Miccoli / Press

"Beautifully restrained, a hint of staccato, comfortable addiction behind the melody, the brothers’ lead vocals coated in Francesca’s harmonies; it’s the kind of song you’d pack your life into a car to, and then listen to on repeat"

"Miccoli’s beguiling harmonic vocals register just above a whisper, giving the song an ethereal quality".

"remarkably absorbing folk/pop compilation here that really couldn’t rest any easier on the ears. Its effective amalgam of elegant duets and contemplative music is certain to satisfy established fans while simultaneously turning plenty of new heads in the band’s direction"

"Weaving their voices together to craft a spellbinding display, an angelic chorus so rarely found in indie pop"

"Smooth and delicate with a perfect treasure of sweet melodies sung with velvety vocals and lush harmonies."

"You can hear the influence of The Police in the vocals, along with vestiges of the po-mo blues indicative of Simon and Garfunkel..... listeners can pick out the various influences that have combined to produce Miccoli’s unique sound.

"Soaring harmonies and cryptic lyrics, which hint at a private world into which we are invited and reluctant to leave"

"Ethereal and haunting world composed of alternative indie pop melodies that stand out from the crowded room that is the pop realm"

"Near perfect piece of infectious Indie Pop which completely encapsulates the band’s vocal harmonies and ear for a catchy tune"

"Intricate melodies with some of the most standout, superbly lush harmonies which have the power to spellbind all within a quick hot second.

"A huge dollop of indie pop and it’s the lush combination of male/female vocals that really made me fall for it"

"It has a very dreamy feel to it and is something fans of practically any genre would enjoy"

"Heroic serving of Indie-Pop that demonstrates the band’s sweet harmonies as well as their ability to deftly create originative hooks"

"Masterpiece of beautifully, haunting melodies paired with their intoxicating harmonies"

"Atmospheric voices and exquisite guitar"

"Its extraordinarily enchanting instrumentation combined with its absolutely impeccable vocal work is guaranteed to engross an expansive audience."

"Their eclectic vocals and evocative harmonies, their gorgeous symphonic melodies, their indie pop flare… It’s all like these siblings’ bond, unbreakable! "

"Their gentle music simply amplifies their whimsical vocals, creating melodies that sound otherworldly. "

“What makes this band so unique are the vocal abilities of all three siblings. Miccoli does not rely on instruments to convey their message or fill the silence. Their gentle music simply amplifies their whimsical vocals, creating melodies that sound otherworldly.”

"The Miccoli siblings make it work in a way that will satisfy audiences as well as cementing their original sound. And in the current musical landscape, that is not an easy feat".

"The band MICCOLI, sensual, sweeping melodies mixed with a splash of melancholic vocals".

"I get the same type or chills playing Miccoli's music as I do when I slap on some Fleetwood Mac. I can sense the interrelationships and family bonds that can be painful yet unbreakable".

"‘Undo’ is a beautiful release from the band, filled with a sound that has a haunting and melodic elements to it".

"In short, their sound is just beautiful…ethereal, wafting, mesmerising. In short they take us away on a wave of gorgeous melody…"

"Miccoli certainly have the talent to triumph in the charts. Their adept instrumental abilities and pleasant vocal skills afford their work a universally accessible pop/rock rhythm that’s perfectly suited to life on the radio".

"This band is amazing and should be a household name before too long".