Meru Muad'Dib / Press

“Meru The wise monk at the top of the mountain must've showed Meru how to rhyme. He is a member of the 3 Kingz collective and has worked with the Trackstarz. If Morpheus was a rapper he would be Meru. His crew's music is carried by deep messages and poetical references the average listener won't catch on the first play. He rhymes alongside one of my favorite people in the world, the guy that caused me to change my rap style when I was a teenager running around in the U-City Loop: B-Fari.”

“Much respect. "Clearly Undeniable" is on a networking mission and you got some official content.”


“Your material is mind blowing and inspirational to me in this moment. Keep flowing deep like you do man. I'm a devotee as of this moment. Pure Unadulterated Respect Paid... May 12”


“Battle lies were drawn, before i was born / DNA goes back to before the first dawn . . . . . . straight medicine God!!! for "Signs and Omens"”


“Am feeling ur muzik traxx are fire. Ur muzik has inspired me and my fam to keep hanging in there”


"man who would be king" is just mesmerizing..fantastic old-skool, DJ Shadow style beat and awesome flo to your stunning poetry. "my poetry is a facsimile of reality.." Sick bro!