Michael Walker / Press

“TheSmoothJazzRide.com Review Sometimes, I will get a press sheet on a particular artist that is a short one-pager that’s brief and to the point. Sometimes, there’s a bit of exaggeration or embellishment; sometimes, the language couldn’t be truer. No hype, just facts. The latter is true in the case of guitarist Michael Walker. In part, his one-pager reads, “One in a while there comes a talent that just stands out…Michael embraces R&B and smooth jazz while incorporating a little ‘southern soul.’ It’s a captivating difference.” Merging smooth – or contemporary – jazz and R&B is nothing new. The two have been bedfellows for awhile now. Still, everything about the press sheet boldly boasts of the truth. Walker is the real deal, and his debut release, A Smoother You, stands up proudly to proclaim that. The guitarist’s delivery, the fresh and original material bearing a slight resemblance to the smoothness of our dear friends George Benson and Norman Brown.”