Lori Jenaire / Press

“You may not have heard of Lori before but after listening to “Within Reach” (people will probably start comparing her vocal stylings to Anita Baker) with its quiet storm sound, she will be making a name for herself on both the Jazz and R&B airwaves. ”

Jon Wallace - Unleashed Magazine

“Jenaire makes her presence felt on the landscape of Diva-dom”

Hollywood FYI

“What has happened to songs of romance, love lost and found, and intimacy rather than not sex? Lori Jenaire's 12 track CD, Fruition, is the answer. Lori Jenaire showed in her previous work that she is no stranger to quality adult music, and she's back and in good form on Fruition. This 6-foot Chicago-born beauty has a powerful voice which she uses effectively in both neo-soul and jazz settings. Lori's beautifully designed CD displays a cover photo that is reminiscent of Angela Bofill, of beauty and simplicity, creating an aura for the CD contents. She opens Fruition with a quiet updating of the vintage Mamas and Papas song, "California Dream" painting a picture of love, warmth, and beauty. Songs "Unexpected Storm," "Pictures," "Pieces" and "Better Now" are songs of deep passion and of love lost and found. Fruition is for mature audiences. Play at your own risk -- it can be addictive. Recommended ”

Chris Rizik - SoulTracks

“Lori Jenaire graced the musical landscape a few years ago with her debut CD offering, “Within Reach,” music enthusiasts happily took note. The Chicago native brought something pleasingly different yet hauntingly familiar to the scene. A statuesque 6-foot-tall beauty with dazzling vocals, Jenaire’s presence reminded you of images from the late songstress Phyllis Hyman.”

David Nobel - The Pub Report

“Recently, I was blessed to hear new music by a relatively fresh voice on the music scene vocalist, composer and musician named Lori Jenaire of Chicago. From the onset, her latest project “Fruition” flows with soulful symmetry, and enduring complexities on songs like “California Dreamin‘, Stay Strong, Danger Zone, and Unexpected Strom” all work well within the realm of these plush arrangements and Ms. Jenaire’s scintillating vocal dynamics. Ironically, her vocal style is reminiscent to the late Phyllis Hyman.”

J. Desmond - The Urban Flux

“I remember the first time I heard the Mamas & the Papas’ 1966 debut smash, “California Dreamin’” like it was yesterday. I always Approach covers of my all-time favorite songs with trepidation, but songstress Lori Jenaire’s swingin’, sultry version (Nouveau Bleu) Delivers big time, down to a creative cop of the original flute solo. Recommended. ”

Carol Archer - Radio & Records