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“I enjoyed myself beyond words and I can still feel the energy that was generated that night. Therefore; in closing, I feel obligated to say that I absolutely cannot wait to go to another Manamana show! These three men are outstanding showmen that dish out a performance for the eyes and the ears alike. I would highly recommend the Manamana experience to anyone.”

Stephen Cole - Fan review of Manamana show at Tir Na Nog in Daytona Beach, FL (Part 3)

“I will also never forget a particular guitar solo being performed by Butch Bobcat (vocals/guitar) and P.Shway (drummer) at the same time! Butch provided the left hand technique as P.Shway executed a very elaborate maneuver with his drumsticks on Butch’s guitar to make the solo complete and it sounded perfect! What an exceptional show-stopping display! I must also tell of being invited to sing with Manamana while they performed a cover of David Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust”. As they began the song, Saturday Knight (vocals/guitar) calmly takes a seat in front of the stage while still playing the song on his guitar. I turned around for one second and next thing I know, there went P.Shway from behind the drums and off of the stage, singing into his wireless headset. He invited everyone in the audience to participate while making his way to join the fans that were hanging out at the bar. This was so much fun!”

Stephen Cole - Fan review of Manamana show at Tir Na Nog in Daytona Beach, FL (Part 2)

“WOW! What an excellent concert by Manamana! They performed at Tir Na Nog Irish Pub on June 13, 2013 in Daytona Beach, FL. This band created a show that mixed a mind-blowing sound with outstanding visual antics on and off stage, along with audience participation. A great time was had by all of whom which attended. Where do I start? Maybe I should start with the fact that my adrenaline was immediately kicked into high gear by Manamana’s sound. It is a powerful, driving force that absolutely cannot be stopped once it is started. The bone-crunching guitar riffs and thunderous drumming remain fresh in my mind and ears at this very moment. I become excited while just thinking about it!”

Stephen Cole - Fan review of Manamana show at Tir Na Nog in Daytona Beach, FL (Part 1)

“I am writing to rave about this band. They are super awesome to watch! They put on a hell of a show! Sadly many local bands don't seem to have the whole package but Manamana sure does! You can't help but bang your head and rock out with them! I'm originally from New York so when I moved down here I didn't think I would find too many great bands but I was mistaken. I wish I could go to every show! Keep on rocking, boys! Manamana ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Superfan Angela Castiglia - Fan Review

“Manamana is not your average band. They are a must see experience appearing to be spawned from the 80s and morphed into an edgy, energetic & interactive rock show. These guys are always stepping it up and branching out to new extremes. They are literally a party on wheels so check out their tour dates & prepare to have your eyeballs singed with greatness.”

Kristie Jordan - Fan Review

“We've been following Manamana for several years. From the first show to the most recent we've been nothing but impressed. Their energy, stage presence, and just plain awesomeness is second to none. Their covers, with a Manamana twist, are some of the best. But their original tunes are absolutely phenomenal!! From the pounding skins to the dual axe shredders, A Manamana show can be summed up in three words... Face Melting Fun!! If you have the chance to see them, GO!!”

Zenny & Kevin Walker - Fan Review

"Manamana! After seeing them recently this past May, it's safe to say that if the Muppets were to front a New Wave of British Heavy Metal band they'd sound like this South Carolina trio. Manamana are fun to see live and metalheads should not miss out the chance to see them"

“If you're looking to have a great time out, I would definitely recommend seeing these five lunatics.”

“With a high voltage stage show, Manamana also have kick ass songs to make it a total package.”

“This 5 piece band from Charlotte, NC has got to be the most energetic and fun band to watch live that I have seen since Anthrax came out.”

“Closing out the night, the always-entertaining, never-duplicated Manamana had a new set of tricks up their sleeves for the eager crowd.”

“Then, as an early Christmas gift, Manamana turned on their softer side for a guitar-fueled rendition of Pachelbel’s “Canon in D.” I’m a sucker for Classical music, and for Manamana—they are so much fun to experience.”

“Paul Lashway pounds passionately on the drums with Neil Peart precision while channeling some mixture of the Mad Hatter, Gene Simmons, and Animal. Carmen Piro, Damon Patrinos, and John Piro tear it up on the guitars (that’s right, there’s 3 guitars), and howl like rabid wolves while Stephen Sues brings up the low-end on the bass.”

“They do a metal 'Hungry Like the Wolf' , and their originals are all killer. Those guys ended the show with a TSO style rendition of Canon in D that had both me and Amanda Caines speechless.. Just in time for the Xmas season, and I'm so fucking glad I was there to see it.. Manamana, you have proven to me musically again why it is that I put up with all your good looks and hot chick girlfriends”

“These guys know how to write a song, and they understand the meaning of the word 'HOOK'.”

“Paul has an understanding of being a 'dynamic' drummer better than almost any other drummer in the area I've seen and his beats are truly memorable.”

“Carmen's singing is a refreshing shotgun blast in the face, and everyone of those guys can howl.”

“They've been one of the coolest and most professional to work with. Can't speak highly enough of them.”

“I wanted to go high-five everyone in the band for putting on such a blatantly fun show. This is one heavy metal party band that can deliver a good time that inspires people to get drunk and take their tops off while maintaining enough substance to entertain even the most sober of designated drivers. Every metal head who likes to party should check out Manamana at least once, if not once weekly.”

“They cut up with each other on stage and simply exuded the joy of metal during their set—and the fans ate it up. There were sequined-bra-wearing dancers, moshers, and head-bobbers all enjoying the different aspects as Manamana changed gears from death metal to bluesy rock and back again.”

“It’s so refreshing to hear a metal band doing something different from the run-of-the-mill, three-chord guitar parts in 4/4 time signature, with a bunch of screaming that doesn’t change registers or quality. Manamana hits a variety of time signatures, multi-faceted riffage, and boasts a playful chorus of screamers who smile on stage more than any local metal band I’ve ever seen.”

“Even with some killer supporting bands, Manamana still rocked the headliner spot of the night with an upbeat set played to a great group of adoring—and half-naked—fans.”

“With enough energy and electricity at their live shows to power Time Square in NYC, Manamana is a band that you don't want to miss. As if their driving, in your face Godsmack'esk rhythms and Iron Maiden harmonies along with intense vocal harmonies and thunderous beats wasn't enough to keep you grooving and glued to the stage, Manamana seems to turn any showgoer into a fan or as they call them; maniacs because that's what you will become after just a few minutes into their set.”

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