Liquid Universe / Press

“utterly mesmerising, superbly produced writing..just love the Peter Gabriel-esque vibe you're rockin on here..great wide percussion, sweeping pads and beautifully arranged backing vox creates a lush, melodic very Progressive mood. Not too far removed from Trance, if the bpm's were notched up a bit..BT would love this sort of thing. One of the most impressive collections i've heard in ages!! ”

MikeWhitePresents - ReverbNation

“Listening to your beautiful universe, My fv is "Divine Seer" great atmosphere, great voice! I love your music!”

Ryo Utasato - ReverbNation

“A stunning selection of beautiful tracks, may you continue forever with your music, thanks :-)”

Stage Parades - ReverbNation

“Great prog sound here. A pleasure to listen to for one with the classic yes,genesis, floyd background.”

Almondized - ReverbNation

“I liked this stuff right off the bat ~ highly enjoyable (& I AM high ~ so I oughta know ; D ~) !!!!!!”

The Altruistic Messiah ~ Ben Vandagriff - ReverbNation

“turn this on, burn one, trip out”

Snakefist - ReverbNation

"Don't Wake Me" - brilliant! Absolutely breathtaking! Stunning vocals as well - you truly have a great voice! It was worth the waiting ;)

Grovemere - MySpace

“What can I say... It's beautiful and full of emotion. Don't wake me, I want to continue my dream. It's stunning Mark! On heavy rotation. Thank you for the morning inspiration and for the goosebumps...”

I Did Smile and I Did Drown - MySpace

“Beautiful music tapestry is here, thank you for sharing your beautiful soul.”

LUNE Muzik.JP - ReverbNation

“Complex, layered...sublime.The musical equivalent of carefully prepared fine cuisine, with the flavors melded perfectly.”

A Bloke Named Smokey - MySpace

“Your music sounds incredible. It is exactly what I need and I really can't get enough of it. I want more!!!”

sisaijah - MySpace

“Excellent. Simply excellent.”

Joeshiba - ReverbNation

“I just love your music! It makes my brain feel all melty and smooth, like a warm slurpee. ;-)”

Vodka Broad - ReverbNation