Mariah Ver Hoef / Press

“Here's the Top 10 for the week of November 1 - 7. Mariah Ver Hoef takes the top spot...A young singer-songwriter from Fairbanks, Alaska, Mariah writes about the isolation and shifting landscapes of growing up. 2010 will see the release of her third album in as many years.”

“This morning I checked in with Jango and listened to Mariah Ver Hoef, a ridiculously gifted 16 year old who just released her third album...”

“With her delicate voice singing her songs, sweet and fresh, so she knows how to charm, with mostly short, but smooth pop and folk songs...”

“Her future is in our opinion, therefore, very bright...”

“...it literally shocks me that you are only 16 years of age, for to write a body of sharp minded well rounded sounding original songs seemed possible only at a much more mature age...A collection of songs that has the power to move people with your signature style of inspiring melodies.”

““Space Between Two Worlds” laat een ongekend fris en sprankelend geluid horen...is een dijk van een cd. ("Space Between Two Worlds" shows an incredibly fresh and vibrant sound...is a hell of a CD.)”

"Mariah Ver Hoef is certainly a talented young singer-songwriter, but her songs don't fit into just one box, either.”

“When I listen to your songs after a long hard day (especially when I've fallen out with friends) your music makes me feel really happy and peaceful. Thanks. xxx :)”

“Ver Hoef sings ... with strong imagery that utilize[s] historical reference and Alaska’s vast diversity”

Glenn Burnsilver - Fairbanks Daily Newsminer Newpaper

“Great songs ... rich textures, light and dark, joyous and poignant ... combines the maturity of someone who has studied their craft with the bright perspective and energy of youth.”