megaphone / Press

“Megaphone has established themselves as a hard-working top draw on the Central Florida scene. Known for their smart, catchy, well-crafted songs, they've been compared stylistically to the likes of Cheap Trick and platinum-selling songwriter/producer, Butch Walker.”

“Exit Silent Mode opens with Write It Down, sounding like a cross between 80's Pop-Metal bands like Ratt and Poison mixed up with a bit of Modern Rock ala Three Doors Down. Gravitate is manna for hard rock fans, kicking serious axe while holding tight to big Pop hooks that will send you spinning.”

“Their music is really professionally done and the songwriting is solid as a rock. Enough said - these guys knows how to rock and I can warmly recommend all of you to check it out. Well done guys.”

“. . . reminds me of the stuff I listened to as a wee teen in the 80's (minus the Aqua Net induced hair nightmares) without sounding annoyingly dated as well as managing to touch on the 90's alternative rock sound.”

“While their harmonized vocals and driving guitar riffs already garner them fans, their audacious lighting and charismatic stage presence keep shows packed.”

Paul Hiebing - Orlando Metro Mix

“Megaphone is a rock band that knows what they're doing. Their songs are structured and ear catching, and they posses a sound that's all their own.”

Tony Sison - All Access Magazine