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““The first open mike night was hosted by Bill Brandon, who co-owns Pepperell-based R & B Studios with friend and Library Building Maintenance Supervisor Rob Renaud. They have experience in production, recording and promoting local musician.” The Pepperell Free Press ”

““Low-key and inviting, Lawrence Library's open mic night is a unique late-night offering for local patrons. Pepperell-based R&B Studios owners Bill Brandon and Rob Renaud have been hosting the event since November, when the Acoutsic Cafe program, in essence, went electric. Last Thursday, the art gallery was armed with three guitars, a piano, a sound systems and even a light rig. Read more: http://www.nashobapublishing.com/ci_19969812?IADID=Search-www.nashobapublishing.com-www.nashobapublishing.com#ixzz1mwJrjbYd ” Luke Steere - Pepperell Free Press ”