Matt Stockl / Press

“Matt Stockl is a gem from Scottish Highlands. If you want to be sarcastic you might think he wears a kilt and plays the bagpipes. He does neither, but he does make brilliantly stripped back traditional indie tunes – beautifully DIY and wonderfully catchy.”

“Sometimes, you don’t need much more than a melody and the will to play. At least, that’s what Scottish singer songwriter Matt Stockl seems to prove...with the same Celtic lick and penchant for beautiful, unsettling harmony we’ve come to expect of his kinsmen. Mixing the melodic wonder of Villagers with the rough and ready charm of The Pictish Trail; Matt Stockl effectively embodies a scene that’s bubbled beneath the surface of more commercially acceptable music since the mid-Noughties. With praise from BBC Introducing and Six Music also under his belt, it seems only a matter of time before he claims his five minutes – hopefully, the UK will allow him a little longer.”

“While the mainstream music scene becomes increasingly bland filled with identikit "stars" that look and sound like they've been produced by a 3D printer it's heartening to see that there are still musicians like Matt out there who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and sing about the world around them.”

“His dulcet tones, off-beat tunes and poetic lyrics have intoxicated me.”

““Incredibly elegant and creatively insightful lyrics…delivers something standout amongst the thousands of other acoustic guitar singer songwriters.””

Linda Serck - BBC Introducing

“Smart, engaging songwriting.”

“Matt Stockl's Charm is his delectable way with words, demonstrating on first encounter his musical out-pouring. It was clear to me that his creativity towards writing flowed naturally, giving us an array of poetical, hypnotising, witty and thought provoking lyrics. His words sustained a lingering resonance through his projection of song...from the word go I was pulled into the sea of words Matt provided...”

“Matt Stockl continues to charm his audiences with soulful and somewhat strange musical outpourings.”