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“Folksy, jazzy, bluesy in all the best senses of those words, it’s like country music the way you wish country music would be rather than the redoubt of pop triflngs it is... a voice like cigarettes and the smoothest whiskey you’ve ever tasted.”

“Special's the right word for Ross' jazzy blend of soul and Americana, keyed to her terrific sweet-and-sour vocals. Last year's Read Me Out Loud showcased both Ross' versatility and that of her crack backing band.”

““In a voice that’s got enough vibrato, sass and twang for a country singer, Ross’s earnest vocals waver between seduction and Fiona Apple-style intensity. Her lyrics are both clever — “stitch together threadbare hearts, make a new love from old parts”— and fun… just about the perfect antidote to clear away the muggy humidity of a North Carolina summer day””

Anna Norris - the Daily TarHeel

“Only in her early 20’s, Lizzy has already begun making quite a name for herself in the area with her stunning soulful voice and beautiful songwriting.”

“Her voice jumps octaves and bursts into extended runs, barely containing some hidden joy of youth or the excitement of uncertainty... In Traces, love is wonderful and cruel and steadfast and elusive, and Ross wants all of those pieces.”

“I was utterly blown away... Truly original songwriting, and the heart-bursting siren call of singer Lizzy Ross combined for something that I felt I had been waiting for my entire life.”

“One of the highlights of the Eno festival was listening to the music of Lizzy Ross, from Chapel Hill. Kind of country but kind of not—"not" being the operative word, since I'm anything but a fan of country music. She's a most talented young singer and guitarist, with a unique sound and an excellent stage presence.”

"Her lyrics will resonate with those familiar with joy and regret, even little bits of heartbreak. Songs of sadness, even despair are juxtaposed with energetic strains that extol the beauty of life. Such is the stuff of life to Lizzy Ross, it seems, and it makes for excellent songwriting"

“Regardless of how you want to label Lizzy’s music the girl has talent... as successful as Lizzy Ross is now I expect to see great things from her in the future ”

“Singer Lizzy Ross has the pipes to do it all. Owning the stage like she’d been touring for years, she belted it out.”

“Lucinda Williams style push-pull grit... her silver tongued vocals have the strength and confidence of a prowling tom cat. Stripped down by nature and Americana by arrangement, Lizzy's lyrics are a fluent interpretation of the heart break tempered joy that swirl around young love.”

“Singer Lizzy Ross has a voice that will melt your heart, I promise... Beautiful stuff.”

“Lizzy’s recent album ‘Traces’ is simply a divine and delicious compilation of her most recent self penned songs. Released this year in 2010. With gems like Maria she can be seriously assured that her glorious voice will be taking her to more bold and pronounced territories …”

“Lizzy Ross is as sultry and powerful a singer as you will ever hear and can go from a swinging dance number with playful trills to a mellow southwestern samba without batting an eye.”

“Most people might recognize the powerful and beautiful voice of Lizzy Ross... the future looks bright for this young musician who recently received praise for her tracks Maria, Slave to the Muse, and No Man”