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“News Flash! Kona Endorses Mark Sebby! Mark Sebby Our most recent endorsee in the spotlight... ”

“San Antonio was abuzz about Troubadour, TX making it’s way into town. Twenty artists came out to show their skills behind the mic, and the room was packed with eager listeners. Producers were ready for anything and were blown away by everything. I learned something about San Antonio singer songwriters, they stick together. One of the artists was referred by another artist, who was referred by another artist. They don’t take an opportunity and keep it to themselves. They spread the word and make sure the entire artist community is involved. In between performances a discussion came up about the San Antonio music scene, and the disappointing fact that artists make more money playing cover songs than performing their original work. Which makes what all these Troubadours that much more spectacular. They choose the path of most resistance and sing their way through.”

“Passion, determination, and the love for what he does is what makes Mark such an outstanding contributor to Texas Music. He remains true to himself which has helped shape him into the man he has become. He enjoys giving back just as much as he enjoys making music. His creative approach to the Texas Music Scene is unique. He gives all of who he is and is perfectly content making music his life. Mark says it best, “I am who I am, and it is what it is.””

“Texas Music Cares’ debut and Breast Cancer Research benefit concert features some of Texas Music's best: County Road Zero, Caitlyn Brette, Mark Sebby and Chris Edwards at the Kaliente Ice House Bar, Saturday, October 23rd in Madisonville, Texas!”

“Mark Sebby & Sebby Productions did an amazing job of booking our Acoustic & Full Band Stages for this years Cowboy Homecoming. His own performance was completely incredible and moving. We will be using him again next year.”

Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce

“Mark Sebby is unique in the fact that he is not only a musician, but he strives to help people find direction musically, and he also helps kids who dream of being an artist.”

“Mark's musical influence is rooted in Country, Americana, Blues, Rock, Jazz, Soul, and Alternative. He is currently performing Acoustic shows all over the state of Texas. He is an accomplished singer-songwriter and a mentor to many Artists just getting their start in performing.”

“Mark Sebby is a friend I had no clue about his own talent and promotion of Texas Country Music. Mark has the talent to cover another story!”

"All of the concerts are being arranged by Sebby Productions. Owner Mark Sebby represents Redneck Jedi and is working closely with the Main Street group to provide the other musical entertainment."

“His original songs are based upon life experiences, loss, lessons learned in life, and relationships that he has been in (real everyday life). “My music is about learning from my experiences. I would like to think that everyone gets something out of my music.” There is a certain darkness in Mark’s music; but like the Texas weather it can change without a moments’ notice. Mark writes all of his own songs.”