Matt Robert / Press

“There’s a little folk, a little soul, a little country, and a healthy portion of blues on this album but no matter what the ingredients, it’s all rock and roll. Matt Robert is one of those gifted musicians who can master multiple genres and fuse it into one cohesive sound. “The Ballad of Hortense and Clyde” with its quirky lyrics peppered with dark humor made it one of my instant favorites. Same with “Jesus in My Amplifier” which by the way, has got to be one the best song titles ever. Matt can strum a guitar or blow a harmonica like an old bluesman. Definitely put this guy on your list of must see musicians.”

Spare Change News - Cambridge, MA

“This dude can pick with the best of them.”

“'Searching for Diamonds' is a sterling representation of an artist who is pushing the boundaries of solo acoustic performance while paying homage to the traditions that came before him. He's honed his writing skills and his guitar chops razor sharp, making himself a solo tour-de-force. He adds just the right touch of mandolin, harmonica, and banjo.”

“There's a strange, subtle sort of salvation in Robert's music. Robert's painting a picture as old as the blues itself ... of playing music as a way of saving one's self from despair. He cleverly starts connecting the blues he's playing to the greater vein of the genre. ”

“Robert’s solo career [mines] musical genres like ragtime, blues, folk and finger-style and slide guitar. [On] Robert’s debut solo album, the seven song “Searching for Diamonds”... he’s coaxed a downhome sound out of his amps that...anyone who likes reminiscing about dirt roads and predistortion pedal Blues music, would want to sit down with. ”

“Matt Robert Blends Blues and Roots in Original Tunes”