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“Lisa Richards’ fifth release is an absolutely riveting piece. Her lyrics are well crafted and insightful, allowing you to dive inside her thoughts and envision everything she has. Exploring a variety of subject angles throughout this collection, Richards stellar second track in particular titled What Love Looks, is a beautifully soft outsiders perspective of love. Other notable songs include the sultry and slightly funky title track, Beating of The Sun, and the very moving Holocaust-inspired fourth track First Sin. Take a dive into this album, it’s well worth it! (CD)”

“ LISA RICHARDS Beating of the Sun (Independent) **** SOME voices pierce your heart. Townsville-born Lisa Richards has an idiosyncratic wail that is girlish and fragile yet fierce and direct. Richards, who is back in Australia after 20 years in the US, recorded this, her fifth album, in Austin, Texas. It is a tour de force of unflinching and honest writing with arresting arrangements based on folk, blues and European chanson styles. The ominous First Sin and harrowing Into Graves are poetic observations of the dehumanising nightmare of the Holocaust and the terrible compromises people made to survive. In the pulsating title track featuring a simple blues riff and trudging rhythm, Richards describes walking into a heatwave to ‘‘melt the grief still clinging to my bones’’. Richards’ vocals and acoustic guitar drive proceedings. When drums, organ, upright bass, cello, accordion and organ are added, it makes for a strikingly original and beautiful album. ”

David Costello - Brisbane Courier Mail

"Blessed with a strikingly girlish, yet strong and compelling voice, a fine eye for telling minute details, and an equally sturdy grasp of harmonic country-flavored folk-pop, singer/songwriter Lisa Richards carves out her own touching and fascinating corner of the musical universe on her latest album. There’s an astounding individuality not only to Richards’ uniquely sweet and tremulous vocals, but also in her concise and thoughtful songwriting. The trudging tempos and relaxed, yet steady beats give the music a downright magnetic pull. However, it’s the way Richards addresses life’s most testing hardships in a brave and direct manner that makes this extraordinary album so poignant and resonant."

"Lisa Richards is an artist in full command of her voice and carriage, a performer working in service of the tune to communicate deeper truth. Beating of the Sun is a groovy, wistful, sensitive, smart record and Richards is an extraordinary talent."

"Each song defining and bold enough to stand on its own, together tell a touching story of loss, grief, and growth. Breathtakingly beautiful, the album is a joy to listen to, and Richards a pleasure to journey with."

"This is a really good album, original, thoughtful and very beautiful – a grower, if ever there was one."

“Great songs, memorable voice, sharp eyes.”

“Emphasizing a gently soulful voice her energizing songs could be the work of a fully awake Ben Harper. The tangible yearning in Richards performances give the album an almost spiritual power, but her rebel appeal still shines through. Spunky, Brash and wise."”


“If you've become a fan of Corrine Bailey Rae and want a slice of that sweet, slinky soul a little closer to home, try out this one at the listening station." ”

-Michael Corcoran - Austin American Statesman

"She has the precocious insight of Suzane Vega, but with a touch of torchy Nora Jones. What made the world want to give Brigette Jones a hug will make you want to listen to this CD over and over again."

John Maycumber - WIOJ AM 1010 Music and Promotions

"A collection of affecting and beautiful tracks sung by Richards in such a way as to grant them immediate passage to your Psyche. Richards has a remarkable voice that is as powerful as it is haunting, as evocative as it is memorable."