Linda Boyle / Press

“Enjoy folk, people's music? Want to support folk musicians, song writers who work for social justice? Linda Boyle is set to release her CD "Brave Songs" this spring. This is a collection of songs about those who work and sacrifice for peace and a more just world. 100 free CDs will be given to interested schools, libraries and community organizations. Brave Songs' title comes from Chilean singer-activist's Victor Jara's words " Brave songs for a new day." The CD will include mostly original songs in English and Spanish, with a few in other languages: Urdu, Arabic, Swahili, and Hindi. "Goin to the Fertile Crescent" by Teresa Kubasak, Usbuhna il- Asalaam/Tomorrow, Peace by Boyle, and two corridos by Linda: ( for Amnesty International) "Corrido de Atenco: Mariposa, Mariposa" and "La Casita," a song for a Chicago, are among the titles. Listen to some of these songs on Reverb, iTunes, Amazon.”