"Every now and again I get sent to me a real fine CD from somewhere in this big world of ours. A few weeks ago that didn't happen, oh no, I didn't get one fine CD I got TWO!!! Thought you should hear what I've just discovered. Firstly, LittleWolf featuring Kristi Bess Clanton and Steve Lott. A great blend of sophistication and raw blues energy. And secondly, the best of The Steve Lott Band - rockin' good blues thats sure to hit the spot! The opening acts are great on this episode too!!! Your moneys here people or you do have a hole in your soul!"

"I have heard many, many bands in my lifetime... But never the unique blend of such two voices and lyrics as those of Kristi and Steve. Their artistry will take you to another plane. Steve's guitar playing is as though he was born with that 'silver' guitar in his arms' and Kristi's voice equals that of Ms. Bonnie Raitt. For sure, LITTLEWOLF will be a house hold name soon among musicians and then well beyond!"