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“Southern rock played by women. As it should have been all along!”

“This Southern California-based outfit stomps on the notion of being just another tribute band, with blistering performances driven by the ace musicians and a return to the epic nature of ’70s rock concerts.”

“Lynette Skynyrd has it all, and by the time the grand finale of Sweet Home Alabama and Free Bird arrived, the venue had taken flight, thoroughly enchanted by the rapturous sounds of Lynette Skynyrd.”

“Laurie set out to create a tribute that would truly do justice to the genre-defining Southern hard rock of the original band and the exceptional songwriting and musicianship that earned Lynyrd Skynyrd its rightful place in the pantheon of classic arena rock bands.”

“THAT is a MOST EXCELLENT interpretation. I’m impressed.”

Ed King - Classic era Lynyrd Skynyrd Guitarist

“Based in California, they are a force to be reckoned with. Let’s just say I wouldn’t want to meet them in a dark alley. You talk about BAD ASS!”

“I felt that unique feeling of something new & special when I played these ladies CD this week. It was great!!!!”

“I don’t think I need to give anyone the hard sell here. Look at the name, look at that photo.”

“I have gotten some of the greatest compliments about how we present this music. It's like "Wow, I haven't felt like this since I saw Skynyrd back in the old days. It was so exciting." That's really the whole goal, to get people excited about this music again. -Laurie Es”

“Laurie and Cathy played beautiful arrangements of classic Skynyrd songs, many of the ones that were less popular commercially but highly meaningful in the anthology of the band.”

“Let me tell you, These girls are alot of fun!”

"It blows me away that you girls were so inspired by one band, that y'all picked up and you kick ass on it."

““They can cover Skynyrd with the best of them. I’m telling yawl they have the Skynyrd energy, style, sound and swagger! From the first song until the last they rocked the Hell House!””

"All of these girls are hot. And I'm not just talking about looks."


"The Lynyette Skynyrd Band - Fine musicians and fellow Southern Rockers!"

Southern Rock Society

"A coven capable of a vehement perfection potent enough to intimidate even the brawling-est hillbilly Neanderthal into a state of sissified emasculation."

Jonny Whiteside - LA Weekly