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“IMEA Nominating Committee - an anonymous committee compromised of various music and entertainment professionals. To be considered for nomination, individuals and organizations must be an active member of the Association. The International Music and Entertainment Association’s 2nd Annual IMEA Awards Rock Song of the Year All Is Near – Mr. Kito Empty Silhouettes – McClinton Faster Than You – The Bell Hours Get A Room – OLIO Not Where I Wanna Be – Sarantos”

“Hi MCclinton thanks for submitting this new song to me , It reminds me of Nickelback but with a James Hatfield of Metallica style voice on it, it is catchy and sounds well produced, nice guitar solo tooThanks for submitting this to me I will keep it on file for the future, kind regards Andy Lee LTI”

Andy Lee LTI - LTI

“McClinton was next to take the stage and took it over completely with some pure metal. The two guitarists of McClinton owned all of the three songs they were allowed to play with heart felt passionate shredding guitar solos. This band took every minute they were given to show that there style of rock was the only style there should ever exist.”

“Soultone Cymbals artist Rui Balla is now the drummer of the alternative rock group McClinton. The band is working on a new album. Meanwhile you can catch them playing live. They are opening for Eric Martin from Mr. Big at Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ on January 17th.”

“Excellently engineered track and I'm sure you must be able to get some label into this band. However. . . as good as it is, I wouldn't know what to do with it in the UK market, as it's not really my kinda thing personal taste-wise. Really sorry about that, but I'm sure you could get someone who knows the American Rock market in to working with you. Many thanks for your submission and best of luck with the music Interaction Summary Name: Label roster consideration, exposure opportunity & distribution deals at Futureproof Records and Promotions Person: Phil Legg”

Phil Legg - Futureproof Records

“One of the songs, "Empty Silhouettes", will be found amongst their newest music. This song, in particular, has all the makings of a hit. Solid rock foundation with biting and emotional lyrics keeping you hooked from the soft intriguing intro all the way through. I think the most enjoyable part of this hit is how the lyrics overflow with emotion due to Michael’s musical delivery.”

“ great song, it sounds a bit like creed, you have a great sound!”

“Listen to McClinton on Diamonds Radio, ALL New Jersey Music ALL The Time! 24/7!”

“this is good.., theres something there thats catching my ear”

“Scott Rolaf it's posted...good luck and the track so killer...great stuff ♫♫♫”