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“Lil Wolfie- Interview http://downloadrapbeats.blogspot.com/2014/05/my-turning-point.html”

“Your music kicks ass! Rock On!”

RN - Silver Knuckle

“Great music. You are so very talented!”

RN - Sheila Ann

“We like your philosophy. Turning those wrongs to rights. Inspired by Lil' Wolfie”

RN - Chemical Gunns

“wat up homey you got some real music right here yo word up keep grindin salute from NC”

RN - Molecules

“Whats up my dude. I'm feeling your tracks man. Keep doing the damn thing. Major respect 2 the LA from the AL. Southside Stand The Fuck Up!!! Peace!!!”

RN - Shadow

“Hi, really enjoy listening to Relapes, awesome track!”

RN - Pard Elektronica





“Any Thing Is Possible Only If You Believe”

Lil Wolfie

“Ya'll Go Download My MixTape http://www.datpiff.com/Lil-Wolfie-My-Life-My-Storie-mixtape.553344.html”

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““Real Life Music performing LIVE @ Steel Rooster Carthage MO Headlining is Johnny Cashville it is a 18+ show January 18th 2014 Shout out to Backwoods Mafia 417 and all the artist come out and support your favorite rappers.””

Filthy Four & Backwoods Mafia 417

“Garyville, LA finest Rapper Lil Wolfie coming to Joplin's Juke Box September 20th,2013!!! Come out and Support Him and his music Career plus many others.”

Dustin White - Juke Box