange Rocks This Place every time I jam his songs & I gotta say that his music is literally Kickin' Ass! Big Thumbs Up! When Mick is jamming & people are all over the friggin floor. ”

“my older brother is a big time goth freak & he heard you & went crazy over your songs he's hard core goth & really liked you. you'll be hearin' from him too Luvv ya ”

“I played Monsters for all my friends today & they love you Mickey”

“These comments are indicative of your true talent. Now you know that there is no doubt that your songs are of national quality! ”

“Hi Mickey Strange, Fantastically atmospheric, ambient sound and blend of styles ya got there my friend, keep up the good work, and my best wishes to you for an awesome 2012! Peace, love & respect, ”

“Your music guides our inner thoughts. Great conceptual writings Mickey. Always look forward to hearing Mickey Strange songs! Let me know when any new ones come out! Thanks ”

“I just now heard Beautiful Monsters & shit myself! Everything about this song is matched to perfection! You Rule Mickey Strange”

“Hello Mickey Strange! My daughter had her birthday party & played lots of Mickey Strange songs! Everyone loved you & would like to know more about you. There were over 50 18 year olds at the party all dressed in black going Mickey Strange Crazy! ”

“I have over 500 facebook friends waiting to hear anything from Mickey Strange. You have a cult following & a lot of these friends are starting to dress similar to you just because they respect your music.”

“Mickey, I like your songs so much so I started sending them to radio stations. I hope you think it is ok if not I can stop. Let me know. Your voice & your songs are just insane!!!!!!!!!! Luv it Mickey Strange Glenda (the good witch) ”

“Love the new one Mick! Beautiful Monsters is a Banger! ”

Lori - Banger!

“Once in a great while, a breath of fresh air enters the music industry. You are that breath of air! The music & quality is beyond most artists already on radio. Your voice is so different than anyone else out there. I usually don't compliment singers, male or female, yet there is a latent vocal & lyrical depth that you have achieved & I just want to say that I knew you before you are discovered on a mass market scale! Good Luck Man, You are excellent! Mickey Strange is a new artist ready to enflame his talents upon the rest of the musical world! ”

“I love yer muz. Voice is deep & 2 cool. r u touring? i love every 1 of yer songs n could listen to em 24 hrs a day. stay cool mick ”

“The owner of the club called the DJ to his office after playing your song. He asked which artist it was that he was playing. When the DJ told him that you were an unsigned artist with electrifying expressions, the owner said to double your club rotation!”

“WTF Mickey Strange! I checked out your shit & noticed a new one called Monsters & it is the SHIT! Next time lemme know dude!”

“Chris said that his contact listened to all of your songs & liked Taboo the most! Chris said that now we shall see how the response is from people they will be playing it for. Chris is very complimentary of your new songs. He said that your writing skills have improved in the past several songs & that you are writing with impressionable discipline. He called you the 21st century Morrison. He said your vocal skills have dramatically improved! Define your vocals with heartfelt lyrics... a winning combination. ”

“Mr. Mickey Strange, I was checking out your music on reverbnation & I am floored by your elaborate writing & perfect production qualities. You are in a sector of music, far segregated from the norm. Your delivery of lyrics & melody are second to none. Where do you reside? I have some friends that have connecs in the biz & I am going to turn them on to you Mr. Strange. You are a real pioneer of the gothic assault. ”

“Serious biz Mick, my brother said that he got some local DJ to play you at this bar & he said that more people asked who you were then even the big artists on the radio. U keep rockin bro ”

“My friend has a big brother who works in the music industry & is going to help us promote you to radio people. Strange Forever ”

“I am listening to Beautiful Monsters right now! Luv ya Mick”

“Hello Mickey Strange, my name is Glenda. I luvvvvv your music. You inspire me. I listen to your songs every chance I get. Your voice is extraordinarily good. Every song has a constant theme & your voice deepens every syllable you sing. Don't freak when I reveal this to you, but I am a good witch. I see your career going straight to the top. Maintain your direction & stay in touch with God. ”

“Your songs spur my every emotions! I listen to your songs every single day! ”

“Mickey, They are constantly playing Taboo & the DJ came up to me to let me know how well it is going over!”

“This song is a monster! I played it all day today & my friends are checkin it out at this party right now n lovin the shit out of it! Bro you are fuckin awwwwwesome!”

“wHATS UP AGAIN mICKEY? I have played Taboo Song over & over. You have got to be one of the best alternative, goth artists out there today! Including any other national artists! ”

“I never tire of hearing your music! ”

“hey dude, i used to see you & the band at the token & the bullfrog bars. i thought you guys were pretty good. but i wasn't blown away like i am now. now i hear you doing your own shit & i got ta admit that you blow away all the shit u used to do before. u have a real style of your own & i haven't heard nothing like it out there. u rock dude, serious. your gonna go somewhere now with this new sound u have. just follow the heart brother. ”

“OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Kenny & I are in awe of your new song! Kenny won't stop singing it! 9look out Voodoo) He is going crazy over this! We just love the new song! "Beautiful Monster" Mickey I can't thank you enough. Kenny loves it! This is the first time I have ever seen him at a loss for words! He not only reveres you as an artist, but respects you as a human being! Kenny just about fainted when he received your gift! Thx so much! You made his life! When I told Kenny what you said he got all dressed up in the Mickey outfit & went in the garage to perform to the new song! Your beautiful monster song is a knockout Mickey! So creative & exquisite quality! My brother Kenny is going crazy over this song! He went to this shirt place & designed a shirt that says, Beautiful Monster!”

“Hey Mickster, you are the unknown SuperStar! I like your stuff better than Bauhaus & that is even including one of my favs P Murphy! U Rock Mick ”

“The Beautiful Monsters sounds like a freaky hit already. Can't wait to hear it! Bye for now ”

“I played my 28 year old sis some of your songs & she just busted out I'm already a fan of Mickey. She has your site as one of her top favs!”

“All of my friends are waiting to hear any more from Mickey Strange. Your voice & songs radiate the winds of time. You are ahead of your time, & will be recognized for your brilliance soon! ”

“Miss out on signing/promoting/working with Mickey Strange -- and miss out on probably the biggest venture of your life. ”

“heard your music on the net and you are A Force of Tech/Industrial combined. (like your style man)”

“Great stuff...sort of techno psycho rock....shall I send this to the Asylum guy and see what he thinks....or not?”

“I played your songs & video for my entire class @ college & their jaws dropped! They love you. I told them that you seem like your untouchable, yet you're so down to earth for even talking to us fans! ”

“Congrats Mick I'm happy to hear about your rotation.Your music is on overload rotation at the club I work at. Ever since I heard you I have been a huge fan of your music. I can tell you that your songs are sophisticated & clear. That's what gives you the huge edge over the national artists that our DJ plays.”

“Hi ya Mickey, I have turned more people onto your music & they are amazed that you are not an International Artist. I'm not gay, but I just like your voice & songs. I think you kickazz bro. see ya ”

“Beautiful song! You monster boy Darlene”

“Hey Mickey, I have let over 50 email pals listen to your songs & you now have 50 more fans! Congrats to that spectacular voice & sound you have developed! Outstanding! ”

“I have been listening to your artist Mickey Strange for the past week. I find him to be definitively one of the best alternative goth artists out there! He has strong vocal charisma & his songs are some of the best I have heard in a long, long time. The songs have such a clear punchy sound, unlike some of the National artists that should be still in the basement with their inefficient quality. Let me know when he comes out with some more songs ASAP. I am now an avid Mickey Strange fan. TTYL Katie”

“Mick, This is COMPLETELY cool! So glad to hear it's going well! It's funny, the girl who played the female lead in the pilot went nuts over "Salome" for her beauty walk shot. I know she went on and downloaded it, and put it on her IPod. She said she has been trying to get them to put it in rotation at a club where she works part time.But this is amazing news. Well deserved, and about freaking time, but amazing nonetheless! ”

“Screw American Idol, u rock Mickey! You are so original that you are your own category of music! ”

“WHY are you not famous? I sent a link to "voodoo" and "taboo" to all my colleagues...the entire Information Technology staff at St John Providence Corporate is rocking. We are all computer dorks-it's quite funny to see all my fellow widgits dancing in their cubicles. Let me know next time you have a show-i want to see it. I've been playing your stuff all week and torturing scott. It's downloaded on my blackberry. You know I have a big mouth- I'm doing some freelance advertising for you! You are fucking talented! (Scuse my language). WHY are you not famous? Your techno is better than any on my Sirius...and I listen every day. I'm saying a prayer that it blows UP and garners the credit it deserves! Fabulous stuff! ”

“I have to admit that since I have been listening to your songs that I have a totally different perspective on commercial Top 40 Radio, (It Sucks) I am spoiled buy your music. Thanks Mickey Strange! ”

“Voodoo You Do. My fav.”

“RE: The Beautiful Monsters All is good with me, thank you! Sounding Great! Did you do a full album or is there a link you want me to use to update your feature at Celebrity English. I can also wait until your release date. Let me know what is best for you to promote your latest music,”

“Hello there Mickey Strange, My name is Jackie & I have two teenage daughters, 18,& 17. They both are totally obsessed with your voice & songs. They just run around the house talking about you all day long. So, I like a mother had to check on what they are so excited about. I went to one of your sites & listened to your songs, & watched your video. WOWWWWWW I have to admit that you are beyond what I expected! I I too am a Mickey Strange fan too! I am mesmerized by your deep vocals! WOW! please add me to your mailing list & stay in touch with me too! BTW you are one hot looking guy too! I'm a young 39. LOL Jackie ”

“I am thankful to you for your words of wisdom. I am also happy for you & all of your musical success. You are very deserving. (A talent from beyond) Mickey Strange Forever! ”

“I am not sure who I am emailing. Whether this is Mickey Strange direct or his management. But, whoever you are please listen to me for a sec. I heard from a friend about this alternative/goth artist named Mickey Strange so I decided to check him out. Man, I am flabbergasted by this artist's unique style, his awesome voice & his great songwriting! Is he planning on touring? I have passed his site to several friends & they too are true Mickey Strange fans. Thanks Mickey for the great songs!”

“Mick this is so incredible, listen man you have come such a long way since your days at the BullFrog! Hey that old band doesn't even compare to this incredible Production! Happy for you bratha”

“WOW! Thanks soooooooo much!!!!!!!!!! I think your music & your vocals are so intellectual & generate a charismatic persona that is unheard of in today's humdrum music radio as we know it. Love your style Mickey ”

“Like It Mickey yur muzic is the best. Yur like a shining light for the underground world of muzic! Rock it Mickey ”

“Heya Mickey Strange, I happened to be surfin' the web & ran across your music. You are Hot! I luvvvvvvvvv the voice! Hot!!!! Your video is so damn good. In a remote way your songs should be in this movie, "Queen Of The Damned." I luvvv this movie & your music is of this nature. You have the most incredible songs. Luv it ! Hope to see more from you! HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

“Where are you from? "TABOO" is the best!!!!!!!!!!!! I play your music everyday! I am a true fan of yours for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your musical style, voice, lyrics, and clarity quality of your songs are beyond amazing! Please let me know whenever you have a knew song or video. I have seen & heard everything you have done & I am a true fan for life. ”

“He is oh so right! Beautiful Monsters is Fantastic Mickey!”

“I visited your site & heard your song, "Taboo." Mickey Strange, YOU ROCK! That song is The Best! Your vocals are truly impressive. Lyrics too. I just had to give you a shout. That's how impressed I am with your sound. Rock On Brotha Brad ”

“U r a gift to my heart & I will treasure your songs always. Love em' all Mick ”

“Mickey Strange is a very Unique Artist & doesn't need to change a thing about himself except maybe some body guards to help keep the girls at bay!! Love his music & style that doesn't come around all often He’s truly gifted & multitalented. A brain who'll listen to you & he's just not all into himself which in my book comes shining through :) No I'm not one of his best friends just a distant acquaintance from 30 yrs ago that has been fortunate enough watch him evolve from the shadows into the light :) Peace, Love & Blessings ”

“Mickster saw ya got a new song up. GR88888! This one is a Monster! what up Mickster jammin yor muz at work right now kiks asssss”

“Mickey Strange – The Music The Detroit Artist of the Avant-garde Music for the Different the Uninvited Enter Into the Shadowy Realms of Dreams Eternal Poetry, Eternal Songs, and the Unearthly - Supernatural I Am the Alien the Stranger among You I Am a Product of Imagination ”


“Luv this Mickey ”

“Where did this guy come from? He is the New King of the club!!! ”

“I played your new song for my girlfriends & they went nuts over it!”

“Enlightened is fantastic. Where do your ideas come from & where are these Quality tracks coming from? These are some of the best production qualities I've heard! ”

“If you don't know Mickey Strange, you should! ♥ ♥”

“hey! i'm christy hoffman and im the music director for Eastern Michigan University's student radio station. i was wondering if we could do a review on your band or if we could play some of your stuff. let us know! ”

“you are such a sweetheart thanks luvvv the beautiful monsters song!”

“Please consider national distributors. Your music & vocals are too good not to share globally. Contact them by phone direct or hitting them with your email messages. Fantastic productions! ”

“Man u r deep! I feel it though listen Mick, if I had the money, I would put you all over the world cuz your jams are fffffffffffnnnnn gr8 dude! ”

“Well, thanks for taking your time to even reply. Pretty impressive. Listened to your pieces. Unique. Interesting. Nothing like anyone else. I am sure everything you have already heard million times. ”

“Mickey your new song beautiful monsters is a smash hit. Your vocals are as usual excellent & I love the song period!”

“I have your site already on my favorites. I am going to filter you to people who may be able to help. Your music is hypnotizing. (great songs) ”

“I can't wait for the new songs & thanks so much for even writing me back. Please keep me posted. I am a Mickey Strange fan always. ”

“Kenny is going nuts over this! THXXXXXXXX”


“Glam-rock, baby! Mickey's cover of Bowie's "Panic in Detroit" sets the tone properly, no?—”

“We have over 50 friends now following Mickey Strange & we love your voice. Thnx for the gr8 jams Mickey ”

“Hello Mickey, Long time, eh, I think you should look into this. I also think your 2 new songs are HITS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great vocals & arrangements. Quality is superb. I am looking forward to any other songs you may have. If they're anything like the last ones, I know I'll be blown away. Keep up the Great Work! ”

“I think your new song Beautiful Monsters is a smash Mickey”

“Mickey Mickey Mickey You are great & keep up the great & I mean great vocals. Love your music ”

“Hello Mickey Strange! Your music was Reviewed today by the Artist Bigg Rann on IndieCharts.com”

“Hey there sweets!!!!!!!! My girlfriends & I just can't stop listening to your new songs on your myspace. Your voice & your quality of sound is unparralled by any of the other so called artists on myspace. Please don't forget me when you hit the big time because I just know once the rest of the universe hears you, you'll be pulled away from us little folks you are the American David Bowie  ”

“i think this could just about be your best one yet! Beautiful Monsters is creatively the best”

“Mickey, I walked through the doors of one hot spot in N.Y. They were spinning your song! ("Devils in Detroit") When I heard your voice, I just was taken back, as though I had heard this artist before...suddenly realizing it was you. It sounded phenomenal! ”

“Your songs have incredible quality & your vocals are sung with extreme passion. Thumbs Up Mickey Strange! ”

“PS: My girlfriends have started a fan club for you. You are awesome! Solome' is your bigggggggg hit! ”

“Your new song is Hot! Mickey Kick ASSSSSSSSSS Song!”

“As a fan of Bowie, I caught the link to your MP3.com page. I would love to hear your cover of Panic in Detroit. Let me know if you ever plan to get out to the West Coast. I play in bands and know Peter Murphy, Iggy, and David. I am currently working with Danny Sugerman on managing the Doors catalog with Robby Krieger, Ray Manzerek and John Densmore. I manage and tour with Dave Wakeling and The English Beat. Also, I am Vice President of Creative Development at MP3.com in Los Angeles. I wish you well. Let me know how things are going. Will”

“Your music & your deep voice attracts me like a magnet. Love your style Mick ”

“Love that Beautiful Monsters song! I am blasting it right now!”

“luv the pics! you are a vision! ”

“i really luv this freaky tune Mickey! ”

Katie - freaky tune

“I let a good friend know about you & they love your songs! They loved every song you have on reverbnation. I told you I see good things for you! ”

“We are just so pleased that you have the time to write us back. I feel like a little teenager again, & I'm 32. Luv ya ”

“Beautiful Monsters is just an incredible song! I think you are on your way to the top Mickey Strange! ”

jimmy - incredible song!

“Hey Mick, my best friend went to jail last week for drivin on a suspended. Anyway who gives a shit about that but when he was in there some dude was hummin 1 of your songs. My friend asked him where he heard that song from & he said that he has listening to Mick Strange over a year now. If jails had a record store you'd a sold everything out by now. Keep doin what u do Mick! ”

“Mickey Beautiful Monsters is now my fav! I play it all the time!”

“2 cool thx Mickey”

“bumpin your muzik right now an people are lovin it Mick! you r the best baby email me sometime babes ”

Kerry - bumpin your muzik

“Mickey, I have your songs on a CD & my I-pod. I couldn't find my CD master & had been looking for it for 2 weeks now. I got in my step-father's car to move it out of the driveway & you came on his stereo just blastin'. What an ass, he stole my Mickey Strange CD master & the ass didn't even ask me. Kinda Crazy eh Mick? ”

“The passenger is fuckin gr8 Mick! The best version I have ever heard. Man to be honest your songs are better than any P Murphy CD I have. You are very talented Mick! ”

“I fall asleep at night listening to your music. Your energy is deep & powerful. Luv it Mickey ”

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