Mark "Guitar" Miller / Press

“Mark is really a huge talent!”

Mary D. Mayo-Wescott

““Mark is the real thing.””

John Hammond Jr.

““Really fine blues album with flying guitar work.””

Radio Galere, Marseille, France

"Mark is one with his guitar and he's a real artist."

Ralph Singleton

“When you see and hear Mark play, you understand what he means by putting his feelings into his playing. He doesn’t just play the guitar; he makes it sing, and he makes it cry. With every note that he bends and sustains, there is an overwhelming sense of emotion being released that moves you.”

“Sensational, spiritual, powerful, and passionate are just some of the words that describe this next artist. Mark "Guitar" Miller delivers with such a deep understanding of Blues music that fans will instantly gravitate towards him.”

““I've only caught you from the audience a few times, but you have always blown me away.””

Bob Ludwig - President and Chief Engineer of Gateway Mastering & DVD's

““Miller’s crunching, biting tone and high-end attack could make your hair stand on end. There's a lot to like, especially for guitar aficionados.””

Blues Review Magazine

““Brilliant guitar playing from Mark Miller””

Radio Nightingdale, England

"Mark has set a standard for Maine performers.”

Portland Performing Arts

“Brad Delp once said, “Mark ‘Guitar’ Miller is one of the best bluesmen in the country”. As the lead singer for Boston, he’d seen a lot of players, so he had some basis for his opinion.”