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“Deconstruct smacks of a heavy album with a core of unspoken frailty, as though the power and malevolence of the music itself enablers the narrator to face the world. It is uncommon to have such a group inadvertently admit to their concerns, rarer still to find those concerns enunciated in such open terms.”

“Deconstruct is a highly paced album which I recommend to any rock and metal fan who appreciates what real music sounds like. Mad Hatter 2.0 are living proof that metal music can go from one end of the scale to the other and they demonstrate this from one song to the next.”

“Over the last year or so Mad Hatter 2.0 have had a bit of a time of it, firstly with some line up changes, then Marc having his little ‘accident’ so being off of his feet, so when I saw that they’d hit the studio to record an album I was looking forward to seeing what they’d come up with. All the anger, all the pent up frustration from the year gone has come out in the music here, resulting in an album which isn’t just heavy, it’s meaningful and deep, speaking to those who hear it and connecting with their souls. There’s moments which are melodic, moments which are all out insanity, and moments that simply make you sit back and think damn, that was cool. Deconstruct isn’t just an album, it’s a statement from Mad Hatter 2.0, and everyone that hears it is going to understand what they’re saying…they’re not about to go anywhere.”

“Mad Hatter 2.0 have long been one of my favorite English groove metal bands. Since 2010 their hard gigging approach and 2 EPs have showed the promise of the band. Now they have finally a full length to prove themselves on. Fortunately they show themselves to be true masters of the genre. DECONSTRUCT One of the most notable aspects of these songs is that they all seem made to be played live. They have solid rhythms that make your body move and could inspire many a mosh pit. The crunchy riffing is a key part of this album and is found throughout, even in the less traditional bits. This album is united by some great guitar licks that never fail to impress. Filled with a crazed thrash metal energy they push the album forward and force the listener into a headbanging oblivion.”

“Mad Hatter 2.0 Twisted Delusions, The Gryphon... In first sight they look like the kind of people that would beat you up in cheap bars and steal your booze n women but once you start listening to their songs you realize they don't have time for small people like you , they are out to change the world...with violence. No, love didn't seem to work for this band so they chose to take over your mind,ears,eyes f**k even take over your nose if they can. Marc will scream his way into your brain and his voice will haunt your darkest dreams. If you come to join them he will salute you if you come looking for blood that's exactly what you are gonna get.Their best track E.M.T in my opinion.They are loud,fast,violent and sexy (if you are into sweaty angry metal heads that is). Go see them I promise you they will not dissapoint.... On a personal note the members of mad hatter might look angry n violent but once they stepped of stage they were the nicest most polite people ive met in a long time...”

“Groove metal with some very funky riffs, and hoarse, impassioned, melodic vocals that sound as indebted to garage punk as to metal.This is really kinetic, catchy stuff, with some pleasingly tricky rhythms and and stops: I couldn’t stop nodding my head while I listened to their tracks, and I know I wouldn’t stop moving at a live show. Excellent stuff.”

“Hailing from Devon come Mad Hatter 2.0, describing themselves as a fusion of metal and groove with no frills and no hidden extras. Their 4 track EP gives a fantastic insight into what Mad Hatter 2.0 are all about. The groove aspect is there for everyone to hear straight from the first track ‘Time Of Our Lives’ and refuses to let up until the final chords of ‘Suffocate’. I challenge anyone not to want to bang their heads and pump their fists whilst listening to this band with their loud crunchy guitars, stomping drum breaks and tight bass lines. The vocals, strangely reminiscent of Steve 'Zetro' Souza, sit brilliantly on the music and add to the infectious groove nature of the band. Throw in a few face ripping solos and you’ve got all the ingredients to make a killer band. You really get the feeling that this band are all singing from the same hymn sheet, only intent on making music that they want to, and with fantastic results 8/10”

“THIS IS A WAR Mad Hatter 2.0 Lush production dudes! everything sounding sweet, that guitar tone is beastly!”

“THIS IS A WAR. Mad Hatter 2.0 THIS TRACK IS FUCKING SICK!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME , HARD CORE , GUT TWISTED, MIND FUCK OF A TRACK........ ...... its a BEAST!!! \M/ ♥ \M/”

“Deliverance Review by Jeff Porter, Hidden Gems. Eat your crayons up, Step away from the Window and Get ya helmet off ! Ive got all the Therapy you'll need Right Here !! I Suggest you Download Deliverance, the New Single from the insane one's in the 2.0 !!! From the Start this Groove fest of a track leaves you felling violated ! Full of Riffs, and breakdowns, this New Single is Breath Taking. Hooky Vocal lines and Melodys, often forgotten by bands in this Genre, gel with a crunching Arrangement and structure. It Grabs, molests and Kidnaps you. Forcing you into a middle 8 stomp fest, that'll get you into A&E Faster than a Student protest in London ! This is the 1st release from the 2.0's EP "PERSEVERANCE" and I for 1 cant wait to hear the rest ... ! J, Porter, Hidden Gems... Download it now from http://reverbnation.com/madhatter20”

Jeff Porter (Reviews) - Hidden Gems Fanzine

“A very fine band, with all the corners covered. Guitar riffs that stick in your mind and a cool approach to the solos. I have seen this band live and it is here where they literally come ALIVE. The lead singer is a great front man, ranging from dark brooding to menacing with complete focus. The rest of the band for the canvass on which he paints the picture, using many shades of black and grey... Their songs stick in your head after one or two listens, favouring a groove based approach that gets you moving on the first listen, after which the song opens itself up to you, taking you along for the ride and refusing you to get off until they are done. Check them out live”

Scout review road run ner records - signmetoroadrunnerrecords

“Reveal Me Score: 7/10 I like the beat on this song because its making this song sound groovy and very lively. The sound of the distortion in this song makes this song sound aggressive but the riff is very clear and the melodies are well defined too which is good. The singer sounded very aggressive and intense but linear to the tune of the instrumentation in the background which is good.”

Scout review slicethepie - SLICE THE PIE

“THIS IS A WAR This track had really exciting lyrics and the darkness of the instrumentation was definitely very pleasing to listen to; the vocal style was spine grabbing, the band sound tight and seasoned. The guitar lead at 2:55 was absolutely superb.”

Review This is a war - SLICETHEPIE

“Phew! Tight as a gnat's neck-brace! Boulder-crunching force and unison here, yet every inflection, nuance and lyric remaining distinct WITHOUT sacrifice to the fire. Cracking stuff! Thank YOU Mad Hatter 2.0”

Exile Pots Reverbnation Artist - Reverbnation review



“MAD HATTER 2.0 The New and Improved BAND FROM Devon UK It's anarchy meets 2010 With marc''s raw, powerful vocals... It's an energetic surge of punk-metal..at it's best !!!! sid vicious would be proud this band is sinfully contagious before you know it you'll be headbanging with the rest of us its a must see ..must hear band .....!!! gypsey gives it the hornz high http://reverbnation.com/madhatter20 ”

Da Gypsy - Regview

“Superb demo ~ TAKE ME AWAY by MAD HATTER 2.0.. Solid drum playing and husky voice from the vocalist.. Minimum in guitar playing and riffing but it was nice.. Another songs ~ THIS IS A WAR ( i love this song), TIME OF OUR LIVES, EMT, PURGE, TOO MUCH PRESSURE (Just name it a few).. Dammed hot.. MAD HATTER 2.0 ~ They are Ready For The Show!!!”

BigBro Zai - REVIEW

“Mad Hatter 2.0 is once again ripping it up with with another power new song that is stronger than another. You'll never get bored listening to any of their art because they have their own unique style that is a mastermind leaving you scream...ing louder for more. This new song, 'Take Me Away' is filled with hooks, raspy but clean vocals, drums that are solid and bass lines that follow and one thing for sure Mad Hatter 2.0 won't have me walking away from their display of metal rawness with flavor that it out of this world. If you want to hear metal that will make you slam your friend against the wall this is the band for you to check out. ~ Brianna owner of Dark Princess Suicide Zine, staff writer for Obscure Chaos Zine, Staff writer for Metal Assault, and staff writer for Maddest Bitches.”

“TAKE ME AWAY ! No thanks i wanna hit Play, turn it up and Stay ! Do these guys ever Stop and Breathe ? !!! Right from the off the new track from the 4 piece unit Grabs you and trys to choke you into listening ! Riffs, growls, snapping fills and bass line hooks. Drive this song through a journey of metal, to a place that just leaves you wanting more.. Old skool influences drop in and out and then get dismissed as an after thought within the structure. Building up to a middle 8 stomp fest guaranteed to make any brain dead metal loving freak start banging thier head ! More of the same please guys \m/”

Jeff Porter (Reviews), Hidden Gems Fanzine - Hidden Gems Fanzine

“MAD HATTER 2.0 & NO CLOSURE LIVE AT RYAN'S BAR - 2/10/2010 Tonight sees the return of Mad Hatter 2.0 with their new line-up after the unfortunate departure of the original bass player and drummer. From the opening note the four piece leap into their set as if their lives depended on it and, despite initial feedback problems, they perform throughout like a band that have been playing together for years. Keeping the eager crowd engaged right through the set, especially with their brilliant rendition of Drowning Pool's 'Bodies', Hatter prove that they are still a very relevant force in the local Heavy Metal scene. Catch these guys while you still can because it seems they're destined for a huge career.”

“Mad Hatter 2.0 will kick your fucking ass with their new line-up with blistering metal that will never dry. Check out their brutal new song "This Is A War" unless your to pussy to hear real metal. Kathleen Brackett of Obscure Chaos Zine”

“I’ve been a supporter and a fan of Mad Hatter 2.0 ever since I came across them on You Tube this year. With their new line-up change they’re sicker, atrocious and will never be terrified to write with authority about anything. They never f...ear to touch topics that others would. As I sit on my metal throne, I await to see more metal punches into your face leaving you bloody and crawling back for more punishment with their new track, ‘This Is A War’ that’s filled with soaring and heavy riffs, pounding drumming that penetrates right through my heart with bass lines that back it up, vocals that are raw, clean and with conviction. Wanting to give some individuals a round house kick to their throats but I would rather wait to see Mad Hatter 2.0 rip it up with more metal songs that will make your mouth drop to the floor. Brianna Brackett ~ Owner of Dark Princess Suicide Zine & staff member of Obscure Chaos Zine, Metal Assault, Maddest Bitches Zine”

“ It seems even with a line up change and a string of live shows to prepare for, you just cant keep these guys quiet.. The New track from the guys in Devon, is quite simply Brutal ! THIS IS A WAR Reeks of Anger and energy. From the opening Scream through to the crunching Main Riff, you find yourself reliving all those times you just wanted to scream this at the so called loved one in your life ! CLEAR CRISP AND TO THE POINT !!!! THIS IS WITHOUT A DOUBT A WAR ”

Pete - Broken Discs Fanzine

“Mad Hatter 2.0-Spellbound. SPELLBOUND Is a monumental track that sounds at home blasting out of an MP3 Player or on a huge rig in a club. The Band are touring and playing various southwest venues over the coming months. For more info please visit http://facebook.com/madhatter2”

“Subject SPELLBOUND Mad Hatter 2.0... Compared with the other tracks on their pages the track SPELLBOUND adheres to the age old Saying "Less is more". Dark moody Guitar riffs, a flowing arrangement, haunting effects on the Bass and a vocal melody line that leaves you numb and needing to grab the lyrics, press play and listen again ... It has become obvious to me after listening to all of their material in the order the tracks were released, that the main songwriters within the band,are really finding their feet . All thats left is to do is RUN ! I AM SPELLBOUND ...”

Jeff Porter (Reviews) - Hidden Gems Fanzine

“Wood nymphs sprinkle your path with rose petals while you dance and prowl in the sequined moonlight with leftover cupcake sprinkles. You have not yet reached the height of your creativity. All my thoughts are lost to your graceful gaze? Your reflections bring happiness that rends naked glass. Blinking reveals the true visage of beauty hidden within your eyes. Your eyes are like spheres of crystal water filled with shimmering dreams. The stickers hugging the fruit smell better than the perfume of ambergris. The music that flows from your instruments overwhelms me with creativity. I sense wild vapors of sweet champagne in your larynx. Your sweet voice is like the application of aloe vera upon a sunburnt back. So charmingly silky, your skin is like a teardrop on a popsickle. A starfish's lifelong hallucinations of gelatin pools and of actuaries floating upon the foam and reciprocal ohm. ”

Ashley - Myspace.com

“Subject ... "Reveal Me" Mad Hatter 2.0. Yet another Amazing Track from the guys in the UK. When i hear this track i really wish i could play the guitar because as always, the riffs, feel and crunch comes flooding through and makes you want to grab a hand full of Axe !!! The Arrangement of the track means that the Drums and Bass link and flow effortlessly together providing the platform for the vocals to cut you in half. WHY ARNT THESE GUYS SIGNED ???????????”

Tripple Bipass - East side zine

“Amazing!!! you took me off my head!!”

Randy Rhodes Reverbnation Artist - Reverbnation

“New song "Reveal me" great work. chorus works really well in the way it's arranged structurewise within the song and is anthemic and memorable. Really cool guitar tones, nice hook riffs, sharp precise drumming. Proper and original sounding vocals.”

Leon Adams Reverbnation Artist - Reverbnation Artist

“E.M.T Mad Hatter 2.0.. Sounded like it was gonna be big, then just got bigger and bigger ! Awesome Guitar Riffs with Cleverly sung Vocals all held together with a solid Drum and Bass guitar Foundation These guys are what you should be listening to when youve had enough of the usual pop, preconstructed crap you find on the Radio... Rated... 10/10”

Slave reviews - Uvex Metal Mag

“The four-piece deftly combines chugging guitar with an equally hard-hitting rhythm section to create a really powerful sound that most metal fans will love. Suffocate, is a huge crowd pleaser, with a really melodic riff running through it and the vocals are clear and smooth when they kick in. The tempo changes in E.M.T are clever and are likely to win over hard rock fans. Purge, shows that the band is capable of some seriously good lyric-writing, which demonstrates that their talent is not just for making a loud noise – they also have a lot to say about the world we live in. A lot of metal skeptics will be surprised to hear that the two aren’t mutually exclusive! Sounds2Buy Review Team”

“Purge Mad Hatter 2.0...wow,blown away by the sounds and the video,its a killer eating disorders in what ever way,and not enough people respect and support this,well done guys.xx”

“E.M.T Mad Hatter 2.0 great track that will soon annoy the neighbors when it's cranked to 11 at home and in the car!”

“E.M.T Mad Hatter 2.0 Great song! strong opening guitar riff! :)”

“Rif Fuckintastic !!! loving the heavy and punchy vocals that stand out as being kick ass yet natural. this seriously does take my fancy. if you like heavy guitars and Thoughtful vocals then go for this. i will be bookmarking these guys :)”

“E.M.T Mad Hatter 2.0 Love the innovative sound of this band! Very catchy songs! Solid presence! Strong vocals! Rock on! Rock on!”

“The 2.0 are Hitting the road in 2010 With a brand new Album For the 3 surviving members of the original Mad Hatter Line up,This will be their first Live Show together for nearly 14 years !!!!!!! With New Guitarist Paul and a brand New Album to shove down your throats.”

Tina - Events UK

“Rock the fuck on!!! x”

Bullet and Chains {artist} - Reverbnation comment

“a big fat WOW...nothing but talent oozing out my speakers”

Bumble { Artist} - reverbnation comment

“Believe Mad Hatter 2.0 I really liked this track The melodies are excellent, the timings are beautiful very well done throughout and the form is well done. the vocals are strong and the lyrics are delivered with power and clarity. the emotion that runs through the track is very effectve”

Slice of the Pie Review - Slice of the Pie

“Rise Mad Hatter 2.0 this track rocks, so much great and heavy riffs everywhere i love the choke on the guitar very much metal on it the vocals sounded honest and real and well fits the metal genre ! Loved it”

Slice of the Pie Review - Slice of the Pie

“Rise Mad Hatter 2.0 wow! loving the guitar squeal! heavy and punchy with vocals that stand out as being kick ass yet natural. this seriously does take my fancy. if you like heavy guitars and vocals then go for this. i will be bookmarking these guys :)”

Slice of the Pie Review - Slice of the Pie

“PURGE Mad Hatter 2.0 Well gushed through hard rock instrumentation here which certainly got me going. Male vocals were seriously off the chain.Im diggin it.”

Slice of the Pie Review - Slice of the Pie

“PURGE Mad Hatter 2.0 Very agressive and powerful song, which i very enjoy. The vocalist has unique, one of a kind voice that fits perfectly to this music genre. The lead guitarrist is very professional.”

Slice of the Pie Review - Slice of the Pie

“PURGE Mad Hatter 2.0 . . . great double drum pedal work here. i love the way the guitar and vocals work together. its really tight and tasty. what more could you want? reminds me of soulfly and manson to a certain extent. oh and korn”

Slice of the Pie Review - Slice of the Pie

"Rise" Mad Hatter 2.0 . . . Slick, brutal and just what this Doctor ordered ! 9/10 Guys.. Full of HATTERTUDE !!! Check this unit out @ http://reverbnation.com/madhatter20

Doc Rock, Street Hunter Magazine - Street Hunter Gig Guide

“The Hattertude is Back . . . ! Their new track Suffocate is where its at ! Great to see them still able to deliver the crunch, thats been so badly missed. . . 7/10 ; )”

J smythe - System Metal

“South west of England Rock and Metal Fans will be pleased to hear that one of the most celebrated local bands of the last 20 years has been reincarnated . With a reboot up to 2.0”

Lowe Down - Herald Express

“Subject . . ."Believe" Mad Hatter 2.0, A beautiful track, written with a level of maturity lost on most people . . . Go check these guys out on http://facebook.com/madhatter2 ”

Steve Granger,Head of Reviews - South West Live

"12 years has been far too long, without these guys gracing the uk scene the New release " Suffocate " shows that they never really went away " !!!

Chelsea Davis - Bay Rocks