Lions Among Us / Press

"It's time to start a revolution. A revolution of Love," states the Pittsburgh-based band's page, expressing their desire to show hope and love to a world full of hate and brokenness. This sense of dichotomy continues in their music, as it sees the heaviest elements of hardcore mixed with melodic pop elements and electronica. It is somewhat formulaic, with the brutally heavy verses followed by sugary choruses. The riffs are tremendous, but have been subjected to some tinkering in the production. The electronic elements manage to enhance the music, while the vibrant choruses accentuate the positive messages in the lyrics. "Don't Hold Back" and "Scarlett Brohannsen" are the two best examples of this, and showcase their ability to marry dark and light.

“The lyrics provide a very positive message in all of the songs and could inspire anyone with the emotional intensity of the singer’s vocals. The vocals are outstanding with the low growls, high to mid-range screams, cleans, and harmonies. There also is a great balance of clean and unclean vocals in the songs on this EP. I highly recommend you pick up the EP on iTunes, you won’t be disappointed.”