Mia Vermillion / Press

“...astronomical first release for this artist. Don't put this lady as an opening act, she deserves top billing...”

“Over the past few years, there seems to be more and more artists, particularly women, tackling classic jazz and blues styles. Singer Mia Vermillion, from Washington State, stands as one of the most talented, with her silky sensuous vocals.”

“She infuses her singing with more humidity than Ma Rainey and more sex than Lena Horn...”

““Mia is a superb performer who lights up an audience from the first note to the last..."”

Dave Nichols, Organizer/Owner - Untapped Blues & BrewsFestival 2012

“Mia is a unique artist and lights up the stage, you can’t take your eyes off her.””

Desiree Dodson, Organizer/Owner - Dock of The Bay Blues Festival 2012

“Vermillion is honest about her performance. Although she obviously has her influences, her performance is her own... Her music stands on its own strengths, rather than some affected persona...”

“In point of fact, Vermillion sings better than many of her more widely known contemporaries…”

Frank-John Hadley - Downbeat Magazine