Lissa Hattersley / Press

“Lissa Hattersley How I Spent My Summer Vacation While her sister-in-law's fiddle on Jimmy Van Heusen "Shake Down the Stars" assumes a Western swing blues groove atop which Lissa Hattersley's sultry pace makes you thirsty for something Southern with crushed ice and fresh mint, don't assume How I Spent My Summer Vacation is another spoke off Greezy Wheels. More June Christy than Patsy Cline, Hattersley inhabits the sweet spot between both.... Beach, back porch, or basement speakeasy, Lissa Hattersley's postcard from the plains of vocal chamber intimacy arrives just in time for Austin's long, dark night of heat relief. ***.5 (three and a half stars) ”

“My Ten Favorite Albums of 2009 Without discovering an unknown gem, any given year feels a bit like a dud. Luckily in 2009 Lissa Hattersley's album was so undercover even the hometown crowd in Austin might have missed it. That would be a real shame, because this lady will lull you into happiness and then turn around to send you spinning toward the skies. She may have started in Greezy Wheels, one of the early hippie-country hybrids, but her heart has always been out in the hills. The swing noir of her songs goes deep quick, and Hattersley's voice is an absolute gem precisely because she doesn't have to ask. She knows. ”

Bill Bentley - Sonic Boomers