Lucy Billings / Press

"Carry the Water" provides a thorough and rich listening experience…instantly recognizable high standard of Billings' guitar melodies and lilting vocals…infused with powerful poetic lyricism."

Ian Horne - Maverick

““As Music Director of KC Café Radio I receive a lot of music every day to review for airplay. Rarely do I hear a CD that not only impresses me but that stays with me long after first listening. Lucy Billings’ "Carry the Water" is one such CD... the songs not only open your mind but wrap around your heart. The honest and straightforward emotions that Lucy conveys in her lyrics will bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eyes, sometimes in the same song. "Carry the Water" is the perfect blend of music and lyrics delivered by a strong, soothing, secure voice.””

Kathy Forste, Music Director - KC Cafe Radio

“CARRY THE WATER - "Lucy Billings has the presence of a folk musician, a natural ability to reveal the flesh and flaws of others without judgment, offering solace in a phrase and inspiration in ideas...Carry the Water talks of the things in life that we may take for granted, exposes what we think is important and suggests that we may want to look a little closer to see what we are missing."”

“CARRY THE WATER - "Americana/folk singer Lucy Billings is back with a third helping of her addictive music." "Lucy Billings has few rivals in the Americana/ folk area...on her new disc, producerJohn Jennings creates a sound mix where you can hear every note of music, every word of the lyrics. It sounds wonderful. Someone of Lucy Billings' talent should be on a major record label." (5 STARS)”

“CARRY THE WATER - "The name “Lucy Billings” is finally out of the box. With her third CD – now #6 on the Folk Music Airplay Charts – Billings has created a major album...stunning in its lyrics....with equally beautiful melodies, vocals, instrumentation and production. Produced once again by the acclaimed multi-instrumentalist, John Jennings (who co-wrote two of the songs), Carry the Water is a thoughtful album, deep as a well, with songs that are simultaneously intimate and universal. And Lucy delivers these songs in a voice that is strong and warm, fluid and resonant, taking flight effortlessly in higher registers while never losing that clear, inviting, come-on-in tone." "This is an album that makes you think...and feel. Yet, at the same time, it simply provides some beautiful listening."”

“NO OTHER ROAD - "When Lucy Billings’ crystal clear voice kicked in I thought this might be a special disc…. All through this album are some wonderful lyrics…. (and) John Jennings has done a stunning job. The sound mix is wonderful, one of the very best of recent years. “As things start to wind down, I don’t want Lucy Billings to stop singing. I just can’t find anything wrong with this superb disc. The songs, vocals, backing-tracks, production, and sound mix are all near to perfection. 2011 has got off to a wonderful start. (5 STARS) - Paul Riley, COUNTRY MUSIC PEOPLE”

“NO OTHER ROAD - "Billings tells great stories via song. She has a great voice and the production and guitar work from John Jennings are on the money."”

“NO OTHER ROAD - "Billings' interplay with Jennings is oft complex and compelling…And when I say the crimson-haired chanteuse warbles sweetly, I'm not joking; it's almost like your mother telling stories to send you off to sleep with sugar and a smile…Everyone is in fine fettle throughout No Other Road, and thus it's damnably hard to pick a top contender from the pack…so I won't."”

“NO OTHER ROAD - Her convincing ways with words carry over like a dream…. Billings’ easygoing manner, the somewhat Gaelic lilt to her clear voice, and her Arizona desert upbringing afford her songs on “No Other Road’ an unusual attractiveness…. pay attention from here on out to the pretty, flame-tressed Lucy Billings.”

Tom Clarke - Hittin' The Note

“No Other Road provides a wonderful combination of shine and substance. It is the substance - the melodic flow and refreshingly honest lyrics that makes the album enduringly enjoyable. No Other Road never loses its appeal, no matter how many times I listen to it.”


“NO OTHER ROAD - Incisive lyrics that cut to the heart of each subject… Lucy Billings writes with the confident air of a practiced story-teller. Her voice puts you at ease right out of the gate, and the arrangements she crafts for her songs are complete, complex…. Without pretense, Billings lays out her songs almost as if she’s talking to her best friend…. gives her performances an air of authenticity that can’t be bought.”

“NO OTHER ROAD - Combining unique, real-life stories with inviting vocals, great harmonies and an all-star cast of musicians…’No Other Road’ boasts some exquisite arrangements… Billings’ songs are filled with energy, optimism, compassion, courage and humor…But my favorite part of this album is Billings’ voice. It’s just so easy to listen to…. an authentic, pure and lovely voice that literally invites you into the singer’s heart.”

Jackie Morris - The Bard Chord

“NO OTHER ROAD - A boomer with a heart and a populist bent, Billings is the package. A right on rocking singer/songwriter…. If we gave out stars, we’d give her five out of five. A winner.”