Luanda Jones / Press

“Luanda Jones is a highly respected vocalist and guitarist around Toronto, ON who specializes in bossa nova and jazz. Aquarela, her debut, is quietly ambitious. Thanks to Nicholas Murray's (Lal) intimate productions, the focus is on Jones's voice and acoustic guitar throughout”

“There are elements of the best of Brazilian music here, but Luanda has crafted her own sound from all the sounds she's been exposed to. Put simply, it's a great little pop record.”

“The sound on the CD is phenomenal and we largely should thank Lal’s Nick Murr at the helm together with Luanda’s honed sense of what she wants to hear. A few surprises await the listener, something familiar yet totally new, edgy but graceful. I like it all from start to finish with no exceptions”

“...She knows her Brazilian music, exploring Brazilian classics as well as her own original compositions. A sensual songstress who allows her voice to flow smoothly, melting her tones over hot melodies with an underlying jazz feeling. Her bossa grooves with electric bass and drums burn brightly.”