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"Blues guitar virtuoso MattyTWall seems to never stop gigging, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seize the opportunity to catch him in action every chance you get. "

Dez Richardson - Xpress Magazine

“Guitar maestro MattyTWall is, unsurprisingly, not just a gun when it comes to blues and jazz, but also a Hammett-esque shredder o’ the metal. Matty will be performing alongside some WAAPA cats at The Ellington on Thursday, January 23, so VOLUME pulled him aside to find out the lowdown on the show, and also take a peak at his gear.”

"Local artists tended to hold sway in the side events at the three hotels in town. None better than Perth Blues Club President, Rick Steele, with his band of merry men, playing Dylan songs better than Bob ever did. Father and son combo of Greg and Junior Bowles, gave us a taste of the Blues from the 1920s and 1930s, under the moniker of Shake ‘Em On Down. Then, the fresh blood from dynamic youngsters Old Blood and MattyTWall, showing that age is not a factor in bringing out the Blues in people."

"The decision to conclude a night of rawk and punk noise with some stinging, blue-eyed blues was deft, as Matty T Wall proved his technical chops by playing guitar behind his own back and maintaining a slick legato even when aggressively shredding all over his fretboard. Capably backed by some well-poised bass and a drummer who knew how to use his kit as a palette rather than simply an anvil, Wall’s Spillane-esque storytelling illuminated an atmospheric number packed with femme fatales and grimy machismo; one of the night’s most compelling moments." - Christopher James, themusic.com.au

"In my 10 years of doing sound at the Perth Blues Club, MattyTWall may be the closest to what I was hoping to find at a Blues Club anywhere . A 3-piece that really knows how to play and a repertoire where originals hold their own against the classics; that and soulful playing with great guitar tone make MattyTWall a band you should go and check out soon!" Rik van der Velde, sound engineer for the Perth Blues Club and the FlyByNight in Fremantle.

Rik Van der Velde - Perth Blues Club

"MattyTWall, an awesome blues guitarist from Australia"

Lori Bumgarner - PanashStyle, Nashville, USA