michael orlen / Press

“A Greenfield-native solo artist boasting decades of acoustic folk guitar. Orlen's quaint New England lyricism seamlessly laid across sincere, uplifting melodies will have you feeling right at home. Having made his mark in the Boston folk-pop scene, he's a seasoned performer not to be overlooked. Check him out at http://www.reverbnation.com/michaelorlen for tunes and perhaps you'll be lucky enough to catch him at a local festival this summer!”

Northfire Recording

“Whether an original song or a contemporary spin on an old favorite, Michael Orlen's performances capture the true spirit of singer/songwriters. Unique, and with a perspective all his own, Orlen captures the contrary nature of life in his songs with wisdom, humor, and a bit of the unexpected. A perfect blend of guitar and vocals makes Orlen's sound one of a kind and a pleasure to listen to. A favorite performer in Western Massachusetts, Michael Orlen is not one to be missed.”

Sheryl Stanton - Facebook Critic's Blog

“As I've said before, the real thing. Quite aside from the seasoned, assured performing, the songwriting is so sound. The music and lyrics work together seamlessly. Storytelling through music--the creation of real songs--is very hard to do well, and the results here seem so effortless. The art of the master craftsman, so familiar to so many of us, is apparent in your music, too. Don't stop. There just isn't enough of the good stuff out here.”

Jonathan Tucker - facebook critics blog