Merauder / Press

“It’s often said that many things in life are cyclical, and with stellar, stellar albums by Earth Crisis, Kickback and now Merauder, it seems as though the, classic metalcore from the 90s is finding its feet again in this massive, massive heavy musical landscape.”

“Merauder have found a wholly unique approach to hardcore and groove-fueled, low-end metal - indeed, listeners will find plenty of similarities to territory already covered by All That Remains, Clutch and As I Lay Dying to name a few - but God Is I pays less a debt to Merauder's peers than it does to its predecessors, the group somehow playing new, old music. The impassioned screaming of opener "Until," for example, builds on a riff that wouldn't sound out of place on a Pantera record, but Jorge Rosado's painfully blunt chorus of "crush your enemies" makes it clear: this a record about action, not letters (even though the skull-crushing "Ratcatcher" in fact encourages people to, quite literally, bleed for their words).”

“Imagine if fellow Brooklyn band Biohazard had retained the style from their landmark album, Urban Discipline, and evolved with that sound album after album—God Is I is what I imagine Biohazard sounding like today. Merauder at its core is a hardcore band. But with death metal growls, ripping guitar solos and heavy, in-your-face, Pantera-sized riffs, this is about as close to metal as hardcore can be. From the monster, chugging riff and lyrics of “Crush your enemies!” on the opening track, “Until,” it's evident this is a different breed of hardcore.”

“The metalcore acts nowadays are trying very hard to fit in, to get the right image or to make their next album as good as the last hype. Merauder gives them a nice lesson in metalcore and shows them you should let your music do the talking. If you’re good you don’t need anything else.”

“This album is super fucking heavy and a return to the form of the Merauder I've always loved. It actually reminds me a lot of the newest Earth Crisis. The styling is still Merauder but they've added a chunkiness that is new to their styling. They have breakdowns with grooves like Hatebreed that are fused in with that ever-so-present metal influence that Merauder has always had. This is the way that metalcore is suppose to sound.”