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“Check out Mark Christian of Merle Jagger in this interview for Riveting Riffs magazine. http://www.rivetingriffs.com/mark%20christian.html”

"Rancho Los Angeles" is an awesome recording. One of the best recordings I have ever bought. In my opinion it is right up there with the best "Telecaster" recordings in history! A staggeringly good piece of work.

Tony Forman - facebook fan

“Brilliant arrangements - you take the genre and push it to a whole different level. Crossover isn't the right word because I've never heard anything like this before. You're to "country music" what Salvadore Dali was to "landscapes".”

Charlie Pecot - Reverbnation Fan

“Esos Gringos son los reyes de Americana!”

“Perhaps this L.A.-based trio of sessionaires called their exuberant electric hillbilly experiment "Merle Jagger" because "Mick Haggard" didn't have the right ring to it, but the hybrid idea is clear and brilliant -- fusing bluegrass, hard country-rock, and jazz into an instrumental cauldron that is unlike anything any of those individual genres has heard before. Driven by Mark Christian's blazing, lightning-fast electric guitar, banjo, and mandolin, this disc is a sh*tkicker's dream, a near hour of fast-paced, raucous party music that flies in the face of much of today's ultra slick country-pop. Think Johnny Cash on speed, and you're off to a good start on the slammin' opening track, "Ranchero," and on "Ranch Party." They crank it up even more for the appropriately titled "Hillbilly No. 9," which makes you wonder how incredibly rockin' the other eight were. "In Through the Out Take" is a little more conventionally bluesy, but "Trash Tornado" is a place where surf guitar wears a cowboy”

“Love the name...I'm guessing a cross between country and Rock..?? I don't know who this guy is but i have been listening to him off and on for the past year. I think he is out of L.A. I cant imagine where he would be now if he were in Nashville or Austin AMAZING TELE PICKER!!! Judge for your self...http://www.tdpri.com/forum/music-your-ears/381742-merle-jagger-amazing-tele-picker.html”